Prague Day Trips from Vienna

Getting to know the city of Prague on a city tour from Vienna is one of the best vacation plans if you are in the Austrian capital for several days. Read on and find out how you can do it.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Prague Day Trips from Vienna

Prague | ©Giovanni Iovinella

Having exhausted the itinerary of the best things to do in Vienna, it's time to explore beyond its borders.

Its prime location connects it to other important destinations and cities within Austria itself and surrounding countries. From Vienna you can explore Budapest, the Salzburg area and unparalleled Prague in just one day.

Want to know all about excursions to Prague from Vienna? Here is all the information you need to know!

1. How to book a tour to Prague from Vienna

Touring Prague| ©Elisa G. Fernández E.
Touring Prague| ©Elisa G. Fernández E.

You can book your excursion to Prague from Vienna using the search engine available in Hellotickets. You will quickly find a list with all the tour operators that offer this excursion in Vienna and general information about the experience such as price, duration, and very important the rating of other travelers.

Read carefully the description of the product or excursion and when you are ready to book select the date of your trip and the participants; when placing the participants pay close attention to the age range as certain experiences and certain companies are free of charge for small babies and with reduced price for children from 4 to 12 years old.

In the booking window you will need to enter your personal information including name, surname, email, telephone number, hotel accommodation (for some tours) and more. If you do not have accommodation in Vienna yet, you can send the information later. The last window is for entering your payment information.

Book a tour to Prague

2. Excursion Prices

Money in Euros| ©Pixabay
Money in Euros| ©Pixabay

When it comes to excursions to Prague from Vienna you will find a very wide range of prices depending on the characteristics of the excursion to hire. Here are the two most common ones.

Group Excursions to Prague from Vienna

Group tours to Prague are available for approximately 130€ per traveler; it is the easiest and cheapest way to experience Prague from Vienna and the most common. You will be able to explore beautiful Prague accompanied by a small group of travelers in private transportation. The group can include between 8 to 15 people depending on the company you hire.

Private Prague Excursions from Vienna

Private tours to Prague are available starting at 325€, depending on the company you hire this may be the base price per traveler. However, with the intention of offering a deal tailored to the needs of the traveler, many tour operators offer reduced price packages for private groups by slightly increasing the fee depending on the number of participants. An excursion of 7 or 8 travelers can cost over 900 €.

3. Timetable of Prague tours from Vienna

Prague from the top| ©Jose Ramirez
Prague from the top| ©Jose Ramirez

Although it depends entirely on the tour operator you hire for the tour, as a general rule the tours to Prague leave from the center of Vienna very early in the morning, between 07 and 08 am.

If your intention is to see quickly and in one day all that Prague has to offer, it is necessary to dedicate a few hours to explore the city and for that an early departure is a must.

In addition to the time of departure, when booking the excursion to Prague, take into account the departure point stipulated by the company and, logically, the time it will take you to get from your hotel to that place.

When it comes to meeting points, this type of excursions work in two general formats: group excursions have a meeting point in a central area in the old town, usually at the Vienna State Opera, the Hofburg Palace or in the surrounding area. Private tours, on the other hand, pick up the traveler directly at his or her hotel.

4. Duration of the excursions

Getting to know Prague| ©Adam Żabiński
Getting to know Prague| ©Adam Żabiński

Excursions to Prague from Vienna have an average duration of 12 to 14 hours in total. You are required to reserve a full day of your Vienna itinerary for the experience.

The main reason for this is the distance between the two destinations. The city of Prague is located about 333.5 km by road from Vienna, the equivalent of a 3.5 hour drive without stopping at any destination. Because of this it is not a tour that I recommend to people who will be in Vienna for a short time, for example one or two days.

5. What will I see on this type of excursion?

National Theater in Prague| ©Lynx1211
National Theater in Prague| ©Lynx1211

With this type of experience you will travel from your location in Vienna by private transportation to see the highlights of Prague. The company you hire for the excursion will show you a general itinerary with the main activities, monuments and historical sites you will see on your tour.

It is important to keep in mind that Prague is a historic city with quite a few noteworthy attractions, however a day adventure in Prague should not be without the following sights, so your trip may include one or more of them in the itinerary.

  • National Theater: located on the banks of the Vltava, is a fantastic neo-Renaissance style building and home to the Czech Opera.
  • Charles Bridge Considered one of the most beautiful bridges in the world, it connects two of the most emblematic areas of Prague, Staré Mesto and Nove Mesto.
  • The Jewish Cemetery: An ancient cemetery located in the heart of the Jewish Quarter.
  • Squares: Prague's two most important squares, Wenceslas and Old Town Square, are lined with historic and emblematic buildings including Gothic cathedrals, museums, hotels and towers.

