Cairo Desert Safari, Camel Ride and Sandboarding

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Experience Highlights

Join this 12-hour tour as you travel from Cairo to the desert for a day full of adventure and adrenaline. You'll be treated to breathtaking views of the Wadi El Rayan waterfalls and the Mudawana Mountains, one of the most beautiful natural attractions in the area.

You'll also ride through the sands of the dunes in a 4x4, try sand surfing and even enjoy a ride on a camel. The activity also includes a delicious barbecue lunch at a local Bedouin camp . An experience full of beauty and adventure, ideal for nature lovers.

  • Enjoy breathtaking views of waterfalls and mountains, as well as the thrill of a desert adventure on this nature-filled tour.
  • Glide across the dunes on a sandboard, enjoy a camel ride and stop at a Bedouin camp for a delicious barbecue lunch.
  • Experience the majesty of the Egyptian desert and spot some of the area's wildlife, such as foxes and gazelles.

What’s included

  • Desert excursion with safari
  • 4WD vehicle
  • Camel ride
  • Sandboarding, or sand surfing session

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Step by Step

This 12-hour tour of the Egyptian desert will give you the opportunity to explore the vastness of the desert and some of its most beautiful landscapes. You will stop at the Wadi el Rayan waterfalls, a natural site where you can admire the beauty of the contrast between the cascading water and the surrounding dry terrain.

The waterfalls are a popular tourist attraction because of their natural beauty and the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters . It is also a nature reserve that is home to a wide variety of Egyptian desert flora and fauna. From here, you can also photograph the views of the Mudawana Mountains, a group of rock formations of great geological and ecological importance, home to a number of animal species such as gazelles, foxes and lizards .

You'll continue your journey through the Egyptian desert before stopping to trysandboarding, an activity that allows you to glide across the yellow sand in a fast and fun way. Afterwards, you can hop on a camel and ride through the beautiful desert environment like a true Bedouin adventurer.

The camel ride is a traditional form of desert travel and allows you to enjoy the scenery in a more leisurely fashion. After the ride, you will stop at a Bedouin desert camp for a tasty local barbecue lunch .

At the end of the activity, you will return to the original starting point, as this is a round-trip activity.


· 87 Reviews
  • B
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    Beautiful tour, very complete.
  • N
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    Good experience. Although this type of excursion is not my style, I have to admit that I really enjoyed the camel ride and the visit to the Mudawara Mountains. Recommended to do it once.
  • C
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    A magical excursion through the desert. More than recommended.
  • D
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    An incredible tour through the desert, the experience felt very personalized and I enjoyed every activity and site we visited. If you have the opportunity to take this tour do not hesitate, the experience is wonderful.
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