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Experience Highlights

See the beauty of the German capital from above with this Die Welt balloon ride in Berlin. Experience spectacular panoramic views of the city's main monuments and sights. On board the balloon, you'll enjoy a gentle, gradual ascent into the sky, about 150 metres above the ground, while expert pilots give you detailed information about what you're seeing. Tickets include a personalised flight certificate. The sky walk lasts approximately 15 minutes.

  • Discover Berlin from a different perspective with spectacular panoramic views of the main sights.
  • Soar in the Die Welt balloon at an altitude of 150 metres.
  • Take breathtaking photos from the sky, while suspended in the air over the German capital.

What’s included

  • Tickets for the hot air balloon ride Die Welt
  • Expert team of pilots and guides
  • Personalised flight certificate
  • Balloon ride of approximately 15 minutes

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Step by Step

These tickets for the Die Welt balloon ride in Berlin will allow you to see the city from a completely different perspective from above. You'll experience a thrilling adventure through the skies above the German capital, with breathtaking panoramic views of the city's most iconic landmarks.

You will enjoy an unforgettable experience that begins in the heart of the city, where you will be greeted by a team of expert pilots who will guide you through the journey.

Once on board, the smooth and gradual ascent into the sky begins. As you soar, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the region from above. You will be at an altitude of approximately 150 metres for a 15-minute ride in the air.

At the top of the balloon you will be able to see the whole area, including the main monuments and must-see sites of this German destination, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the TV Tower.

The balloons are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will allow you to get detailed information about what you are seeing. In addition, the tour team will tell you important facts about Berlin's history and culture, telling you anecdotes about the sites.

Tickets include a personalised flight certificate to keep as a souvenir of your experience.


· 795 Reviews
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    No doubt: the best view in Europe!
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    Wonderful people who are very attentive to our safety, very professional!
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    Very good relation between what you pay and what you get, great experience, very original, recommended!
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    After a very short wait, in a very pleasant atmosphere, the most fascinating views you can imagine awaited us!
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