Best Things To Do in Stockholm

During your stay in Sweden, you can't miss Stockholm. It is a diverse city with entertainment options for the whole family, here are the most fun things to do in the city!

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Best Things To Do in Stockholm

Stockholm | ©Nadine Wuchenauer

Stockholm is one of the largest cities in Sweden, characterized by its geographical variety as it is home to 14 islands interconnected by bridges and canals. It is undoubtedly the Nordic Venice and has a wide range of entertainment, so you can spend many days without getting bored. I recommend venturing to the best local museums, as there are many of different themes.

You should also take the opportunity to join some of the best tours of Stockholm, which take you to explore its streets, gastronomy, archipelago and traditions. There is no shortage of water activities in the city, such as boat and speedboat rides. There are also many interactive entertainment and learning spaces, as well as sightseeing bus tours with free stops that allow you to explore many locations at your own pace.

1. Tour Stockholm Old Town

Old Town| ©Henrik Prüzelius
Old Town| ©Henrik Prüzelius

Stockholm's Old Town is one of the busiest areas of the city, due to its unique charm. It is known as Glam Stan and has brightly colored houses that give life to its alleys. It also houses the Royal Palace, Stortorget Square and the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Stockholm known for being the oldest in the region.

At this point the city was built before 1250, so it holds interesting stories that you can not miss. You can walk on foot on your own, but if you prefer to optimize your time I suggest you to take advantage of the best tours of Stockholm that costs about 35 euros and take you to see the most emblematic sites that have been preserved since the thirteenth century. It is ideal if you are looking for things to do in Stockholm in January, as after the holidays the tide of tourists goes down and you will find deals and discounts on handicrafts.

Book a guided tour of Stockholm's Old Town

2. Discover the wonders around the Stureplan square in Stockholm

Stureplan| ©cohodas208c
Stureplan| ©cohodas208c

Stockholm is a box of surprises and you will probably want to take your time to get to know the city in depth. You can't miss Stureplan Square, located in a trendy local area, where I recommend stopping by the Humlegården Park with its great children's areas. Here you will also find the Royal Library which houses old book collections.

You can create an itinerary to get to know the area at your own pace, or sign up for a personalized tour from 58 euros per person, to discover the best of Stockholm. This is a great option if you want to walk around the city on foot. Particularly, near the square I recommend you to go through Gamla Stan or the Old Town, the best museums in Stockholm and the hidden gastronomic corners among the canals and alleys. It is a great option if you are looking for things to do in the city in November, as in autumn outdoor plans are a must.

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3. Take a scenic cruise around the Stockholm archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago| ©Егор Журавлёв
Stockholm Archipelago| ©Егор Журавлёв

Stockholm is a wonderful city, where it is convenient to disconnect from everyday life. The best boat trips in the city take you to the beautiful archipelago that surrounds the region. It is the perfect opportunity to relax and observe a wonderful landscape, surrounded by history and culture. This type of experience usually has a professional guide on board who will tell you more about the city and its monuments.

Usually you will also get a quick glimpse of the port city of Vaxholm, which is surrounded by beautiful islands. In addition, from the sea you will be able to appreciate emblematic monuments, such as the Stockholm City Hall whose facade is impressive, as well as the Royal Palace which belongs to the monarchy and is the largest in Europe with about 600 rooms.

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4. Join the Tom Tits Experiment in Stockholm.

Tom Tits Experiment| ©Dai Deh
Tom Tits Experiment| ©Dai Deh

Of course, you can't miss the science outreach center known as the Tom Tits Experiment. This place has interactive attractions and is an ideal choice if you are looking for things to do in Stockholm with kids. You can learn about physics, mathematics, technology, geography and more. In addition, there is a section of curiosities on random topics such as the human body, the world and nature.

There are also displays of optical illusions, learning workshops and demonstration shows. The most fun is that you can touch anything you want, as well as play with the objects on display. It's completely worth it and the ticket price starts at around 24 euros per person.

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5. Experience the magic of the fairy world in Stockholm.

Junibacken| ©Riviera Kid
Junibacken| ©Riviera Kid

Junibacken is Stockholm's fairy world, where magic is present in every corner. It is inspired by the literary worlds created by the writer Astrid Lindgren. In fact, the exhibits revolve around audiobooks that are narrated by her own creator. Its functions are ideal for the little ones, as there are about 5 shows with songs, dances and fun performances.

You can get on the Story Train, an interactive train that will take you to know the best stories of Astrid's stories, it is the ideal transportation to tour the museum in a short time. Also, this place houses the largest children's bookstore in Stockholm, where there are copies of traditional stories. You can access this family activity from 16 euros.

