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Tips to Visit the Alhambra Palace

The Alhambra is an essential place to visit in Granada. Take note of these tips to get the most out of your visit

Isabel Catalán

Isabel Catalán

9 min read

Tips to Visit the Alhambra Palace

Alhambra | Cayetano Gros

When we think of Granada, the first monument that comes to mind and to which we associate this charming city in southern Spain is the Alhambra. The visit does not disappoint, which is why it is the most popular tourist attraction in the country.

To make the most of this experience, here are some tips that are always good to know.

1. Buy tickets online and in advance to skip the line.

The Alhambra | ©Dimitry B
The Alhambra | ©Dimitry B

Many travelers dream of going to Granada to see its legendary Alhambra, the emblem of the city and its main tourist attraction, whose beauty has inspired people from all over the world for generations.

It is, therefore, a very popular monument in Spain and abroad, so to ensure access to the Nasrid fortress on the date and time you want, I advise you to book your tickets to the Alhambra as far in advance as possible, as soon as you book your flight or your hotel.

This is the first piece of advice I would give you when it comes to visit the Alhambra. If you buy your tickets to the Alhambra this way, besides being able to compare prices and types of tickets (with or without guided tour, in small or standard groups, day or night visits, etc.) you will avoid endless queues at the ticket office and the risk of running out of tickets, because the demand is very high and the capacity is limited every day.

In my opinion, the best option is to buy online a ticket to the Alhambra without queues with which you will enjoy direct access to the monument and you will have the attention of a professional guide who will accompany you throughout the visit to show you all the secrets of this ancient palatine city.

Book your Alhambra tickets

2. A guided tour, always better than a visit on your own.

Group on guided tour of the Alhambra | ©FlyingCrimsonPig
Group on guided tour of the Alhambra | ©FlyingCrimsonPig

Although you can explore the Alhambra on your own, if it is the first time you visit this monument and you are not familiar with its history or the different spaces that make it up, my advice is to book a guided tour of the Alhambra: to discover all its amazing corners and curiosities with an expert guide.

If you explore it on your own there is no doubt that you will see a beautiful monument but the experience may not be enough as you will miss the context and the global vision of the Alhambra provided by a guide.

Not only about its historical and artistic dimension but also about the anecdotes and legends that the guides know and that make a cultural visit something very entertaining and enjoyable. Therefore, in my opinion, the guided tours of the Alhambra are the best way to tour the ancient Nasrid palatine city, the last living trace of this dynasty in Spain.

Book your guided tour of the Alhambra

3. Get to know the most mysterious side of the Alhambra with a night visit.

Discover how beautiful the Alhambra is on a night tour | ©dr_zoidberg
Discover how beautiful the Alhambra is on a night tour | ©dr_zoidberg

If you have visited the Alhambra before and on this trip to Granada you would like to enjoy it in an original and different way, how about booking a Night Visit to the Alhambra?

If the beauty of this ancient palatine city is striking in daylight, at night it shines with a special charm, contemplating it in the moonlight and in the stillness of the night is a magical and intimate experience that you must live!

In addition, thanks to the delicate illumination of the monumental complex you will be able to better appreciate certain decorative elements of its architecture and get to know the most enigmatic side of the Alhambra.

Night visits are also a good option for those travelers who prefer to avoid the crowds that occur in the fortress at certain times in the morning. If you are one of these people, don't hesitate to join one of them because you will have a great time and see the Alhambra from a unique perspective.

If you want to know more about this kind of activities, I recommend you to read my article Night tours to the Alhambra: where I tell you all about these fascinating tours.

Book your Alhambra tickets

4. Eating well near the Alhambra is possible.

Degusta el rico rabo de toro andaluz | ©Javier Lastras
Degusta el rico rabo de toro andaluz | ©Javier Lastras

With permission of its mythical Alhambra, if Granada is known for something it is for its rich gastronomy. There is no doubt that one of the best memories you can take away from your trip is trying the delicious local food whose flavors are the result of the mixture of different cultures that have inhabited this land.

So that at the end of your visit to the Alhambra you don't have to live an odyssey trying to find a free table on an empty stomach in such a touristy area as its surroundings, my advice is to be proactive and seek a good place in advance.

Normally, when planning a trip we usually pay more attention to the search for transportation or accommodation than to the restaurants where to eat during the stay and by forgetting this small detail we run the risk of ending up in a tourist trap when hunger pangs. Especially if we travel as a family and with small children.

So in order for you to live an excellent gastronomic experience in Granada, in the post Where to eat near the Alhambra I leave you a short list with some of the best places to eat near the monument and with spectacular views.

If you go with children, plan your visit beforehand.

Prepare the visit for the children to enjoy it :: ©José Antonio Morcillo Valenciano
Prepare the visit for the children to enjoy it :: ©José Antonio Morcillo Valenciano

Traveling to Granada as a family is a fantastic plan but like all visits with children it has its trick and requires a bit of organization so that everything goes perfectly. Even more so when it is an extensive visit of several hours as is the Alhambra.

