Krakow Schindler's Factory and Plaszow Concentration Camp Tour

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Experience Highlights

Learn about the history of the Jewish Holocaust in Krakow with this guided tour of around four hours, which takes you to the Schindler Factory and the Plaszow concentration camp in small groups of around 15 people.

You will explore legendary sites of interest, such as the Ghetto Heroes' Square, the Krakus Mound and the Oskar Schindler Museum, which gives you a closer look at the events of World War II.

  • Tour the historic sites of the Jewish Holocaust in Kraków
  • Discover the details that marked the Second World War in the area with a professional guide.
  • Visit the museum and factory of Oskar Schindler, one of Poland's key figures during the Nazi occupation.

What’s included

  • Guided tour of Krakow
  • Schindler factory museum tickets
  • Tram tickets under regular option, and private transport under private option
  • Local professional guide

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Step by Step

By joining this approximately four-hour tour of Krakow, you will be able to recall the historical events that marked the city during World War II in small groups of around 15 people.

A professional local guide will tell you about the milestones of the Nazi occupation of Poland, taking you to explore places such as:

  • Schindler's Factory: Oskar Schindler was a Nazi-connected businessman who sheltered and protected over a thousand Jews in his factory during the Nazi occupation. Today it is a museum with exhibits that tell his amazing story.
  • Plaszow concentration camp: in the suburbs of Kraków, the Nazis established this camp to incarcerate Polish citizens for 'indiscipline' and political crimes, holding up to 20,000 prisoners.
  • Ghetto Heroes' Square: here Jews were rounded up and deported, and then transferred to concentration camps in Kraków. In the square there is a monument of empty chairs in honour of those executed in the Second World War.
  • Krakus Mound: this 16-metre high mound offers one of the most beautiful and spectacular panoramic views of Kraków.

You can choose between two options: the regular tour, which includes tram tickets, and the private tour, which provides you with a dedicated vehicle and pick-up from your accommodation for you and your group. Both options include entrance tickets to the Oskar Schindler Factory.


· 74 Reviews
  • J
    John Dunne
    (0 Reviews)
    The Plazow Camp tour was very good. One exception the guide being young, me being 71 years had difficulty keeping up with the pace of the guide. Guide did not look back to see who was keeping up and who was not (I have found this problem with guides on other tours as well). Schindler Factory tour we were able to jump the queue as the guide had pre-purchased tickets which was good. Factory tour itself was a little disappointing as you don't get to see much of Schindler's factory and the exhibits are largely around the German occupation of Krackow and Poland, although there are various exhibits and a film on Schindler. I thought Schindler should have been the main focus. Still a good, informative tour.
  • P
    Patrick Attencourt
    (0 Reviews)
    Superbe guide
  • I
    (0 Reviews)
    Very good tour, both the guide and the driver were impeccable, I recommend the option with transportation because you can enjoy the trip much more that way.
  • L
    (0 Reviews)
    The excursion was fantastic, very recommendable to learn about the history of the city, its people and the historical events that took place.
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