Niagara Falls Overnight Day Trip From New York City

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Duration: 22 hours
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Experience Highlights

Don't miss this excursion to Niagara Falls with an overnight trip aboard a bus with all the comforts for the transfer from New York to the north of the United States. You'll get a tour of the Falls National Park and the viewpoints that are located there.

  • Travel by night and make the most of the time to enjoy a full day at Niagara Falls.
  • Arrive at your destination in a comfortable private bus with wifi included.
  • Expert guided tour
  • Visit 3 waterfalls: Bridal Veil, The Horseshoe and American Falls

What’s included

  • Transfer from New York to the Falls by private bus
  • Guided tour in Spanish
  • Niagara Falls National Park entrance fee
  • Visit to Bridal Veil
  • Visit La Herradura
  • Maid of Mist boat trip (available at extra cost)
  • Food and beverages

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Step by Step

A private bus with wifi included will pick you up in New York on the day and time shown on your booking voucher and transfer you to the Canadian border. You will arrive in the morning at Niagara Falls National Park for a full day of sightseeing, breakfast and a tour of the park and viewpoints.

An experienced guide will accompany you throughout the day to make sure you don't miss any of what the falls have to offer. You will get to visit 3 must-see places on a Niagara tour. You will access walkways located on Goat Island, very close to the waterfall. Put on your rain jacket and get ready for the best views. There you will enjoy the spectacle of the Bridal Veil waterfall. You can also see the Horseshoe and the American side of Niagara Falls.

Depending on the season in which you travel, you can enjoy a Maid of the Mist boat ride for an additional cost , a tour of the Niagara waters where you will be much closer to the Falls. This option is only available if you're travelling from May to October, when the weather is fine.

Pack comfortable clothing, a mackintosh and venture out to explore Niagara Falls.


· 2587 Reviews
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    It's a magical place, it's too beautiful to explain. The views, the people, everything; I would do it all over again a thousand times.
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    A beautiful family experience. Perfect for the little ones and the older ones.
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    It was spectacular, the views of Niagara Falls were amazing. I had never seen anything like it
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    I fell in love with their beauty, they are much more beautiful up close.
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