11 Things to Do in Bilbao at Night

Bilbao, the avant-garde city full of culture, is also known for its bustling nightlife and places to go out for a good wine and a few pintxos.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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11 Things to Do in Bilbao at Night

Bilbao by Night | Juan Ignacio Llana Ugalde

Bilbao is a tourist and cosmopolitan city where you will not lack cultural plans and visits to make, but when night comes, this city becomes one of the liveliest capitals and with more nightlife activities.

And Bilbao has plans for all tastes, whether you enjoy relaxing on the terrace of a bar with friends and a good wine or those who prefer to go out dancing until the sun comes up. No matter the time, Bilbao never rests. Read on and I'll tell you about 10 nightlife activities to make the most of your trip.

1. Walk the seven streets while you go on a pintxos route

San Antón Church| ©Neil Noland
San Antón Church| ©Neil Noland

The Seven Streets of Bilbao are located in the old town, the oldest neighborhood. These pedestrian streets are full of bars, restaurants and stores, being one of the main leisure areas of the capital of Biscay. In addition to having a wide gastronomic offer, there are some essential monuments such as the Cathedral of Santiago, the Municipal Library of Bidebarrieta or the Plaza Nueva.

In this area you can find some of the most typical bars in Bilbao, so it is perfect for a pintxo route, which are small bite-sized tapas served as an appetizer and usually accompanied by wine txikitos. The custom is to get together with friends and make a tour of different bars.

Some of the best rated pintxo bars are: Gure Toki and Sorginzulo. Although if you are really looking to try the typical cuisine of the area without missing anything, it is best to book a pintxos tour in Bilbao, where you will be taken on a route through the best quality bars and restaurants in the city where, in addition to a great meal, you will be offered the best wines and craft beers in the area.

Book a pintxos tour in Bilbao

2. Get to know the Indautxu neighborhood

At night in Indautxu| ©Javier García Gonzalo
At night in Indautxu| ©Javier García Gonzalo

Although the heart of the party and nightlife in Bilbao is the Casco Viejo, another area with more atmosphere when night falls is the Indautxu neighborhood, which belongs to the district of Abando.

This area has become one of the most important in the city culturally, socially and economically, which has also made it one of the places with more atmosphere and plans to do. The liveliest part is Licenciado Poza Street, where you can find plenty of places to have a beer or try some pintxos.

The Indautxu neighborhood is also home to some of the most exclusive and expensive nightclubs in Bilbao. So, if you are looking for a quieter and more elegant place than the ones in the Casco Viejo, this can be a good option. In addition, you will have the opportunity to get to know a new area of the city. And if you want to explore this and other areas of the city, don't hesitate to book a tour of Bilbao that will guide you through the most emblematic places.

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3. Visit the Guggenheim of Bilbao at sunset

Guggenheim| ©Pétur Jónsson
Guggenheim| ©Pétur Jónsson

One of my favorite plans is to book a private guided tour of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao at sunset and then stroll around until night falls.

The Guggenheim is really impressive and a must-see on your trip to Bilbao. In addition, with this proposal you will exclusively enjoy a professional guide who, throughout the tour, will guide you and show you all the most outstanding works and artists of the museum, such as:

  • Warhol's Shadows, which is made up of nothing more and nothing less than more than a hundred canvases.
  • City wall by Miquel Navarro, one of the most popular artists of contemporary sculpture.
  • Villa Borghese by Kooning, inspired by a landscape of Rome.

In addition, you will catch up on all the anecdotes and stories during this approximately 2-hour tour.

Book a guided tour of the Guggenheim Museum

4. See the city illuminated from the Artxanda funicular

At night in Bilbao| ©josemaria2321955
At night in Bilbao| ©josemaria2321955

While it is true that during the day it is easier to contemplate in detail the city from the heights, climbing to a viewpoint at night also has its charm, as you can admire Bilbao illuminated in all its splendor.

