10 Things to Do in Stockholm in October

Stockholm's pleasant October temperatures and autumnal scenery make the city a very special place to visit. Discover the activities and must-see destinations!

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Stockholm in October

Stockholm | ©12019

With the arrival of October, the autumn scenery becomes more intense in Stockholm. The leaves of the trees that are slowly beginning to fall, become ocher and reddish colors, while the sunset covers the city with its warmth, creating a magical natural scenery.

In October you will find the best things to do in Stockholm, some of the favorite activities are boat trips on the Baltic Sea and walks through the natural parks. You can also explore the city by bike, connect with nature on a night safari and even sample seasonal cuisine.

1. Try the kanelbullensdag or cinnamon roll and celebrate the national day of this Swedish dessert

kanelbullensdag| ©Fredrica Engström
kanelbullensdag| ©Fredrica Engström

If in October you plan to spend 2 days in Stockholm or more, you must taste the traditional dessert of this land, the kanelbullensdag or cinnamon roll. It is precisely in this month (October 4) that the national day of this gastronomic delicacy is celebrated.

In the city you will find many places where you can taste a delicious kanelbullensdag. For example, some of the most popular among locals and tourists tend to be the Vallhallabageriet pastry shop, the Bageri Petrus bakery , or the Vete-Katten coffee shop, among others.

After delighting your palate with this dessert made of rye sourdough, fruit, nuts, cinnamon, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, you can continue discovering the culture and history of the Swedish capital. Perhaps join a private tour of Stockholm, visit one of the more than 60 museums in the city, have fun at the Gröna Lund amusement park, etc.

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2. Take a walk through Stockholm's parks and enjoy the autumn colors.

Do Parken| ©Googol Plex Media
Do Parken| ©Googol Plex Media

Take advantage of **Stockholm'**s pleasant weather in October, with maximum temperatures of 10°C and a UV index of just 1, to take a walk through the city's natural parks. You will enjoy a beautiful landscape dotted with the warm colors of the autumn period.

Among the main city parks you can visit in Stockholm are the following:

  • Nobel Parken; this is a park that is located at the water's edge, offers a view of the marina and has lush vegetation. In October you will see the red, yellow and orange leaves on the treetops.
  • The Royal Urban National Park, with an extension of about 9.6 kilometers. This natural lung crosses the city and has large alleys where you can take a walk.
  • The Haga Parken, noted for its tall trees, the ruins of an ancient castle and Lake Brunnsviken on its shore.

Once you have finished your walk through the city parks, you can continue with your itinerary. Perhaps take a boat ride under Stockholm's bridges, walk at your own pace through the streets of Gamla Stan, or even take a sightseeing bus tour of Stockholm.

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3. Watch Stockholm's autumn sunset from the Baltic Sea.

Autumn on the Baltic Sea| ©Black Slowlight
Autumn on the Baltic Sea| ©Black Slowlight

A boat ride on the Baltic Sea at sunset is another must-do activity in October. You will contemplate the city's skyline from a different perspective, while the last rays of the autumn sun color the landscape with its warm tones, ranging from red, orange and yellow.

Along this sea tour, you will be able to see the old part of the city and see some historical monuments. Such is the case of the following places:

  • The Royal Palace, which stands out for its baroque architectural style.
  • The City Hall, built on the island Kungsholmen. This building is bordered by water and is well known for the three golden crowns arranged on its tower. You can quickly identify them from the boat.
  • The Parliament Palace, a construction of between 1897 and 1905, with a particular neoclassical style and facade belonging to the baroque renaissance architecture.

Also, this scenic cruise through the Stockholm archipelago will take you to several islands, where you can enjoy its lush natural scenery. For example, one of the places that will immediately capture your attention is the island of Djurgården, where the Royal Garden stands out.

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4. Go to one of Sweden's saunas and feel like a local

Hellasgården| ©nigel burgher
Hellasgården| ©nigel burgher

Despite the passage of time, the sauna culture is still very much alive in Stockholm. It is a traditional practice, which will not only help you to release tension, but will also allow you to warm up on October days when the temperature drops to about 7ºC. During your stay go to a Swedish sauna and feel like a local.

Attending a bastu or Swedish sauna will not be a complicated task, as the city is dotted with such places. For example, you can go to Hellasgården; this is a very popular sauna that is located in front of a natural lake, providing you with a pleasant panorama.

After relaxing and recharging your batteries in a bastu, you can continue exploring the city at your leisure. And what better way to do this than by joining a segway tour of Stockholm. It's an unusual but fun way to travel longer distances in the city and get to the places that cars can't.

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5. Take advantage of the autumn weather to tour Stockholm by bike.

Bike Tour| ©eGuide Travel
Bike Tour| ©eGuide Travel

October is the ideal time to discover Stockholm on two wheels, due to the weather conditions. The wind only reaches 4°C and a speed of about 19km/h, so you will enjoy a very cool atmosphere during the tour. Hop on a bike and have a different time pedaling through the city.

With this unusual tour, you will ride through the streets of Gamla Stan. You can undertake this adventure alone or in the company of a guide, saving time and money with the latter option. You won't run the risk of getting lost in the streets, nor will you have to rent a bike on your own.

In any case, when you go on a bike tour in Stockholm you will pass in front of the most emblematic places of the city. For example, the City Hall, Riddarholmen Church, the Royal Palace, St. Nicholas Cathedral, the Parliament, among others.

