Best tours of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik offers a wide variety of tours so that visitors do not miss any of its rich history, impressive architecture and beautiful scenery.

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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Best tours of Dubrovnik

Vista panoramica de Dubrovnik |©Derek Durie

The wealth of things to see and do in Dubrovnik makes it Croatia's most popular tourist destination. Although it was constantly bombed during the Croatian War in the 1990s, its impressive walls and towers, medieval monasteries, baroque churches, squares and exciting residential areas have been restored to their former glory.

One of the best ways not to miss anything is to book one of the many tours offered in the city. In a comfortable way and usually with a guide, you can take a tour of the walls, the old town or, of course, the scenes where the popular series Game of Thrones was filmed.

1. Game of Thrones Tour

Lokrum Island|©Jose Luis Vazquez Hernandez
Lokrum Island|©Jose Luis Vazquez Hernandez

If you are a fan of the popular TV series Game of Thrones, Dubrovnik is your ideal place. The city was one of the main locations where the series was filmed and you will be able to recognize places like Fort Lovrijenac (Red Fortress) and the Royal Gardens.

For this reason, it is not surprising that there are several Game of Thrones tours in Dubrovnik and they are among the most demanded by all tourists visiting the city.

The tour usually includes visits to places such as Fort Lovrijenac, which was used as the King's Landing, Dubrovnik Promenade, which became Cersei Lannister's Path of Shame, and Minčeta Tower, which was used as the House of the Undying in Qarth.

The guide will share interesting anecdotes and details about the filming and the connection between the real locations and scenes from the series.

Tour details of interest

  • Times and meeting points: Game of Thrones tours in Dubrovnik are usually offered several times a day Meeting points may vary depending on the tour operator, but are usually in central locations in the Old Town.
  • Duration and prices: The duration of the Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik is usually approximately 2 to 3 hours, depending on the itinerary. Prices vary by tour operator, but generally range from 12-24 EUR per person.

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2. Dubrovnik City Walls Tour

Dubrovnik Walls|©Juanje Orío
Dubrovnik Walls|©Juanje Orío

If you could only be in Dubrovnik for one day, my recommendation would be to take a tour of its walls. The tour takes you to walk along the impressive fortified walls that surround the old town, with a length of approximately 2 kilometers. From them, you will enjoy spectacular panoramic views of the Old Town, the Adriatic Sea and Dubrovnik's terracotta rooftops.

During the tour, the guide usually provides historical and cultural information about the city and the walls. You can explore the watchtowers, fortifications and stone staircases, while enjoying the breathtaking views from the top.

However, I recommend wearing comfortable shoes and sun protection, as there is not much shade on the walls and it can get hot during the summer months. Bring water with you, especially in the summer months, as there are not many opportunities to buy drinks on the ramparts. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, consider taking the tour at the beginning or end of the day.

Details of interest

  • Schedule: The Dubrovnik city walls tour is available year-round, but times may vary depending on the season.
  • Tickets: Although it can be booked in Dubrovnik itself, it is best to do it online, especially in mid and high season. The average ticket price for walking the Dubrovnik city walls without a guide is around 23 EUR. If you prefer to take the tour with a local guide who will provide you with historical and cultural information, the additional price is about 6-12 EUR per person.

3. Dubrovnik Old Town Tour

Dubrovnik Cathedral|©Curtis Gregory Perry
Dubrovnik Cathedral|©Curtis Gregory Perry

The Dubrovnik Old Town Tour is an excellent way to explore and learn about the rich history and architectural beauty of this ancient walled city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The tour is usually led by an expert local guide, who will take you through the narrow cobblestone streets and historic squares of the city. During the tour, you will learn about Dubrovnik's fascinating history, iconic monuments and cultural significance.

Some of the highlights that these types of tours usually pass through include Loggia Square, St. Blaise Church, the Rector's Palace, the Cathedral and theFranciscan Monastery.

Tour details of interest

  • Schedules and meeting points: Dubrovnik Old Town tours are usually offered throughout the day, with multiple departure times. Meeting points vary by tour operator.
  • Duration and prices: Dubrovnik Old Town tour duration is usually approximately 1 to 2 hours, depending on the company. Prices may vary, but generally range from 12-24 EUR per person.

