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Get to know the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Venice thanks to this ticket. Access directly and without queues to this space dedicated to one of the most influential artists in history. The activity lasts approximately 1 hour and includes an audio guide that will provide you with interesting information about the museum.

Here you will find a collection of 60 machines by Leonardo Da Vinci. Among his engineering projects you will see his war machines, civil engineering machines, flying machines, his designs for the "Ideal City" and the Principles of Physics. The museum exhibition is divided into the categories of earth, water, air and fire.

  • Step inside the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Venice with this skip-the-line ticket, which includes an audio guide.
  • Explore in depth this space dedicated to one of history's greatest geniuses and artists.
  • A collection of up to 60 machines awaits you here, including war machines, civil engineering machines and designs for an "Ideal City".

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  • Tickets for the Leonardo da Vinci Museum of Venice
  • Direct and queue-free access
  • Audio guide

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Step by Step

Don't miss the opportunity to purchase this ticket to the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Venice. In this experience you will see the artist's great engineering work, along with many of his original designs. From war machines to the sketch of an "Ideal City", here you will find a collection of up to 60 machines.

The activity includes an audio guide, which will provide you with relevant facts about Da Vinci's life and work. This visit will last approximately 1 hour and during the tour you will visit the 4 sections in which the museum is divided: fire, air, water and earth.

In the museum you will be able to contemplate works such as flying machines or civil engineering that show how ahead of his time Leonardo was. Packed with multimedia devices and plans and designs of the works, this museum is full of information to help you understand more about the artist's lesser-known facets.

There is also an anatomy room, where you can take a look at his studies of the human body and its application in painting and sculpture. There are also painting rooms in the museum, where you can stroll through replicas of famous Da Vinci paintings, such as the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper.

The experience is perfect for a learning and curiosity session, as as you progress through the museum you will find projections about his life and work. You'll also see all sorts of reproductions and studies made by one of the greatest geniuses and artists of all time.


· 4938 Reviews
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    Very interesting, it was not necessary a guide as everything was explained to perfection. Best of all, at a spectacular price
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    Super organized and with several dynamics to do. I went with my 2 kids and my husband and they loved it.
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    I recommend it 100%, very rewarding experience.
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    I liked it a lot and believe it or not it is a good place to go with kids too, mine had a lot of fun and were very interested in learning more.
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