Venice Transports Pass: 72 hours

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Enjoy all of Venice's water transport lines with this 72-hour pass. Venice's boats run on three different lines and you'll have access to all of them. These lines connect from Marco Polo airport to the cruise terminal. They also make a number of stops between these two points so you can get around the city as quickly and conveniently as possible.

  • Get unlimited access to Venice's 3 water transport lines for 72 hours.
  • The pass is activated when you use it for the first time and starts counting 72 hours from that moment.
  • You can get off at key stops near monuments such as St. Mark's Square or Lido Island to discover the city in the most convenient way.

What’s included

  • 72-hour pass on Venice ferry boats

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Step by Step

Get this transport pass, which gives you access to public transport by boat in Venice for 72 hours. Because Venice is a collection of islands, with a large number of canals, travelling by boat is the most convenient and fastest way to get around the city. This pass is not activated until you use it for the first time, and from that moment on you can use your pass for exactly 72 hours.

Specifically, there are three different transport lines, each with a different route and different stops. The furthest stops that connect these boats are Marco Polo Airport and the Venice cruise terminal. Between these two points you can enjoy a large number of stops, including some of the most famous landmarks and monuments.

For example, some of the most notable stops are as follows. To get to know the centre of Venice you can stop at important places such as St. Mark's Square, which is considered to be the political and religious centre of the city. On the other hand, you will also have access to other nearby but equally interesting islands. This is the case of the Murano Island, famous for its glass works, or the Lido Island known for having a beach.


· 4277 Reviews
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    The transportation pass allowed us to experience the magic of Venice's canals from a different perspective. We were able to admire the beautiful buildings and picturesque bridges as we cruised along the water.
  • A
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    We move away from the more touristy areas and immerse ourselves in authentic Venetian life.
  • L
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    The 72-hour pass option was ideal, as we had plenty of time to discover the lesser-known corners of Venice.
  • J
    Juan Carlos
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    We were surprised by the number of islands that can be visited using public transportation. From the island of Murano, famous for its glass, to the romantic island of Burano, each destination had its own special charm.
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