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4. Kayak tour along the Dubrovnik coastline

Kayaking in Dubrovnik|©JZVandal
Kayaking in Dubrovnik|©JZVandal

Quite a few of the best things to do in Dubrovnik are related to the sea surrounding the city. Among them is the option of taking a kayaking tour along the coast.

In this type of tour you sail along the Adriatic coast, exploring sea caves, hidden beaches and cliffs. It is a great occasion to enjoy unique panoramic views of the walled city from the water.

The tour is usually guided by an expert kayak instructor, who will provide safety instructions and guide you through the highlights of the route. You will be able to paddle your own kayak or double kayaks, depending on your preferences and availability.

No previous kayaking experience is required, as basic instructions are provided before the tour begins.

Tour details of interest

  • Schedules and meeting points: Kayak tours along the Dubrovnik coastline are usually offered several times a day, especially during the peak tourist months. Meeting points are usually at locations near the coast, such as Pile beach or Banje beach.
  • Duration and prices: The duration of the kayak tour along the Dubrovnik coastline is usually approximately 2 to 3 hours. Prices vary depending on the tour operator and services included, but generally range between 30-47 EUR per person.

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5. Elafiti Islands boat tour

Elafiti Islands|©Fernando
Elafiti Islands|©Fernando

The Elafiti Islands are an archipelago near Dubrovnik. Its main attractions are its beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and picturesque villages. Visiting them has become one of the best boat trips that can be made in the city.

In this type of tours usually visit some of the most prominent islands of this archipelago. The itinerary may vary depending on the tour operator, but generally includes visits to Koločep, Lopud and Šipan.

Here you can enjoy free time to relax on the beach, swim in the clear waters or explore the picturesquevillages and their attractions. Many boat tours of the Elaphite Islands also include lunch on board or in one of the local restaurants, where you can sample the delicious cuisine of the region.

Tour details of interest

  • Schedules and meeting points: boat tours of the Elaphite Islands usually have daily departures during the high season. Some of the common meeting points may be Dubrovnik Old Port or Gruž Port.
  • Duration and prices: The duration of the Elaphite Islands boat tour is usually all day, with departures in the morning and return in the afternoon. Prices vary depending on the tour operator, services included and season, but generally range from 35-70 EUR per person.

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6. Dubrovnik wine tour

Konavle Valley restaurant in Croatia|©Richard Martin
Konavle Valley restaurant in Croatia|©Richard Martin

Dubrovnik and its surroundings are known for their winemaking tradition and the production of high quality wines. Taking a wine tour in Dubrovnik is a great way to explore the local vineyards, learn about the culture of the region and taste authentic wines like the one that ages at the bottom of the ocean

. During a wine tour in Dubrovnik you will have the opportunity to visit nearby wineries, learn about the wine production process, tour the vineyards and, of course, enjoy wine tastings. It is especially interesting if you have traveled to Dubrovnik in September, as it is grape harvest season.

Specialized guides will provide you with information about the different types of grapes grown in the region and guide you in tasting local wines. Some tours may include visits to family wineries, where you can learn about traditional winemaking techniques.

Tour details of interest

  • Schedules and transportation: Wine tours usually have schedules that vary depending on the tour operator and the season. You can find half-day or full-day tours, and they usually include transportation from Dubrovnik to the vineyards and wineries.
  • Prices and options: Prices can vary depending on the length of the tour, the selection of wines and additional inclusions, such as meals or transportation. In general, they can range from 35-70 EUR per person.

7. Blue Cave Tour

rock formation in the sea|©oranges and lemons
rock formation in the sea|©oranges and lemons

Although Dubrovnik is famous mainly for its old town, there are real natural wonders in the surrounding area. Among them is the so-called Blue Cave, located near the island of Vis. If you are planning to spend about 3 days in Dubrovnik, I advise you to set aside a few hours to take a boat tour to get to know this place.

The Blue Cave is the best known among the many caves that exist around the islands near Dubrovnik. The boat route alone is worth it, but such tours also include access to the grotto itself in small rubber boats, as well as diving and snorkeling activities

The cave itself is not too big, measuring only 24 meters long and 16 meters deep. However, its transparent waters, the effects of sunlight and its natural beauty have made it one of the main attractions of the area.

Details of interest of the tour

  • Schedules and meeting points: Tours to the Blue Cave usually take place once or twice a day. The meeting point is provided by the organizer.
  • Duration and prices: The tour usually lasts about 4 hours and the price is around 65 €.

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