That is why I recommend planning a little bit the visit to the monument if the children accompany you. Take note of these little tips that will help you to make the family experience great:

  • Get your tickets online and in advance to avoid the kids getting tired waiting in long lines at the ticket office.

  • Before making the visit, tell them what you are going to see so they know something about the Alhambra and can let their imagination run wild when they are inside.

  • If you visit the Alhambra with children in summer, go early in the morning when it is still cool and they are full of energy.

  • The visit to the Alhambra is long. Bring snacks and water in your bag in case the children get hungry or thirsty at some point. Inside the enclosure there are no restaurant areas.

In the post Visit the Alhambra in Granada with children: you will find more tips that will be useful to make the most of this family plan. Do not miss them!

6. Protect yourself from the heat: bring water, a hat and sunscreen.

Protect yourself from the sun ©Soroush Alavi
Protect yourself from the sun ©Soroush Alavi

Many travelers usually take advantage of the summer vacations to visit the Alhambra and at this time of the year it is very hot in Granada, where temperatures can reach 40ºC.

That is why it is very important to protect yourself from the heat and the sun to avoid hot flashes and to be well prepared. Remember to carry cool water in your backpack, wear sunglasses, cover your head with a hat, apply sunscreen and use a fan.

And don't forget to wear comfortable shoes because the visit to the Nasrid fortress is long and you will walk a lot from one place to another. At the end of the day, your feet will thank you.

7. How much time to spend in the Alhambra

Discover all that the Alhambra has to offer ©Austin Gardner
Discover all that the Alhambra has to offer ©Austin Gardner

Whether you take a guided tour of the Alhambra or go on your own to see the entire monumental complex, enjoying the walk at your leisure and taking in the views, you will need at least 3 to 4 hours.

However, if you just want to see the Alhambra from above in order to add it to your list of traveler's landmarks, perhaps less time will be enough to get an idea of what the monument is like.

In any case, the route through the Alhambra must be organized according to the time of access to the Nasrid Palaces, as each visitor is only allowed to enter this part of the fortress at the time indicated on your ticket. So I advise you to see the royal residence of the sultans first and then explore the Alcazaba and the Generalife.

Isabel's Traveler Tip

To get the most out of your visit to the Nasrid Palaces try to be there 15 minutes before the time marked at the entrance. Punctuality is important or you will not be allowed to enter later.

8. The best sunset from the San Nicolás viewpoint

Tourists photographing the Alhambra from the San Nicolas viewpoint ©-JvL-
Tourists photographing the Alhambra from the San Nicolas viewpoint ©-JvL-

Did you know that the sunset at the Alhambra in Granada is considered the most beautiful in Spain? The best place to see it is from the San Nicolás viewpoint, in the Albaicín neighborhood.

Here you will have the best panoramic view of the Alhambra with the spectacular Sierra Nevada in the background. In addition, you will enjoy unbeatable views of the Generalife, the Nasrid Palaces or the Alcazaba.

Contemplating how the sun sets slowly behind the Alhambra, while the light colors its towers, walls and palaces reddish color is a magical feeling that you can not miss and at the end you can take the opportunity to visit the Albaicin, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city.

How to get there?

To go to the viewpoint of San Nicolas you can walk up the Paseo de los Tristes or by bus taking lines C1 or C2. Another option is to cross the Plaza Larga and take the Alhacaba slope.

What is the best time to visit the Alhambra in Granada? And the best time of the year?

Enjoy the beauty of the Alhambra © ©Fran Fernández
Enjoy the beauty of the Alhambra © ©Fran Fernández

The best time

The best time to visit the Alhambra is usually early in the morning when it opens its doors.

There are usually not many tourists or large groups so you can visit all the corners of the monumental complex quietly and you will find it more pleasant to walk around without crowds.

In addition, after seeing the Alhambra you will have the rest of the day to make other plans for the city. In the article The best excursions and guided tours in Granada I give you some ideas to discover other interesting places during your trip.

The best time of the year

To enjoy good weather and admire the beauty of the Partal and the Generalife gardens in all their splendor the best time of the year to see the Alhambra is spring (April, May, June) and autumn (September and October).

Remember to bring your ID card to make the visit.

Palacios Nazaríes | ©Kazuo ota
Palacios Nazaríes | ©Kazuo ota

The day of the visit to the Alhambra remember to bring your ID card or passport. For reasons of security and conservation of the monument, the staff makes identification checks to visitors and it is necessary to show this document with the tickets, which are nominative, personal and non-transferable.

When booking tickets to the Alhambra, you will be asked to provide certain information such as your name, surname, nationality, date of birth, passport number or identification number and passport expiration date.

Watch out! This step is vital because if you do not provide this information correctly, you will not be able to participate in the tour and you will not be entitled to a refund.

Book your Alhambra tickets