10 Things to Do in Dubrovnik with Kids

Dubrovnik is one of the most popular destinations in Croatia and also one of the favorite places for family visits, so it offers many attractions for the little ones. Here I tell you what are the best alternatives for touring with children.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Dubrovnik with Kids

Park Gradac Waterfront Church |©Liz Lawley

If you are planning to visit Dubrovnik with your family and children, you will be happy to know that the city offers a lot of alternatives to enjoy with the little ones. You will find everything from aquariums and themed excursions to walls and magical gates that are part of the daily landscape of this destination, and that often amaze visitors.

Among the best things to do in Dubrovnik with children are plans such as taking a ride on a boat that replicates a ship from the Middle Ages, snorkeling in the waters of the Adriatic Sea, taking the city's scenic cable car to Mount Srd and enjoying a swim off the beautiful shores of Banje Beach.

1. Take an excursion with a boat ride on a replica of the 16th century

Dubrovnik Port|©Manuel Ribeiro
Dubrovnik Port|©Manuel Ribeiro

If you want to live a different experience that will also fascinate children you can take a boat ride on a replica of the 16th century that will allow you to immerse yourself in the history and maritime culture of the region. These historical replicas offer the opportunity to sail aboard ancient vessels and relive the golden age of navigation.

On board the boat, children will be delighted to see the authenticity of the replica and explore the different corners of the boat. They will be able to learn about the sailing techniques of yesteryear, see how the sail was handled and participate in interactive activities that will teach them about life at sea.

During the boat ride they will be able to enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the coast and the Adriatic Sea. The little ones will be struck by the surroundings, the colors of the water and the fortresses on the coast as they sail like real sailors on one of the best boat trips in Dubrovnik.

In addition to the historical experience, some boat tours also offer on-board entertainment, such as traditional music and storytelling that will make the experience even more captivating for children. In addition, they can enjoy refreshments and typical snacks while enjoying the scenery and sea breeze.

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2. Take a Game of Thrones tour in Dubrovnik


Taking a Game of Thrones tour with kids in Dubrovnik can be an exciting and adventurous experience. The city of Dubrovnik is known for being one of the main settings of the popular TV series, so Game of Thrones fans and little explorers will enjoy discovering the iconic locations.

During the excursion, children will be able to visit places like the Lovrijenac Fortress, which served as the famous Red Fortress in the series. There they will be able to imagine the epic battles and political intrigues that took place in the fictional world of Westeros and that will be recreated in the best Games of Thrones excursions in Dubrovnik.

Another must-see place is Dubrovnik's main street, the Stradun, which became the main artery of King's Landing. The little ones will be able to walk through these historic streets and recognize the settings where exciting scenes from the series took place.

In addition, in the city you can find themed tours of the series specially designed for children, with guides who will tell them fun anecdotes and teach them interesting details about the filming and production of the series. They will also be able to recreate famous scenes and feel like real Game of Thrones protagonists.

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3. Take a walk along the city walls

City walls|©Hector Galarza
City walls|©Hector Galarza

Taking a walk along the Dubrovnik city walls with children is a unique experience that will allow them to discover the history and beauty of this ancient fortified city. Dubrovnik' s world-famous city walls offer breathtaking panoramic views of the old town and the Adriatic Sea and do not go unnoticed by the little ones, attracting their attention.

During the walk, children will be fascinated to see the towers, bastions and imposing walls surrounding the city. They will be able to imagine what life was like in ancient Dubrovnik as they walk through these history-filled passages. You can also stop at strategic observation points to admire the views, the terracotta roofs of the historic buildings and the majesty of the city from above.

It is important to remember that the walls have steps and narrow sections, so caution and supervision of children is necessary at all times. However, the hike is accessible to most ages and offers the opportunity to explore the city from a unique perspective.

During the hike, you can also find refreshment and ice cream stands for children to enjoy a break and recharge their batteries, especially if you plan to visit Dubrovnik in June or during the summer months when the heat can be pressing.

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4. Visit Dubrovnik Aquarium

Dubrovnik - Aquarium|©aarcticles
Dubrovnik - Aquarium|©aarcticles

Visiting the Dubrovnik Aquarium with children is an exciting experience that will allow them to immerse themselves in the fascinating marine world. This aquarium, located in the center of the city, houses a wide variety of marine species and offers the opportunity to learn and explore in a fun way.

Upon entering the aquarium, children will marvel at the colorful tropical fish, sea sponges and exotic creatures swimming in the tanks. They will be able to observe sharks, rays, sea turtles and many other ocean inhabitants up close, while learning about their habitats and behaviors, making it not only a great option to meet with children but also one of the best activities in Dubrovnik.

One of the most popular attractions for the little ones is the underwater tunnel, where they can walk through a glassed-in passage surrounded by water and admire the marine life swimming around them. This perspective will immerse children in a magical world under the sea and give them a unique experience, which is often recommended by expert guides on the best Dubrovnik excursions.

In addition to observing the tanks and exhibits, Dubrovnik Aquarium also offers educational activities and interactive entertainment. Children can participate in educational workshops, informative talks and feed the fish under the supervision of marine life experts.

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5. Enjoy a kayaking excursion as a family

Kayaking on the shore|©Katie
Kayaking on the shore|©Katie

Enjoying a family kayaking excursion in Dubrovnik is an interesting and intense way to explore the natural beauty of the Adriatic coast. With crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery, this activity will give you the opportunity to enjoy the sea in an entertaining and safe environment.

During these excursions children will have fun paddling through the calm waters and discovering the hidden wonders of Dubrovnik's coastline. They will be able to explore caves, hidden coves and remote beaches that are only accessible by kayak. In addition, you can also learn about the history and geography of the region.

