10 Things to Do in Dubrovnik in April

April marks the formal start of spring in Dubrovnik and brings with it better weather and ideal temperatures for discovering the Adriatic Sea, sunsets and bars on the cliffs of Buza Bar, all while the city remains relieved of tourists.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Dubrovnik in April

Vista de Dubrovnik |©Miguel Discart

Spring is one of the best times of the year to visit Dubrovnik. The weather is usually pleasant and rainfall is less frequent than during the winter, and it is an ideal time to discover the city with fewer tourists. It is also the perfect season to visit the terraces overlooking the Adriatic Sea, take a boat ride and experience the April Spring Masquerade.

Some of the best things to do in Dubrovnik in April include touring the picturesque island of Lokrum, watching the clear sunsets from the Old Port, taking a full-day excursion to Mostar and enjoying the green trails offered by the hiking trails.

1. Experience the opening of the terrace season on Stradun Street.

Dubrovnik - Stradun Street|©J.S.C.
Dubrovnik - Stradun Street|©J.S.C.

Experiencing the opening of the terrace season on Stradun Street in Dubrovnik in April is an exciting experience that marks the beginning of spring and the return of good weather. After the cold winter months, the terraces along Stradun Street reopen their doors to welcome locals and visitors who want to enjoy the outdoors.

Stradun Street is the heart of the city and the protagonist of Dubrovnik's best Game of Thrones tours. The terraces of restaurants, cafes and bars, which remain closed from October to March each year, from April onwards are filled with tables and chairs and opened with parties and live music.

If you plan to travel during this month you can enjoy a meal, have a drink or just watch the bustle of the street illuminated by the spring sun.

On these terraces you can sample the local gastronomy, which usually includes traditional dishes such as fresh seafood, local wines and exquisite desserts. However, keep in mind that although April is a month when the weather becomes warmer, there can still be some cool or rainy days. Therefore, I recommend you always carry a coat to deal with the change of weather.

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2. Experience the Spring Masquerade

men with masks|©FT.M
men with masks|©FT.M

If you want to live a typical local experience you can't miss the Spring Masquerade in April. This traditional festival, also known as Ljepotica or La Bella, marks the arrival of spring and is celebrated with enthusiasm in the city. During the Spring Masquerade, the streets are filled with colorful costumes, extravagant masks and joyful music, creating a festive atmosphere very similar to that of carnivals.

During the Mascarada, residents and visitors alike have the opportunity to participate in parades, street dances and costume contests. Creativity and imagination are unleashed in every corner of Dubrovnik, making the streets come alive with the magic of the eve.

This celebration also offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history and local traditions, as it has ancient roots and has been passed down from generation to generation, preserving the cultural identity of the city, which is why it is unanimously considered one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik.

In addition to fun and entertainment, the Masquerade will also offer you the opportunity to taste the delicious local cuisine.

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3. Discover the crystal clear waters of the Adriatic at the best time of the year for a boat tour.

Alley in Dubrovnik|©băseşteanu
Alley in Dubrovnik|©băseşteanu

One of the best experiences that sea and nature lovers can have in the city is to take one of the best boat tours in Dubrovnik to discover the colors of the Adriatic. During this time of the year the weather conditions are ideal to explore and enjoy calm and crystal clear waters, especially because the clear weather, the absence of rain and the low tourism prevent pollution of the sea.

On these excursions you can discover hidden coves, lost beaches and picturesque islands near Dubrovnik. While the weather is not ideal for swimming, snorkeling and relaxing in the waters with a swim, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic views of the Dalmatian coast.

April is a month when Dubrovnik is less crowded with tourists, which means you can enjoy a quieter and more authentic experience on your boat excursion. In addition, many excursions also include stops in charming seaside villages where you can sample the delicious local cuisine and explore the culture and history of the region.

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4. Tour Lokrum, the green oasis of Dubrovnik

Lokrum, Dubrovnik|©kzoop
Lokrum, Dubrovnik|©kzoop

Touring Lokrum, Dubrovnik's green oasis, in April during the early spring is an experience that can be unforgettable. Lokrum is an island located just 600 meters off the coast of Dubrovnik and is known for its natural beauty and lush vegetation. In April, when spring is in full swing, the island is transformed into a green paradise.

When touring Lokrum you can enjoy botanical gardens, pine forests and winding paths that invite you to explore and immerse yourself in nature. In addition, at this time of the year, the flowers begin to bloom, creating a spectacle of colors and scents that further beautifies the island, which is considered one of the great attractions of Dubrovnik.

