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Come and explore the majestic Doge's Palace of Venice with your entrance ticket. You will be able to enter one of the most iconic historical buildings of the Italian city directly and without queues . Located in St. Mark's Square, here you will find works by artists such as Titian and Tintoretto.

The experience includes access to the Archaeological Museum and the Marciana National Library. You will also pass the Bridge of Sighs, enter the Armoury and the first floor of the Correr Museum. This building represents one of the greatest symbols of Venice, as it was the residence of the Doges, the former rulers of the city.

  • Discover the Doge's Palace of Venice, a Gothic palatial building where the Doge, the historical head of the city, lived.
  • Visit the Archaeological Museum, the Marciana National Library, the Bridge of Sighs, the Armoury and the Correr Museum.
  • Relive the high points of the Venetian Republic and see works of art by Titian and other artists.

What’s included

  • Tickets for the Doge's Palace in Venice
  • Direct and queue-free access
  • Access to the Archaeological Museum
  • Access to the Martian National Library

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Step by Step

In this activity you will have the opportunity to enter the Doge's Palace of Venice without queuing. This building, located in St. Mark's Square, represents one of the greatest symbols of Venice. The palatial building was the residence of the Doge of Venice, the highest ruler of the city for more than a thousand years.

The Venetian Gothic architecture and pictorial works such as those of Titian and Tintoretto are factors that add great value to the palace. The activity includes entrance to the Archaeological Museum, the Marciana National Library, the Bridge of Sighs, the Armoury and the Correr Museum.

Known as one of the most romantic cities in the world, the beauty of the canals and architecture makes Venice a unique place. The gondolas and colourful facades stand out, but Venice is also known for its artistic past and for having been one of the most powerful cities during the Middle Ages.

In this experience, you will access and explore in depth the following spaces:

  • Doge's Palace: residence of the Doges, supreme rulers of the Republic of Venice between the 8th and 18th centuries. Its architectural style is Venetian Gothic.
  • Archaeological Museum: this space houses 200 Greek and Roman sculptures bequeathed by Cardinal Domenico Grimani in 1523.
  • Correr Museum: The Napoleonic Wing is the most relevant corner of this museum and was built as the home of kings and emperors under Austrian rule.
  • Biblioteca Nacional Marciana: located in St. Mark's Square, here you will find one of the oldest libraries of manuscripts and classical texts in the country.
  • Bridge of Sighs: one of the most iconic bridges in Venice. Legend has it that this is where prisoners breathed their last sighs before being locked up.
  • Armoury: located in the Doge's Palace, this space contains a valuable collection of armour and weapons of different origins.

The Ducal Palace is one of the great attractions of the Queen of the Adriatic. It is also one of the most artistic corners of the city, with sculptural groups of biblical scenes in the corner of the palace. You will also see murals by painters such as Venorese.


· 10604 Reviews
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    Definitely to enter the Doge's Palace you must buy tickets in advance, getting them there is practically impossible. The access was easy and the palace extraordinary.
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    The access to the armory area was very interesting, we took the audio guide and it made us understand everything a little more. Highly recommended...
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    Very imposing and beautiful, both inside and out.
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    Being in Venice itself makes you feel like you are in a little fairy tale. To very city people like me it seems spectacular. I loved it.
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