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Venice Private Tour

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Experience Highlights

Explore Venice like never before on this private tour of approximately 3 hours. On this city tour you will see the main sights such as the Basilica of St. John and St. Paul, the Doge's Palace and Marco Polo's house. You will discover authentic hidden gems and legends with the help of a local guide . In addition, this activity includes a delicious typical wine that you will enjoy with your companions.

  • Enjoy a 3-hour private tour of beautiful Venice and discover the essence of Venetian architecture.
  • Explore the oldest Rialto Bridge, admire impressive churches and beautiful architectural details.
  • Listen to legends and stories of Marco Polo's explorations with your expert guide .
  • Taste delicious local wine and learn about the art of wine.

What’s included

  • Private tour of Venice
  • Expert guide
  • Local wine tasting

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Step by Step

See the best of Venice from a unique perspective on this private 3-hour city tour . A perfect overview with highlights of the Serenissima, hidden gems, ancient legends and a local treat.

You will enjoy beautiful views of what is the oldest and undoubtedly the most famous bridge in Venice, the Rialto Bridge. The oldest of the bridges spanning the Grand Canal of Venice, which has collapsed twice, it has a similar structure to its predecessors, two inclined ramps joined by a portico in the middle.

Crossing the Rialto Bridge takes you to the Rialto Market, the heart of the city. One of the great charms of the Rialto Market is the colourful stalls where you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, fish, seafood and more. This picturesque place has been chosen by the Venetians to trade, sell and carry out commercial activities since the 11th century.

You will pass by the home of Marco Polo and hear stories of his explorations and travels from your guide.

You will see a masterpiece of the Gothic style, the Doge's Palace of Venice . Located on St. Mark's Square, this palace began as a fortified castle in the 9th century, but after a fire, it was rebuilt as a fortress and prison. Also known as the Duke's Palace, this historic Italian building combines Byzantine, Gothic and Renaissance architectural elements.

You will admire the Church of San Francesco della Vigna, a religious temple in a very marked Tuscan style, and the impressive Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli . You will be able to contemplate this jewel of the Venetian Renaissance that has remained intact since its construction. Its faux columns on the walls and semi-circular top make this Catholic church one of Venice's most treasured attractions.

Marvel at the largest church in Venice, the Basilica of St. John and St. Paul . This huge brick building in Italian Gothic style is the main Dominican church in Venice, built for preaching to large congregations. You will discover its hidden gems with the help of an expert local guide and enjoy a delicious local wine .


· 438 Reviews
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    St. Mark's Square was another highlight of the tour. Our guides told us about the rich history and cultural importance of this iconic square.
  • V
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    We were able to see up close how works of blown glass and Burano lace are created, and appreciate the talent and skill of the artists.
  • R
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    The tour also took us through less traveled alleys, where we discovered local artisans' workshops.
  • F
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    One of the most outstanding stops was at a traditional Venetian mask store. There we learned about the history of the masks and had the opportunity to try some on, immersing ourselves in the mystery and magic of Venice.
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