The tranquility and serenity of Lokrum is also enhanced by the lesser influx of tourists compared to the summer months. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the island at your own pace, without the crowds, allowing you to enjoy moments of peace and quiet.

In addition to its breathtaking scenery, Lokrum is also home to a number of interesting attractions, such as the Benedictine Monastery and Maximilian's Garden. During your trip you can also explore these historical sites and discover the rich history of the island, as well as enjoy one of the best places to visit with children in Dubrovnik.

5. Watch the sunsets in Old Harbour

Old Port|©Vanesa Felpeto Babío
Old Port|©Vanesa Felpeto Babío

April is one of the best months of the year to watch the sunsets in Old Port, as the clear weather contrasts with the winter rains and will allow you to take some of the best pictures of your trip, plus you can tour it with few tourists and without so many crowds.

From Puerto Viejo you can discover how the sky is tinged with golden and orange tones during sunset, creating a visual spectacle not to be missed. In addition, there you can find quiet places to sit and contemplate the beauty of the landscape. You can also learn about the local history and culture, as this port is one of the oldest in Europe among those still in operation.

In addition to the scenic views, Puerto Viejo also offers the opportunity to explore the surrounding area. You can take a stroll along the cobblestone streets and discover charming stores, restaurants and cafes, or just relax in one of the bars by the sea while enjoying the breeze and the changing colors of the sky, making it also one of the best things to do during the night in Dubrovnik.

6. Take an oyster tasting tour for the best price

Oysters on the table|©Bruce Chapman
Oysters on the table|©Bruce Chapman

Taking an oyster tasting tour is an opportunity you can't miss if you are planning to visit Dubrovnik in April. During this month, after the oyster festival in March, prices tend to be more affordable, allowing you to enjoy this marine delicacy at a much cheaper cost.

The Dubrovnik region is known for its fresh and tasty oysters, and a tasting tour will allow you to try different varieties and discover their unique flavor. You'll be able to visit local oyster farms and learn about the cultivation process while feasting on oysters fresh from the Adriatic Sea.

In addition to the more affordable price, April also offers the advantage of fewer tourists compared to the summer months. This means that the tasting tours are more intimate and personalized, which will give you the opportunity to have a more authentic and exclusive experience. If you plan to visit Dubrovnik in March, you can also enjoy the Traditional Oyster Festival.

During the tour, oyster experts will share with you their knowledge about the history and tradition of oyster production in the region. You will also learn how to pair oysters with local wines, which will elevate your gastronomic experience to another level. Go on this adventure!

7. Make the most of the low tourist influx and tour Mostar

Dubrovnik & Mostar|©Rob
Dubrovnik & Mostar|©Rob

One of the great benefits of visiting Dubrovnik, apart from discovering its beautiful beaches and paradisiacal landscapes, is to get to know the nearby places using the city as a base. In April, you will also have the opportunity to make the most of the low tourist influx and tour Mostar, which is located in Bosnia and Herzegovina and is famous for its iconic bridge and rich history.

In April the low tourist influx will give you the chance to explore this city in a more relaxed and authentic way. You can stroll through the narrow streets of the old town unhurriedly, admiring the Ottoman architecture and discovering the charming local cafes and stores. In addition, you will find a pleasant climate during the spring, as winter is usually very harsh in Bosnia.

Besides the famous Old Bridge, you can also explore the Turkish quarter and enjoy authentic Bosnian cuisine in local restaurants.

Mostar can be reached by public transport or by renting a car, but the best alternative is to book one of the full day tours from Dubrovnik. During the tour you can also see the mountain scenery.

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8. Dare to explore the Elaphite islands and discover their colorful trails.

Elafiti Islands|©JClemente Producciones
Elafiti Islands|©JClemente Producciones

April is an ideal month for you to take a trip to the Elaphite islands and discover their colorful trails. These islands, located in the Adriatic Sea, offer breathtaking natural beauty and are a perfect destination for nature lovers and hiking enthusiasts.

The Elaphites can be reached on your own, on an organized tour or you can even find transfers from Dubrovnik airport, as it is a very popular destination and it is very common for tourists to arrive in the city interested in visiting this site exclusively.

With warm and pleasant temperatures you can enjoy picturesque landscapes, hills covered with vegetation and panoramic views of the sea. In addition, you will find well-marked trails that lead you through forests, olive groves and picturesque coastal villages.

