Road to Hana in Maui Ultime Guide: day trips, tips, prices...

The legendary Road to Hana is one of Maui's biggest tourist attractions and one of the most beautiful roads in Hawaii. Discover it!

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

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Road to Hana in Maui Ultime Guide: day trips, tips, prices...

Curve of the road on the coast | ©Deepti Hari

In every trip you can never miss a little road trip, an exciting adventure by road to discover fascinating and unusual landscapes near the city you are visiting.

Nicknamed "the Magic Island", Maui happens to have one of the most beautiful roads in the world, Road to Hana, where the important thing is not the destination (the small town from which it takes its name) but the road itself. Get your camera ready because here you will take some of the most beautiful pictures of your trip!

The most complete option

Maui Island Day Trip

Hana Highway with no worries with an expert guide

The perfect activity if you haven't rented a car to tour Maui because you prefer to enjoy the views, but you don't want to miss anything on the Hana Highway.

Booking the Maui Island tour will take you along the Hana Highway for a whole day and show you the most impressive sites it has to offer. It is a very convenient option, as it includes hotel pick-up service and a local guide who will accompany you during the tour so you can also learn about Hawaiian culture and history. In addition, the activity is in a small group of no more than 10 people.

You will see dream beaches, unique villages and scandalous waterfalls. And if you travel in the right season, you can also see turtles diving at Hookipa Beach. But that's not all, click on the activity and discover the rest of what it has to offer.

Recommended if... you want to see the best of Maui in just one day and without worrying about gas or where to park your car.

What will I see on this Road to Hana tour?

Waikani Falls| ©Alexander Tat
Waikani Falls| ©Alexander Tat

There are several tours along the Hana Highway, but one of the most complete is the one I have offered here, as it includes both the most typical places and the lesser known areas. These are all the stops you will make:

  • Hookipa Beach (the surfing capital where you can see turtles) and Wainapanapa Beach (black sand).
  • Waikani, Mauka and Wailua waterfalls.
  • Keanae village with black lava rocks.
  • Laulima organic family farm.
  • The 7 sacred pools.

But the stops are not the only valuable part of booking this Hana Highway tour, as the entire driving tour is a real treat and you will enjoy dreamlike views.

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Is the Road to Hana worth the trip?

Discover postcard scenery| ©dronepicr
Discover postcard scenery| ©dronepicr

This is a spectacular 72-kilometer drive along Maui 's north shore with 620 hairpin bends and more than 50 bridges leading to beautiful landscapes of virgin rainforest, steep cliffs, beautiful waterfalls, black sand beaches and fields of palm trees.

If you are a road trip lover you will really enjoy this Road to Hana adventure because you will see incredible landscapes and quaint little towns while learning about Hawaiian culture and history.

How long are the excursions to Road to Hana?

Ohe'o Gulch| ©Katie (alaskahokie)
Ohe'o Gulch| ©Katie (alaskahokie)

The excursions to Road to Hana can last from 6 to 10 hours approximately. Specifically, the one I have told you about lasts 10 hours, as it is one of the most complete.

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The best waterfalls in Road to Hana

Waimoku waterfalls emerging through the vegetation.| ©Mark Doliner
Waimoku waterfalls emerging through the vegetation.| ©Mark Doliner

Some of the most beautiful waterfalls you can see in Maui are:

  • Waimoku Falls (the highest on the island)
  • Waikani Falls
  • Those of Alelele
  • Those of Wailua
  • Or Hanawi, among many others.

How to book an excursion to Road to Hana

Take your time and enjoy the trip| ©Ted Murphy
Take your time and enjoy the trip| ©Ted Murphy

Hellotickets offers an all-inclusive Road to Hana tour where you will not pay extra for breakfast, lunch or the different snacks that you will try. You will even enjoy free water during the tour.

Of course, you will also be picked up at your hotel, so the adventure will begin as soon as you leave your room.

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Another way to tour Road to Hana

Part of the Road to Hana shore tour| ©Randy Robertson
Part of the Road to Hana shore tour| ©Randy Robertson

We've already shown you the most complete tour of the special Hana Highway, but did you know that you can do it the other way around? Yes, yes. Unlike all tourists, there is the possibility of starting the tour from the south to finish the itinerary in the north, specifically aboard a jeep.

Of course, this excursion is usually private and less economical, but it is perfect if you do not feel like sharing the experience with other people and prefer to live it just you and yours. This means that you will be able to enjoy a totally customized experience where you decide whether to stop or not. Don't worry, you will be accompanied by a local guide who can guide you to create the perfect tour for you.

The best thing about booking the Hana Highway tour from the south is that, by doing the route in reverse, you can avoid the crowds that can occur in high season at the different stops along the route.

What stops are included in this activity?

These are the stops that can be made during the tour, but as we have mentioned, you can adapt the experience to your tastes, since only you and your companions will go:

  • Rice Park lookout, from where you can see the islands of Lanai, Kaho'olawe and Molokini.
  • Haleakala National Park.
  • Wailua, Hanawi and Pua'a Ka'a waterfalls, where you can swim.
  • Koki Beach, Wai'anapanapa Ho'okipa.
  • The villages of Hana Town and Keanae.
  • Honomanu Bay, with incredible cliffs.
  • A traditional Hawaiian family farm, with bamboo forest and exotic fruits.

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