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6. Enjoy an evening under Stockholm's bridges.

Boat Tour| ©AntyDiluvian
Boat Tour| ©AntyDiluvian

A romantic evening not to be missed is a ride under Stockholm's bridges. Some of the city's best boat tours sail along the canals to see the best of the island from a different perspective. You'll pass through the old town, while bobbing between the edges of the Baltic Sea and Lake Mälaren. This type of experience is usually very comfortable and practical, as you will find an audio guide and WiFi on board.

You just have to relax and navigate in the city, while you take advantage of:

  • Get to know Stockholm's 15 bridges.
  • Take a look at the island of Djurgården, better known as the island of museums.
  • See the hidden nooks and crannies on the shores of Gamla Stan.
  • Appreciate the boulevards of the Hammarby Sjöstad district.
  • See the hustle and bustle of everyday life on the islands of Lilla and Stora Essingen.

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7. Lose yourself in the streets of Stockholm aboard the sightseeing bus

Sightseeing Bus| ©skandik2012
Sightseeing Bus| ©skandik2012

The sightseeing bus tour with free stops in Stockholm is a must especially if you are planning to spend less than 2 days in Stockholm. It is a perfect activity to get to know one of Sweden's largest cities in a short time, as it has about 22 stops from which you can hop on and off at your own pace.

The ticket usually lasts approximately 24 hours and is activated after the first use, although you can also take advantage of the full tour which takes about an hour.

Along the way you can enjoy the commentary of an audio guide which is usually available in several languages. The experience costs approximately 31 euros. It is the ideal means of transportation to visit:

Book a tour on the tourist bus

8. Take a speedboat ride on the Stockholm archipelago.

Stockholm Archipelago| ©Henrik Prüzelius
Stockholm Archipelago| ©Henrik Prüzelius

While cruising is fun, nothing compares to the adrenaline rush of riding a speedboat. This water vehicle is ideal for getting to know the Stockholm archipelago in detail. It is a tour that will take you to discover the fishing villages, while you explore the most important sites on the shores of the city. You are likely to pass by the Vaxholm Fortress which was built in the 17th century.

It's ideal if you're looking for things to do in Stockholm in February, as there are few tourists and excellent weather conditions for sailing the Baltic Sea. You'll usually find this experience from 119 euros per person, which usually includes a life jacket and waterproof gear.

Book a speedboat ride

9. Learn about the Fotografiska exhibitions in Stockholm

Fotografiska| ©Maria Eklind
Fotografiska| ©Maria Eklind

If you plan to spend at least 3 days in Stockholm, then Fotografiska is worth a look. This is a photography gallery with changing exhibitions revolving around contemporary works. In its corridors you will find creations by famous exhibitors and photographers, such as Annie Leibovitz. Its installations have the perfect lighting, allowing you to admire every detail of the photographs on display.

Along the corridors you will find portraits, landscapes and photography of emblematic buildings. The building was formerly used as a customs house, due to its privileged location. In addition, many people visit it for the panoramic views that can be seen from the top floor. If you plan to visit it, keep in mind that the entrance fee starts at 18 euros.

Buy tickets for Fotografiska

10. Dare to experience a night safari in Stockholm


If you are looking for things to do in Stockholm at night, you have to dare to experience a night safari. This is an experience that will put you in contact with nature. You can wander through a forest surrounded by lush trees, stumble upon traditional Swedish red houses and explore the city limits.

Of course, it is not recommended to venture out on your own as there are professional guides who can instruct you on the protocols for this adventure. You will spend about four hours outdoors, searching for wild creatures that live in the area. These types of experiences usually cost around 122 euros per person. They usually include guiding, transfers and traditional Swedish food.

Book a night safari in Stockholm

11. Take a bike ride through the streets of Stockholm

Bike Tour| ©eGuide Travel
Bike Tour| ©eGuide Travel

There is nothing more relaxing than getting to know Stockholm on a bicycle, right on the shores of the Baltic Sea. It's a relaxing experience that will allow you to get to the iconic sights that tend to get crowded with tourists during rush hour. You can venture out on your own, or book a guided tour that is usually intended for small groups. It's a great option to get to know the central islands of the city, while visiting sites that are unreachable by car or bus.

If you are looking for things to do in Stockholm in March, this activity is ideal as it will help you keep warm and cope with the extreme temperatures of this month. It usually takes you through the Old Town, past modern buildings, medieval squares and the Swedish Parliament building. The cost of this experience is around 44 euros per person, which usually includes guiding, bike rental, helmet, raincoat in case of rain and a pre-arranged itinerary.