Additionally you will have time in the center of Prague, Staré Mesto, to shop, see the beautiful medieval architecture of the area, eat a good meal at a local restaurant andof course taste Czech beer.

6. Is a tour from Vienna worthwhile or is it better to visit Prague on my own?

Prater Ferris wheel at dawn in Vienna| ©Dimitry Anikin
Prater Ferris wheel at dawn in Vienna| ©Dimitry Anikin

The simple answer would be: Totally, the longer answer would be: it depends on the type of traveler you are and the particular conditions of your trip. While it is true that going from Vienna to Prague is quite simple and that you have several transportation options between both destinations, it is convenient to analyze some aspects before making the final decision.

I recommend a guided tour if... you have an itinerary of a few days in Vienna, three or four, and you want to make a hassle-free trip to Prague. Or if you want to save yourself the hassle of planning and just enjoy the experience.

I recommend going on your own if... you want to make a personalized trip and plan stops in other destinations. For this you will need to have plenty of time and organize, possibly an overnight stay in Prague of at least one night, but it can be a really fun and interesting experience.

7. When is the best time to take this tour?

Vienna in Spring| ©Jorge Franganillo
Vienna in Spring| ©Jorge Franganillo

Choosing a date for your trip to Prague can be closely linked to the personal taste and style of each traveler. However, if you have flexibility in your schedule, there are two times of the year when traveling to this part of Europe can be particularly special.

Vienna in spring: The weather is spectacular for being outdoors and touring the cities of Prague and Vienna on foot, and there are far fewer tourists than during the summer months.

Vienna at Christmas: Despite the cold weather, it is well worth visiting Prague at Christmas time for the festive atmosphere that colors the streets as well as its world-famous Christmas markets.

Anyway, keep in mind that no matter when you travel to this part of Europe, an excursion to the Czech capital is always among the best excursions to do from Vienna and the reason is very simple: Prague is spectacular 365 days a year.

8. The private option of a Prague tour

Excursion Group| ©Jeremy Thompson
Excursion Group| ©Jeremy Thompson

If you are looking to get to know Prague in the most comfortable way and have the opportunity to adapt the itinerary to your liking, a private tour is what you should hire. In Vienna you will find several companies offering the service with a wide variety of prices, so I recommend you to explore your options carefully.

Generally speaking, the companies offering this type of experience are focused not only on getting you to experience the best of a trip to the beautiful city of Prague, but also to do so in a hassle-free environment.

The main facilities or differences that these excursions have compared to group tours are: a comfortable transportation in a private vehicle that will take you from your hotel in Vienna to the city of Prague and vice versa; and an expert and trained guide to show you the most interesting places in the city on a walking tour. Lunch may or may not be included depending on the company you choose and the price.

9. Tips for a tour to Prague

View of the Prague Castle from the Danube| ©Léa
View of the Prague Castle from the Danube| ©Léa

Here are some general tips that might help you on your excursion to Prague.

  • Don't just limit your excursion to museums, cathedrals and architecture. Remember that Prague has a unique gastronomy as well as some of the best breweries in theworld, so don't leave without trying it!

  • If you have the opportunity, take advantage of Prague's flea markets to do your gift shopping; you can find unique objects and really interesting handcrafted pieces.

  • Wear comfortable shoes, Prague is a city worth walking around and most attractions are within walking distance of each other.

  • Be sure to visit the Prague Castle complex. It is really spectacular and unique in its style.

  • Check in advance the weather conditions and take clothes adapted to the forecast or the time of the year when you make your trip.

  • If you go on your own, plan your most important visits carefully. You can read travel itineraries to see Prague in a day and orient yourself better on the most important activities or destinations.

Frequently asked questions

  • How far is Prague from Vienna?

    Prague is 252 kilometers northwest of Vienna, the trip takes about 3 hours 45 minutes by car or bus, fortunately, the route is very scenic. There is also a high-speed train between the two cities, but it is not exactly cheap.

  • What can I see and do in Prague?

    Prague has many interesting things, apart from the cuisine and beer, the city is known for its jazz music, stunning architecture and beautiful streets. The main places to visit are the Old Town Square, the Astronomical Clock, Charles Bridge and the old Jewish quarter, to name a few.

  • Is there anything I should know before visiting Prague?

    It is important to remember that Prague does not use the euro, so it is a good idea to exchange some euros for Czech crowns. As in other big cities it is also important to watch out for pickpockets, so make sure you don't keep your wallet or cell phone in your back pockets.