Therefore, the following plan that I am going to propose is that you go up to the Artxanda area and marvel at the breathtaking views of the city, either at night or if you prefer, a little earlier to see the sunset. Although it is possible to walk up, I recommend that you take the Artxanda funicular to get to the top, this way it will be more comfortable and you can also enjoy the views along the way.

Another alternative would be to book a guided tour on the Artxanda funicular to the viewpoint, in which an expert will accompany you while telling you the history of the city, plus some very interesting curiosities. Once down, the visit would continue with a tour of the Old Town of the city.

Book a tour of Bilbao

5. Go see a show at the beautiful Arriaga Theater

Arriaga Theater at night| ©Pedro Gonzalez
Arriaga Theater at night| ©Pedro Gonzalez

The Arriaga Theater is located in the Casco Viejo of Bilbao and was built in the 19th century by the architect Joaquin Rucoba. This theater is located in a beautiful neo-baroque building that its creator designed inspired by the Paris Opera. In addition to contemplating its splendid facade, I invite you to consult its program and if you have the possibility, enter to enjoy one of its shows.

Inside there are different plays, but also classical music concerts, ballet, monologues and many other shows. Although it is possible to purchase tickets at the theater's box office, I recommend that you check the program in advance and buy your ticket online, otherwise you run the risk of tickets being sold out.

Once the play is over, you can go to dinner at one of the many restaurants in the Casco Viejo and take a pleasant evening stroll.

6. Watch the sunset from the Muelle Marzana and enjoy its lively atmosphere

Sunset in Bilbao| ©Aaron206
Sunset in Bilbao| ©Aaron206

The Muelle Marzana is a large pedestrian area located in front of the Casco Viejo, with unbeatable views of the estuary and which in recent years has become one of the most modern and youthful areas of downtown Bilbao.

This pier, named after an old tower house located next to the Bridge of San Anton, now houses a large number of bars, restaurants and terrace bars where you can enjoy a cocktail or a craft beer while watching the magnificent cityscape around you. On some occasions there are even live band or DJ concerts. In addition to the wide gastronomic offer that this place offers, it is located in front of the Mercado de la Ribera, where there are also several options to eat something or enjoy a glass of wine.

The plan that I propose at the Muelle Marzana, is that you go at sunset to watch the sunset and the beautiful reflection of the lights of the city in the estuary of Bilbao. Afterwards, you can have a cocktail in one of its terraces and dinner in one of its fantastic restaurants. And in case you want to treat yourself, I recommend the Mina Restaurant, a gastronomic space with a Michelin star that leaves no one indifferent.

Book a bike tour in Bilbao

7. Have a great time at a party aboard a boat

Party| ©Mr. Theklan
Party| ©Mr. Theklan

If you travel to Bilbao in summer or during the spring months, you can attend a very special party. Every Saturday during this time of the year, the Bilboats boat company holds original parties on board their boats.

The duration of the trip is approximately 75 minutes and the boat has bar service, music and if required, catering. The starting and ending point of the tour is at the pier of the Plaza Pío Baroja. Once on board, while you dance and have a drink, you will cross the calm estuary of Bilbao and you will be able to contemplate the wonderful architecture of the city next to some of its most emblematic buildings, such as the famous Guggenheim Museum.

There is also the possibility of organizing celebrations on board, such as bachelor parties or birthdays in which you can arrange with the company if you want any extra service.

Practical information

  • Where it is held: in the Bilbao estuary. The boats leave from the pier at Plaza Pío Baroja.
  • When: in March departures take place on Saturdays at 6:00 pm, while from April to September departures are on Saturdays at 6:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Price: the entrance to the party is available from 15 €.

8. Attend an event at Bilborock, a very special venue

Bilborock| ©Oscar Frances
Bilborock| ©Oscar Frances

Bilborock is located in the center of Bilbao. More specifically in the Muelle de la Merced. In this multifunctional space are held plays, concerts, movie nights and other events, and its capacity is up to 300 people seated and 500 standing.