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12. Visit Stockholm's St. Nicholas Cathedral

St. Nicholas Cathedral Stockholm| ©Jorge Láscar
St. Nicholas Cathedral Stockholm| ©Jorge Láscar

An experience not to be missed in Stockholm is a visit to St. Nicholas Cathedral in Stockholm, known in Swedish as "Storkyrkan" and located next to Stockholm Castle. This majestic church, built in the 13th century, is one of the most emblematic places in the capital of Sweden.

The area where this cathedral is located abounds with terrifying stories and legends involving paranormal activities, making it one of the places popularly visited on ghost tours. If you are brave and like to feel adrenaline rushes, you have to sign up for this kind of adventures.

In general, you will explore stories from medieval times and get a glimpse of the oldest painting in the city, as well as the famous sculpture of St. George and The Dragon. It is ideal if you are looking for things to do in Stockholm in October, as this time of year the tour emphasizes exploring the apparitions of fairies, elves and other mythical creatures that live in the nooks and crannies of the city. This activity costs approximately 30 euros.

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13. Taste the gastronomy of Stockholm

Food in Stockholm| ©chas B
Food in Stockholm| ©chas B

The gastronomy of Stockholm will take your palate on a journey of sensations, as it has varied proposals. It is a unique experience that will allow you to taste and savor traditional food, as well as wines from the region. Dare to taste delicacies such as moose meat, seafood and varied presentations of meatballs. You also have to participate in a Swedish Fika: this is the tea time that takes place in the best local coffee shops.

This type of experience inserts you in the Nordic cuisine, which has traditions acquired from the Vikings. It usually costs approximately 96 euros per person. It is an ideal plan if you are planning things to do in Stockholm at Christmas, as you will be able to taste the typical dishes of the season, such as julbord, which is served on the tables on Christmas Eve and includes sweet ham, boiled eggs, sausages, meats, fish and more.

Book a culinary tour of Stockholm

14. Skate on natural ice in Stockholm

Skating in nature| ©Sara Melhuish
Skating in nature| ©Sara Melhuish

If you like skating then this is the ideal city to spend your vacation. In fact, ice skating is considered one of the best things to do in Stockholm in winter, although the activity is usually active all year round. You can learn the basics of this entertaining sport, so you can practice it safely. It is an outdoor experience that takes place in naturally frozen ponds, lakes or rivers.

It is a Swedish tradition that you cannot miss, as it will take you to explore the Scandinavian winter landscapes. This type of experience starts at 171 euros per person, the best thing is that you will have the necessary equipment and the advice of a professional instructor. In addition, a traditional Swedish lunch is usually included, but you should check with your travel provider.

15. Visit the best museums in Stockholm

Vasa Museum| ©Steve Haslam
Vasa Museum| ©Steve Haslam

In Stockholm you have to give yourself the opportunity to visit the best local museums that stand out for being interactive and out of the ordinary. Many are concentrated on Museum Island or Djurgården Island, located about an hour away. As an additional recommendation, you can purchase the Stockholm Travel Card that covers this type of entertainment, as well as other attractions and monuments.

Explore the Swedish Museum of the Performing Arts

You can start by exploring the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts which takes you to experience different types of body arts such as theater, music and dance. You can take a look at Swedish plays and discover what goes on behind the scenes. On the premises there are collections of objects, interesting facts about the history of Swedish art, costumes and scenography of important plays, among other things. The best thing is that it is kept up to date with permanent and temporary exhibitions, with lots of useful information.

I recommend you go through the interactive stations and take advantage of this great plan, where you will be free to touch objects, costumes and makeup that have made history in the art industry. You will also find the Music Hall of Fame and multimedia exhibitions of short films. It's an experience for all audiences, which can be found from 14 euros.

Buy tickets for the Swedish Museum of Performing Arts

Visit the Museum of Spirits in Stockholm

If you are looking for things to do in Stockholm in winter, then I recommend you consider the Museum of Spirits. It's the perfect place to keep you warm, as you'll get to do tastings and learn about the distillation process of vodka, gin and rum. At the end of the tour, you will feel like an expert in the alcoholic graduation, the elaboration of flavors and the most appropriate combinations.

In Swedish culture the production of spirits is very important, here you can learn why. In addition, there are art exhibitions, a souvenir store and an area where you can investigate the correlation between alcohol consumption and the human being. This museum is located on the island Djurgården and the entrance fee is approximately 14 euros per person.

Buy tickets for the Spirits Museum

Take the kids to see the Stockholm Toy Museum

The Stockholm Toy Museum is a must-see, especially if you're looking for things to do with kids in the city. It is a space with the largest collection of toys in all of Northern Europe. You can see rows of dolls from different eras, board games of many editions, comics, action figures and more. Not only can the little ones have a good time, you can bring out your inner child and explore the objects of all generations.