The Elaphites are an archipelago of small, picturesque islands, each with its own charm and beauty, and in addition to hiking, these islands also offer the opportunity to enjoy quiet beaches, water sports in crystal clear waters and discover charming hidden bays and coves.

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9. Take a hiking tour along the city's green trails

Trail view|©sally n.
Trail view|©sally n.

If you're a nature enthusiast, you don't need to scour the islands to find the best hiking trails, as you can also opt for a hiking excursion along the trails outside Dubrovnik, which bloom as spring arrives in the city, filling the landscapes with a variety of flora and fauna.

This popular destination has a network of well-marked trails that will take you through hills, forests and beautiful coastal areas. In April, temperatures are pleasant and the weather is perfect for walking out doors without the sweltering heat of summer, and you can do so on quick tours, which is ideal if you are planning a short stay. If that is your case, here is a list of activities to get to know Dubrovnik in 3 days.

During the excursions you can enjoy panoramic views of the old city, the Adriatic Sea and the surrounding islands from the Dalmatian coast. You can also explore historical sites and discover ancient ruins that will tell you about the rich history of the region at some of the highest points of the city.

10. Enjoy the breeze of the Adriatic from Buza Bar's stalls

Buza Bar. Dubrovnik, Croatia|©Michael_Spencer
Buza Bar. Dubrovnik, Croatia|©Michael_Spencer

If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik in April you can discover one of the most beautiful places in the city, which are the bars and restaurants located in the Buza Bar stalls. This place is located on the cliffs outside the old town and offers unmissable views of the Adriatic to enjoy the cool breeze coming from the sea.

Just like the terraces on Stradun Street, the Buza Bar stalls open in April with parties and celebrations. This place, moreover, being on the edge of the city walls, will allow you to escape from the bustle of the historic center and immerse yourself in a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere, with its casual and bohemian atmosphere.

Please note that Buza Bar starts to be from April one of the most visited places in the city, so I advise you to book your place in advance or avoid arriving at the last minute, especially during the sunniest and most pleasant days of the month.

Temperatures in Dubrovnik in April

view of blue chairs|©David Farrer
view of blue chairs|©David Farrer

Temperatures in Dubrovnik in April are mild and pleasant, marking the beginning of spring in the region. During this month, the weather begins to warm up and the city comes alive with the arrival of longer, sunnier days.

Temperatures average 17°, although they can easily reach 25° on the hottest days. In the evenings, temperatures drop slightly, but are still quite pleasant, hovering around 15° at a minimum.

These moderate temperatures allow you to enjoy walks around the city without the oppressive summer heat or winter cold that you will experience if you plan to visit Dubrovnik in December or during the winter months. This is the ideal time to explore the alleys of the old town and enjoy the scenic views in outdoor activities.

The influx of tourists in Dubrovnik in April

Dubrovnik - April|©David Farrer
Dubrovnik - April|©David Farrer

April is one of the best months to visit Dubrovnik outside the high season because of its pleasant weather, but also because of the low number of tourists at the time, which will allow you to tour the city at your leisure, get tickets and sites for all the attractions and also take some of the best pictures of your trip.

In addition, you can also get the most out of your visit by touring the islands and nearby towns in a more relaxed manner and on tours that are less crowded than those in Dubrovnik in June or during the summer months.

Prices in Dubrovnik in April

Tables on the street|©David Farrer
Tables on the street|©David Farrer

Prices in April are usually more affordable compared to the summer months, when tourist demand is higher. During this time of year, many hotels, restaurants and tourist activities offer lower rates and special promotions to attract visitors.

In April you can find deals and discounts on accommodation, allowing you to stay in high quality hotels at reasonable prices. In addition, restaurants often have special menus or seasonal promotions, giving you the opportunity to sample delicious local cuisine at more affordable prices.

Sightseeing activities, such as guided tours, boat tours and attraction tickets, also tend to have more affordable rates in April. This will allow you to enjoy all the wonders Dubrovnik has to offer without spending as much money.

What to pack to visit Dubrovnik in April?

black suitcase|© Michał Parzuchowski
black suitcase|© Michał Parzuchowski

April is one of the months when the weather starts to definitely improve in Dubrovnik, even though during the nights the temperature may still remain a bit low, so I advise you to include the following in your suitcase:

  • Light coat
  • Light T-shirt
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Lightweight pants
  • Wool sweaters
  • Hiking shoes
  • Umbrella
  • Rain jacket
  • Swimming shorts