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6. Take a gastronomic tour in Stockholm and taste the seasonal products

Stockholm food| ©Jan Smets
Stockholm food| ©Jan Smets

The Swedish capital in October offers its diners plenty of fresh seasonal produce: oysters, lobsters, mussels, crayfish, cranberries, raspberries and mushrooms. Take a gastronomic tour of the local markets and restaurants to satisfy your palate.

You can start your tour by visiting some of the markets. For example:

You can also incorporate in the route of this gastronomic tour of Stockholm places like:

  • Kungsgatan shopping street, with a large food court where you can relax while tasting some seafood with a glass of wine.
  • The P&B Delikatesser health food store, with homemade blackberry jam, licorice, truffles and more.

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7. Take a kayak tour of Stockholm's central islands

Kayaking in Stockholm| ©David Forsman
Kayaking in Stockholm| ©David Forsman

A kayak tour in Stockholm in October will provide a relaxing experience, as the waters are calm and the environment is cool. You will be able to paddle safely, feeling only a cooing sound in the canoe as you move along. In addition, you will enjoy the autumn scenery, present in the natural spaces that accompany the islands of this city.

You will sail through the central islands of Stockholm, while enjoying the fresh air and the sun's rays, which at this time of the year only reach a UV index of 1, making them harmless to your skin. In addition, as you move away from the docks, your view of the city's skyline expands, offering a privileged view.

Among the places you can see along this kayak tour of Stockholm are the following:

  • The Gamla Stan, which is the famous historic center of the Swedish capital.
  • Kungsholmen Island, which houses the seat of the national government, i.e. the City Hall.
  • The Langholmen Island, noted for its beauty and because it is home to the memorial museum of Carl Michael Bellman, a musician of Swedish origin.
  • The Riddarholmen Church, considered one of the oldest buildings in the city, dating from the thirteenth century.

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8. Discover Stockholm's wilderness in October at night

Stockholm by night| ©Peter Balmer
Stockholm by night| ©Peter Balmer

A trip to discover Stockholm's wilderness at night is a good option during the month of October. You will enjoy a dreamlike environment: the trails covered by the reddish leaves falling from the treetops, the crystal clear water of the small streams and the warmth of the autumn light.

This experience, which is usually guided, will allow you to explore the natural areas less frequented by tourists. You will learn about the history of these lands covered with lush vegetation and amazing wildlife such as lynx, wolves, bears and reindeer.

On this night wildlife safari in Stockholm you will have the opportunity to see the sunset with its melting pot of warm and vibrant colors. Also, visit a camp and make a fika in front of a campfire.

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9. Visit the Skansen Museum and participate in the October activities

Skansen| ©Nick Sieger
Skansen| ©Nick Sieger

Another thing you can do during the end of October and until the beginning of November in Stockholm is to visit the Skansen open-air museum. There, you will enjoy the special activities of the autumn season and discover the secrets hidden in the neighborhood that gives its name to the museum.

When you arrive at Skansen you will feel like you have traveled back in time, since this place, considered one of the best museums in Stockholm, accurately recreates the daily life of the locals before the industrialization process began in the city.

During this time of the year you will have the opportunity to participate in craft workshops. You can also go to the cabins to listen to the terrifying stories of the Skansen neighborhood. This, in connection with the Halloween celebrations.

In addition, with tickets to the Skansen open-air museum in Stockholm, you will have access to the zoo, which houses several species of animals: goats, lapphund, geese, reindeer, among others. To finish, you can participate in a fika with a hot drink and some sweet snacks.

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10. Enjoy the colorful Halloween parade in Stockholm

Halloween in Stockholm| ©Alessio Maffeis
Halloween in Stockholm| ©Alessio Maffeis

If your 3-day visit to Stockholm or longer coincides with the last week of October, you will have the opportunity to join the city's Halloween celebration. You will enjoy a colorful parade, wear your costume and visit the local nightclubs, among other things.

You should head to the outskirts of Kungsträdgården, which is the starting point of the parade, whose route usually runs through the streets of Gamla Stan until it returns to the starting point. Along this route, you will see a number of colorful floats and dozens of people in frightening costumes.

After the parade, you can take a ghost tour of Stockholm. And, as night falls, enjoy the nightlife at local nightclubs and pubs, which offer Halloween-themed parties. Popular venues include Café Opera Stockholm, V Wall Stockholm, Trädgården Stockholm, among others.

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Temperatures in Stockholm in October

Autumn in Stockholm| ©AnnaLena Hållner
Autumn in Stockholm| ©AnnaLena Hållner

Temperatures in Stockholm during October usually range between an average low of 7°C and a high of 10°C. In addition, the precipitation record is about 74 millimeters, which corresponds to approximately 4 rainy days.

Regarding the sea water temperature, it generally averages 10.2ºC. Meanwhile, the wind in Stockholm can reach 4ºC and a wind speed equivalent to about 19km/h. This is a month with fairly cool weather, ideal for enjoying Stockholm's best outdoor tours.

What to pack to visit Stockholm in October?

Luggage| ©tookapic
Luggage| ©tookapic

Because the weather in Stockholm in October is quite cool, you should ideally start by packing clothes made of slightly sturdy fabrics: a coat, pants, long skirts or dresses, a scarf and gloves. You will need these items especially at night, when temperatures drop.

You should also bring closed shoes, which will be useful when trekking. Also, don't forget to pack a bathing suit in case you want to take a dip in the Baltic Sea or practice some water sport.