Some of these tours also offer stops with snorkeling experiences, to discover the local wildlife, although the availability of these options will depend on the weather, but they are sure to be available if you plan to visit Dubrovnik in September or during the summer months.

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6. Search for the magic doors of the Buza Bar

Buza Beach Bar|©Aleksei Kavasin
Buza Beach Bar|©Aleksei Kavasin

Searching for the magic doors of the Buza Bar in Dubrovnik can be an exciting adventure to enjoy with children and family. The Buza Bar is famous for its unique locations on the city walls, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea.

This visit, which is usually proposed as a game, aims to find the two secret doors leading to the Buza Bar, which are the popular terraces on the cliffs of Dubrovnik. These doors are camouflaged in the city walls and require a bit of exploration and discovery. Children can have fun searching for the hidden doors and discovering the way to this special place.

Once they find the magic doors, they can access the Buza Bar, a charming place with a relaxed atmosphere and panoramic views. Children can enjoy refreshing drinks or ice cream while marveling at the waterfront scenery, as it is a perfect place to relax and admire the beauty of Dubrovnik.

In addition to the fun of searching for the magic doors, the Buza Bar offers the opportunity to enjoy Dubrovnik's coastal environment. The little ones will be able to explore the surroundings, swim in the crystal clear waters or even jump off the cliffs in designated areas. It's an exciting and safe experience to immerse yourself in the city as a family.

7. Have a snorkeling experience

Person snorkeling|© Miltiadis Fragkidis
Person snorkeling|© Miltiadis Fragkidis

If you want to experience one of the top experiences the city has to offer, you can opt to go on a snorkeling experience off the Adriatic coast, which will allow children to marvel at the beauty of the seabed. With its crystal clear waters and rich aquatic life, Dubrovnik is an ideal destination to dive into the underwater world and explore the reefs and their creatures.

During the snorkeling experience, children will be able to admire the diversity of colors and shapes of the corals and fish that inhabit these waters. There are numerous bays and coves along the coast that offer ideal conditions for family snorkeling and are very safe, and you can also choose to do it on an excursion from Dubrovnik.

In addition, to ensure the well-being of participants, most excursions offer proper snorkeling equipment and specialized guides who offer family-friendly snorkeling experiences, providing educational and safety information at all times.

Taking a snorkeling experience in Dubrovnik will allow children to experience an unforgettable adventure that little explorers will remember for a long time and will strengthen the family bond through exploration and fun in Dubrovnik's crystal clear waters.

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8. Take the cable car to Mount Srd

Dubrovnik cable car|©Susan Harbach
Dubrovnik cable car|©Susan Harbach

Taking the cable car to Mount Srd with children is an exciting adventure that will give them a spectacular panoramic view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic coast. The cable car is a comfortable and safe way to ascend to the top of this mountain, offering children a unique and exciting experience, which will also be a lot of fun for them because of the eye-catching nature of this transport.

As the cable car rises above the city, the little ones, but also all visitors, will be amazed to see how Dubrovnik becomes smaller and smaller as they gain height. The panoramic view from the top of Mount Srd is quite striking, with the old town, the city walls and the Adriatic Sea providing an unbeatable backdrop.

Once at the top, children can explore the Srd fortress, which offers a fascinating insight into the region's military history. They can also enjoy the observation areas, take pictures and learn about the strategic importance of this mountain over the centuries. From this location you will also be able to take some of the best photographs of your trip.

At the top of Mount Srd you will find a cafeteria and restaurant, so the little ones can enjoy a snack while taking in the panoramic views of one of the most beautiful cities in the Adriatic. There are also trails to walk and explore, providing an opportunity to connect with nature and enjoy the fresh mountain air.

9. Enjoy a swim at the beaches of Banje Beach.

Plage Banje, Dubrovnik|©Junichi
Plage Banje, Dubrovnik|©Junichi

Enjoying a swim at the beaches of Banje Beach is an excellent option to visit with children, as it offers calm waters and a low tide. Located in the south of Dubrovnik's coast, this beach is known for its soft sand and crystal clear waters, creating a safe and pleasant environment for the little ones to enjoy the sea.

The calm waters of Banje Beach are ideal for children to swim and play without worries. The low tide allows for gentle waves, providing a safer and more enjoyable experience for little swimmers. In addition, the clarity of the water allows for excellent visibility, adding even more fun to your beach experience.

After enjoying the beach swim, Banje Beach offers a wide range of activities for the whole family. Kids can build sand castles, play ball or just explore the shore, making it one of the must-see sites in town, even if you have a short stay planned. If that is your case, here is a list of activities so you can get to know Dubrovnik in 3 days.

Banje Beach has facilities such as deck chairs and umbrellas available for rent, as well as nearby restaurants and cafes to enjoy a meal or a snack. Lifeguard services are also present to ensure the safety of swimmers.

10. Take a break at Gradac Park

Gradac Park|©Liz Lawley
Gradac Park|©Liz Lawley

If you want to take a break between excursions, walk along nature trails or simply relax during your tour in an environment that is compatible with children's fun, you can take a break at Gradac Park, which is an oasis of tranquility located near the old town, and offers a wide range of activities and spaces designed especially to entertain the little ones.

Gradac Park has playgrounds equipped with swings, slides and climbing structures, where children can release their energy and have fun in a safe environment.

In addition to the playground, the park has large green areas where children can run around, play soccer or enjoy a family picnic. The park's natural setting offers a peaceful and pleasant environment, ideal for children to explore and connect with nature.

Gradac Park also offers a breathtaking view of the sea and nearby islands, adding a touch of beauty to the experience. Children can enjoy a stroll along the park's trails while appreciating the scenery and discovering new nooks and crannies.