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Saint Mark's Basilica Tickets

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About this activity

Skip the line - Do not wait in line at the entrance

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This activity has EXCEPTIONAL reviews
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Experience Highlights

Explore St. Mark's Basilica, Venice's main Catholic church, with this ticket.

Gain quick, skip-the-line access to one of Italy's most renowned churches. You can also enter St. Mark's Museum and enjoy a downloadable audio guide to learn about this sacred building.

Admire the basilica's relics and decorated mosaics of high architectural value. From the terrace, take in the fantastic views of St Mark's Square. The Pala D'Oro, a work of Byzantine goldsmithery, is one of the key points that you will also see in this experience.

  • Get fast, skip-the-lineaccess to St. Mark's Basilica, Venice's main Catholic building.
  • Thanks to a downloadable audio guide, you will be able to acquire interesting information about this temple of more than a millennium old.
  • The St. Mark's Museum, Loggia dei Cavalli and the Pala D'Oro are some of the most emblematic points that you will see in this activity.

What’s included

  • Ticket for St. Mark's Basilica
  • Downloadable audio guide
  • Direct and queue-free access
  • Entrance to the San Marcos Museum

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Keep in mind you need to arrive 15 minutes before start

Step by Step

In this activity you can discover the art and wonders of St. Mark's Basilica thanks to this ticket. Its style is fundamentally Byzantine architecture and you will see the ornate mosaics and many more details. You will have a downloadable audio guide to learn more about the church.

The experience also includes direct, skip-the-line access to the basilica, entrance to St Mark's Museum and views of St Mark's Square from the terrace. You will also have the opportunity to see the Pala D'Oro, a high altarpiece filled with gold, silver and precious stones.

The Basilica of St. Mark, whose construction was completed in 832, is known for supposedly having housed the relics of St. Mark the Evangelist. After a fire in 975, the building was rebuilt by architects from Constantinople. At the end of the Fourth Crusade, a lot of treasures were sent from this Turkish city to Venice, among them the enamels of the golden altar.

The Pala D'oro is a great work of art with all kinds of details, some dating from the mid-12th century. This refined piece of Byzantine gold work depicts images and stories such as the life of St. Mark, a Pantocrator, as well as feasts or archangels. Of all the interesting information you will find about the basilica, the story of the kidnapping of Saint Mark's body in Alexandria is the most curious.


· 15273 Reviews
  • A
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    Very good price and really a great facility that is without queues. You don't know how terrible it is to stand in the sun doing endless queues.
  • M
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    The basilica is incredibly beautiful, if from the outside it is very imposing you can't imagine what it is inside.
  • F
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    The accompaniment with the audio guide was perfect. We learned at our own pace and got in super fast.
  • S
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    This is the most complete and convenient option I have found to visit the basilica. Remember that there are several floors and zones.
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