But this room so full of life has a particularity that makes it very special, and is that it is located in a church of the seventeenth century. Located next to the Casco Viejo, this old religious temple has been used for other purposes since the late 90s, when after being acquired by the city council, it became a public property to promote cultural activities for young people.

Throughout the 25 years it has been active, a large number of national and international artists such as Robbie Williams, Justin Timberlake, MClan or Fito Cabrales have performed in it. Nowadays you can often see shows inside, so if you are planning a trip to Bilbao I recommend you to check its programming and if you are lucky, you will have the opportunity to attend a show in one of the most original venues in the world.

9. Check out the most popular bars and pubs in Bilbao's Alameda

Mistyk Pub| ©Lesly Ann
Mistyk Pub| ©Lesly Ann

As you are seeing Bilbao has a lot to see and do and one of my favorite night plans is to go out for a beer in one of its many bars and pubs.


The Alameda de Mazarredo is one of the liveliest streets in the capital of Biscay and both in it and around it are concentrated numerous bars and pubs of all kinds and for all tastes, so it is a perfect place if you want to know the nightlife of Bilbao.

The Pub Mistyk

The Pub Café Teatro Mistyk is located on Ercilla Street, on the corner of Alameda de Mazarredo. This place is one of the best known in the area and depending on the time of day, you will find a very different atmosphere.

During the day, the Pub Mistyk serves as a cafe where you can sit quietly and have a drink, a beer or if you prefer, a hot drink. However, at night this place comes alive and transforms into a lively pub where you can dance the night away.

El Galeón Pub

The Galeón pub in Bilbao is also located in the Alameda de Mazarredo and it is a place with a seafaring atmosphere. This pub is usually quite crowded, since the entrance is free, there is music for all tastes and it is open every day of the week. So if you are in the area and feel like partying, this is a safe bet.

Kafe Antzokia

In the surroundings of Mazarredo, very close to the Jardines de Albia, is one of the places that serve as a reference point for nightlife in Bilbao, the Kafe Antzokia.

This classic of the Bilbao nightlife often offers live music and sometimes you can even listen to the greatest hits of Basque music. In addition, this eclectic venue functions during the day as a restaurant.

10. Explore Bilbao's trendy new area, the Muelle de Ripa

Ripa Pier| ©Sergei Gussev
Ripa Pier| ©Sergei Gussev

The Muelle de Ripa is becoming, together with the surrounding streets, the new fashionable area of the city of Bilbao. For some years now, the traditional stores have begun to coexist with new clothing stores, trendy restaurants, tattoo and piercing shops and many more establishments.

Located on one side of the estuary, this place enjoys stunning views of the Arriaga Theater and the Bilbao City Hall. The best known bar in the ripa area is the Kubrick, a multipurpose place that can be used as a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a cabaret or a show room.

This establishment is located in Villarías street and besides having an atmosphere all day long, it can boast of having a terrace overlooking the Ría that is almost always very lively and full of young people.

11. Live the party at Sala Sonora

Sala Sonora Party| ©SalaSonoraDD
Sala Sonora Party| ©SalaSonoraDD

Sala Sonora, like other of the most outstanding discotheques in Bilbao, is located on the outskirts a few kilometers from the capital. In an industrial estate next to the estuary, this room takes you to an underground world where electronic music is the protagonist.

This party room is also a multi-space venue divided into three rooms with different atmospheres and musical styles, and its priority is to offer the highest quality sound. The first, room 808, is dedicated to rock and pop classics from the 80s, 90s and 2000s. The second, room 909, is the main room of this venue, where you can listen to electronic music, especially techno and house.

The third and last room is the BAR, where the musical style is more eclectic. Sometimes Sala Sonora holds concerts and theme parties where you can listen to all kinds of music genres such as reggae, commercial music or even reggaeton. So, if you are passing through Bilbao, be sure to check out their events if you want to experience one of the most emblematic venues in the city.