10 Things to Do in Orlando in November

If you want to visit Orlando, November is a perfect month. Even though it's autumn, the city blooms with a unique atmosphere and events you won't want to miss.

Rocío Villaescusa

Rocío Villaescusa

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10 Things to Do in Orlando in November

Disney Holiday November |©Ian

Although its theme parks are always at the top of the list when planning what to see and do in Orlando, the city has many other attractions for those who travel there. If you are visiting in November, you will find events and activities for those dates.

Orlando is a magical city beyond its spectacular theme resorts. From gastronomic experiences to 10 Things to do in Orlando at Christmas. I will share with you the 10 experiences that will immerse you in the charm of this tourist destination. Get ready to make the most of your trip to Orlando next November!

1. Magical Nights at Universal Studios

Universal Globe|©Joe Shlabotnik
Universal Globe|©Joe Shlabotnik

In addition to Disney World, there is another great world reference resort in Orlando that gathers fans from all over the world. I'm talking about Universal Orlando Resort.

Harry Potter, The Simpsons, Fast & Furious and Transformers are some of the major entertainment franchises you'll find inside. In fact, especially for Harry Potter fans, discovering their recreations of the magical world at this time of year when Christmas starts to cover everything is going to be even more special.

Its grounds are even more illuminated in November with its night show, a must on your visit. Book as soon as possible for the dates when you travel to Orlando and check the schedules to enjoy this unforgettable experience.

You'll enjoy amazing projections, spectacular music and iconic characters in a multimedia display that will immerse you in the fictional worlds so characteristic of Universal Studios.

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2. Marvel at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party|©maddiep333
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party|©maddiep333

One of Orlando's major landmarks is undoubtedly Disney World, one of the largest Disney resorts around the world. Christmas magic starts here in November, and this particular fantasy kingdom celebrates Christmas with Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party as its biggest tradition for this holiday season.

Included in this event are several shows, choose which one (or ones) you don't want to miss!

  • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. Marvel at the fireworks provided by Minnie Mouse herself.
  • Minnie's Wonderful Christmastime Fireworks Show. Say hello to your favorite characters as they parade around bringing Christmas to every corner of Disney World.
  • Mickey's Most Merriest Celebration. Cinderella's castle is the setting for this Christmas show starring Mickey.
  • Disney Junior Jingle Jam. Children and adults enjoy Disney World, but this party is designed for the youngest members of the family.
  • Club Tinsel. If you love to dance, this is the party for you - Club Tinsel calls you to the dance floor!

3. Celebrate Thanksgiving:

Melting Pot - Orlando, FL|©limontwsprite
Melting Pot - Orlando, FL|©limontwsprite

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. So if your visit will coincide with this date, you have a unique opportunity to join this tradition with a typical dinner that you will certainly remember forever.

Do a little research on restaurants in the city of Orlando that offer traditional cuisine and make your reservation for that night. Some of my recommendations are:

  • The Melting Pot Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants in Orlando. If you are willing to invest a little more budget in a special dinner, this is the perfect place.
  • Chatnam's place A restaurant with charm and high quality dishes to taste the essence of the city.
  • Cooper's hawk Winery & Restaurants If you want to celebrate Thanksgiving with a more sophisticated experience, don't delay in making your reservation at Cooper's Hawk.

4. Discover the Orlando Film Festival:


If you are a lover of the seventh art, you cannot miss the opportunity to be part of the film festival held in Orlando in November.

Don't expect to see blockbusters in its line-up, but rather gems of the most independent and experimental cinema. Check out the films presented as soon as possible and choose which of them you want to see in this experience that will undoubtedly enrich your visit enormously.

Fans of indie cinema, you have an additional reason to visit Orlando this month!

5. Adventures in nature:

Boy Kayaking|©Jim Gray
Boy Kayaking|©Jim Gray

Orlando is located in the state of Florida, so it's important to consider its weather when traveling. The cool November weather is ideal for exploring the natural wonders that surround Orlando.

You will have interesting options that you can organize by checking available transportation or even renting a car to travel to these places that will allow you to immerse yourself in the natural environment of the area.

Embark on a kayaking adventure through the crystal clear springs of the region. One of the most impressive is the Indian River, where you can discover the phenomenon of bioluminescence.

Another great idea is to visit a wildlife reserve where you can admire the native fauna in its natural habitat. For example, you can meet the manatees in the mythical Crystal River by boat.

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6. Enjoy the autumn in the Harry P. Leu garden

Harry P. Leu Gardens|©VISIT FLORIDA
Harry P. Leu Gardens|©VISIT FLORIDA

Autumn is one of the favorite times of the year for many people thanks to the symphony of colors with which nature is dressed, and the Harry P. Leu Gardens in Orlando is a magnificent example of this.

You will love strolling along its paths surrounded by camellias, palm trees or azaleas. I recommend you to reserve a morning or an afternoon, get a map courtesy of the gardens at the beginning of the tour, and to stroll through it quietly, lose track of time and connect with the warmth of its autumn colors.

