Dublin Traditional Music and Dance Show

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Experience Highlights

In this activity you will have the opportunity, for around 3 hours, to enjoy a traditional Irish music and dance performance. You will enjoy a dinner of authentic local Irish food, while marvelling at the Irish music and dance performances. To customise the experience to your liking, you can choose between a full dinner and show option, or a show only option.

Some of the delicious dishes you can sample during dinner include Guinness stew and Baileys chocolate cake, a real treat of Irish cuisine. All this while being entertained by a professional show, which also includes, as part of the tradition, the telling of classic Irish stories.

  • Enjoy an authentic Irish evening with food and live entertainment.
  • Be enchanted by traditional Irish music, dancing and storytelling.
  • Choose between dinner and full show, or show only.

What’s included

  • Traditional music and dance show performed by professional Irish musicians.
  • Humorous stories told by the show's hosts
  • Musical performances on indigenous Irish instruments, such as the Uilleann pipes, Bodhran and Harp.
  • Intimate and cosy atmosphere in an 18th-century Georgian-style house

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Step by Step

Come to the Irish House Party in Dublin, where you can enjoy a dinner show lasting around 3 hours. You can sample authentic local food, ranging from Guinness stew to chocolate cake with Baileys, as you soak up the Irish party atmosphere.

Music is a fundamental part of Irish culture, and the Irish House Party does not disappoint in this respect. You'll hear a group of talented and experienced musicians play traditional Irish music while you enjoy your dinner. And when you've finished your meal, you can join in the dancing and singing all night long.

In addition to the music and food, the Irish House Party also features storytelling and Irish dance performances. So you can learn about the history and culture of Ireland while having fun at this unique and unforgettable evening.

You can choose between the dinner and show option or just the show. The dinner option includes a three-course meal of authentic Irish cuisine, prepared by a team of expert chefs . If you opt for the show only option, you can enjoy a drink while you relax to the rhythm of the performances.

Traditional Irish music is a fundamental part of Irish culture. It is characterised by the use of instruments such as the fiddle, flute, accordion and the bodhran, an Irish goatskin drum. It is often accompanied by singing and dancing, creating a full and exciting experience for the audience.


· 110 Reviews
  • A
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    It was a great show with awesome traditional Irish dancing and the songs, little stories and banter of the musicians were wonderful.
  • C
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    A fantastic place. The food was nice, and they gave you a few selections to choose from.
  • C
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    We loved it! We booked the night with food included and can recommend it 100%.
  • N
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    A pleasant evening with my boyfriend and my family on vacation.
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