Overall, there are more than 40,000 toys that will make you feel nostalgic. The exhibits are arranged by theme and chronological order, which makes for an easy tour. The best part is that they are interactive and in several languages. While it's a lovely location today, it was once a World War II bunker. You can explore its interior from 18 euros per person, plus it is open Monday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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See the most impressive exhibits at the Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm

Getting to know the museum| ©Solis Invicti
Getting to know the museum| ©Solis Invicti

The Nobel Prize Museum in Stockholm is an enriching cultural experience, as it is a learning space whose exhibits break down the history of figures such as Albert Einstein. You can take the tour at your own pace, as the museum usually has a mobile app enabled that includes an audio guide. Of course, there are also guided tours available where you can ask all the questions you want.

The entrance to the museum costs approximately 8 euros, it is a must-see if you want to learn more about the most important contributions in history. Many ideas that changed the world are part of the exhibits, most revolve around physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, economics and the search for global peace. Interactive displays and photographs throughout the facility make the experience more enjoyable.

Buy tickets for the Nobel Prize Museum

Take a historical tour at the Stockholm Shipwreck Museum.

The list of museums continues with the Stockholm Shipwreck Museum, which is an ideal visit to complement the best boat tours in Stockholm. This is because you will be able to live an interactive experience, which will allow you to explore the Baltic Sea and discover the mysteries of the deep sea.

In addition to exploring the Nordic waters, you can learn about archaeological discoveries in the region. This museum is very complete, as it has free WiFi, audio guide to learn at your own pace and five exhibits that give answers to the main maritime curiosities. The cost of this experience is around 18 euros.

Travel back in time at the Viking Museum in Stockholm

Another interesting museum is the Stockholm Viking Museum. It is the perfect place to learn about Sweden's ancient culture, directly linked to Viking history. On the premises you will come across ancient objects, relics and photographs. In addition, there is an interactive train known as Rage Friend's Saga that will take you to learn about the transformation of the population of Stockholm throughout history.

The best part of the museum is that it allows you to talk with real Vikings, to learn about their lifestyle up close. This activity has an approximate cost of 19 euros, but it is worth it because it is clearly interactive and educational. It is certainly ideal if you are looking for things to do in Stockholm in October, as it is low season and this popular attraction is not very crowded.

Buy tickets for the Viking Museum

Breathe fresh air at the Skansen Open Air Museum in Stockholm

For a different experience, I suggest you stop by the Stockholm Skansen Open Air Museum, a building that encompasses the best of Scandinavian culture. In fact, it is a rural area with farms and houses typical of life in the country before industrialization. It is ideal to learn about the artisanal process used to make shoes, glass, butter and fabrics. The best thing is that there is a small zoo in the middle of the farms, where animals are preserved.

Being a place where Swedish traditions are honored, you can not miss the fika time where you can have Swedish tea and coffee accompanied by pastries. In addition, you will not be a simple spectator, in some production areas you will be invited to put your knowledge into practice. It is a recommended visit if you are organizing things to do in Stockholm in May, since at the end of this month the weather conditions are ideal for outdoor plans. Note that the approximate cost of admission is 18 euros.

Buy tickets for the open air museum Skansen

Let your imagination run wild at the Paradox Museum in Stockholm

Inside the museum| ©luitpold
Inside the museum| ©luitpold

In the center of Stockholm you will find the Paradox Museum Stockholm, which has more than 70 exhibits that will test your senses. In most of the building you will find exhibits based on optical illusions and visual puzzles. You will also be exposed to sensory illusions, which will lead you to explore the limits of reality.

There are fun attractions such as the talking piano that reads the future, the tunnel where you must keep your balance and the merry-go-round that appears and disappears challenging your imagination. Note that the magic happens in the basement of a building, specifically on Sergelgatan Street. The entrance fee is approximately 22 euros, the best thing is that you can stay as long as you want.

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Interact with the activities of the Avicii Experience in Stockholm

A very special museum is the Avicii Experience, which honors the Swedish DJ and composer who made an impact with his short legacy in the music industry. After his death in 2018 different forms of tribute were offered in Stockholm, however this museum was created in 2022 in order to have a fixed space where you can learn more about his life and memory.

In the facilities you can tour the life of Tim Bergling, better known as Avicii. The attractions are interactive and you can experience a unique concert, make co-creations from his works and investigate his story. If you are looking for things to do in Stockholm in April, I recommend you stop by the museum as every April 20 special activities are offered in commemoration of his death. The cost of admission is approximately 21 euros per person.

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