Near the gardens, you can also visit Lake Eola Park, the Orlando Museum of Art or Winter Park, so you can better organize your visit!

7. Art and Culture at the Orlando Museum of Art

Orlando Museum Of Art, Festival Of Trees|©Haimanti Weld
Orlando Museum Of Art, Festival Of Trees|©Haimanti Weld

If you are an art lover, and you can't visit a city without visiting one of its museums, you can't miss the Orlando Museum of Art. This museum has permanent collections of African art, American art, contemporary art and Ancient American art.

But it always has very interesting temporary exhibitions. When planning your trip, check their website to see which ones are active on your trip in November. This way, you will have the opportunity to visit an exhibition that, surely, you will not be able to see in another future trip if you return to Orlando. The subject matter can range from classical to contemporary art, including ethnic art, so let yourself be amazed by the OMA's artistic selection.

As a fun fact, weddings are also often held here (imagine a wedding in a museum!), and since Christmas will be near, it is very likely that you will find a Christmas tree inside. Just don't expect a normal one, they tend to be a lot more creative!

8. Excitement at ICON Park

ICON Orlando|©markrijs18
ICON Orlando|©markrijs18

ICON Park is arguably a much lesser known amusement park than the ones I mentioned above. However, it has the charm of a classic amusement park and rides that will appeal to all members of the family. You can browse its Madame Tussaunds, ride its mythical carousel, get lost in its Museum of Illusions or enjoy spectacular views of Florida on its Ferris wheel.

All these attractions are available all year round, but ICON Park has live shows that change continuously, so when you visit in November you will find some of them on the bill that will be impossible to see at any other time.

Complete your visit by dining at one of their restaurants in the park, you'll love them! From my point of view, these are the best:

  • Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips. Yes, you read that right. Gordon Ramsay, the iconic British chef offers his own fish and chips recipe inside his restaurant at ICON Park.
  • Yard House. This restaurant offers modern American cuisine, which translates into an extensive menu of beers, chicken wings, nachos, pizzas or salads. It is a chain of sports bars, so it is another curious way to get to know American culture.
  • Sloppy Joe's Orlando. This restaurant has dishes as appreciated by its customers as the Peel'N Eat shrimp, the Sloopy Nachos and its wide variety of sandwiches.

9. Water Adventures at Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove|©Mike And Kerry
Discovery Cove|©Mike And Kerry

If you are passionate about nature, there is also an amusement park for you in Orlando!

Immerse yourself in a tropical paradise in the heart of Orlando. At Discovery Cove, you can swim with dolphins, explore coral reefs and relax on white sand beaches.

November is the ideal time to find ideal weather conditions to make the most of this aquatic and natural experience, as the temperature is milder than in Florida's summer, and it's not cold enough to make diving into the water something to think about. Plus, the tropical atmosphere is very inviting for swimming among dolphins and feeding other marine mammals. Into the water!

The visit includes unlimited food and drinks, enjoy its beautiful tropical lagoons, the equipment you need to dive in them, and be surrounded by tropical birds, colorful fish, flamingos, dolphins or armadillos. Live an unforgettable experience surrounded by the fauna and flora of the area!

10. Watch a Magic game at the Amway Center

Amway Center|©alphatrek
Amway Center|©alphatrek

Do you like basketball? If so, in November you can definitely catch a Magic game at their stadium, the Amway Center. In fact, if you are not a big NBA fan, I also recommend this experience.

The reason? Basketball games in the USA are a real spectacle, and beyond the talent of the players themselves, the national anthem before the game starts, and the halftime and intermission shows are a real blast. Here you will find more information on how to buy your NBA tickets in Orlando. Keep an eye out for one of their popular Kiss Cam!

In addition, the Amway Center also offers numerous concerts when there is no basketball game, so if you prefer music to basketball, you might find an interesting concert on their website during your travel dates.

Orlando weather in November

Orlando in November|©Tim Kretschmann
Orlando in November|©Tim Kretschmann

The weather in November is mild and pleasant, with average temperatures ranging between 15 and 25 °C.

Traveller Tip

I recommend wearing comfortable clothes and light layers to adapt to the temperature in the morning, afternoon and evening (a short sleeve and a light jacket on top will be enough).

Remember that it is a city not far from the coast and surrounded by lakes, so you will find a similar climate to what a coastal area could be in November, and it only rains about 2 days a month on average, so it is unlikely that you will need an umbrella or raincoat.

Another interesting fact is that Orlando, during November, you will have 10.7 hours of daylight. This translates to sunrise being a few minutes before 7am and sunset at approximately 8pm. This will help you plan when to start getting going in the mornings and when you could say the night will have officially begun.

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And one more thing! Remember that November marks the beginning of the holiday season in Orlando, so you can admire the festive decorations all over the city. (And seeing Christmas decorations along with palm trees has its charm, don't you think?)

What did you think of all these recommendations to make the most of your next trip to Orlando in the month of November?

I have tried to review all the interesting aspects of the city and make proposals for all tastes and ages: entertainment, gastronomy, nature and culture ... Surely with these experiences, it will become an unforgettable trip!