Classical Music Concerts and Dinners in Vienna

If there is an ideal place in the world to enjoy a night of music, it is undoubtedly Vienna. Do you want to know the available alternatives? Read on.

Katherine Betances

Katherine Betances

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Classical Music Concerts and Dinners in Vienna

Vienna | ©Matti Pohjolainen

Austria's musical heritage and history is known throughout the world. The country was the birthplace of important historical figures such as Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert or Johann Strauss. Whether you are a classical music lover or just the slightest bit curious, a music concert in Vienna can be the impetus you need to discover a new passion. After all, what could be better than listening to some of the best performers in the world?

As you will soon realize, classical music in Vienna is part of the culture of its people, so enjoying an evening of music and concert is one of the bestthings to do in Vienna. Here are the most popular alternatives and my favorites, enjoy them!

1. Classical music concert and dinner at Schoenbrunn Palace

Schönbrunn Palace| ©Brian Dooley
Schönbrunn Palace| ©Brian Dooley

Schönbrunn Palace is not only considered one of the finest palaces in Vienna, but also one of the most beautiful baroque palaces in all of Europe. Consequently, a visit to enjoy a concert evening in its fabulous grounds is one of the best things to see and do in Vienna in the evening. Due to the demand generated you will find several companies offering this experience to travelers, in a combined package that frees you from the need to plan the most important details linked to the evening.

  • About dinner: It is important to keep in mind that depending on the company you choose for the excursion, the dining establishment and conditions may be modified. Generally most tour packages offer a 3 or 4 course dinner in some of Vienna' s best restaurants located near the Palace. Some of the establishments frequently used to provide this service are: Café-Restaurant Residenz or Café-Restaurant Landtmann.
  • About the concert: Concerts are usually given by the Schonbrunn Palace Orchestra, also known as the Vienna Baroque Orchestra. You will arrive inside one of the most beautiful concert halls in the city to listen to world-class Viennese musicians perform Mozart, Strauss or Vivaldi. Keep in mind that the concert program may be modified according to the season, for example if you visit Vienna at Christmas time, you may find a concert more adapted to the festive season.

Keep in mind that inside the music hall the seats are organized by categories, with VIP being the most expensive seats. It is advisable to coordinate in advance with the tour company to have concrete information about the tickets included in the price.

useful information

  • Price: This type of experience is available starting at 80€ per traveler; generally this is the price to pay for dinner and a general concert ticket. If you want a VIP ticket, please contact the company.
  • Duration: You will need to reserve about 4 hours for the experience; you will have about 2 hours to enjoy the dinner and the concert will last approximately 1.5 hours. Depending on the company you choose, dinner may be scheduled to be enjoyed before or after the concert.

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2. Concert, dinner and tour at Schoenbrunn Palace

At the Schönbrunn Palace concert| ©Javier RR
At the Schönbrunn Palace concert| ©Javier RR

Visiting Schoenbrunn Palace is a must on any trip to the city of Vienna, especially if it is your first time in the Austrian capital. This type of experience allows you to combine two of the best activities you can do inside the famous palace: a tour to admire the architecture and learn about the history of the place combined with the experience of a dinner and concert night.

Schönbrunn Palace and its beautiful gardens are the most visited tourist attraction not only in Vienna but in all of Austria; declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, it was initially built as a summer residence for the emperors of the Habsburg dynasty, and as you can surely deduce, it is a place with an impressive history that housed in its rooms figures of the stature of Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte himself.

About the guided tour...: this type of combined tours usually offer the traveler a tour with an audio guide in your language that allows you to tour inside the Palace and appreciate together with the narration the most important aspects related to the history and architecture of the place.

About dinner: Although it may vary depending on the company you choose, generally a dinner of at least 3 courses is offered in a first class restaurant located very close to the Palace. Keep in mind that the time of the dinner may be before or after the concert depending on the itinerary previously set by the company.

About the concert: Classical music concerts are usually held in the hall known as the Orangerie inside Schoenbrunn Palace. The artists in charge of the performances are the talented musicians of the Palace Orchestra. It is important to keep in mind that the concert hall has seats in different categories, some more expensive and others more economical.

useful information

  • Price: This type of experience is available from €99 for the adult admission ticket; if you want a VIP ticket for the concert in Schoenbrunn it may have an additional cost.
  • Duration: The minimum time you will need to book for this experience is 5 hours; since it includes several interesting activities to do in the city, I recommend it especially to those with a reduced itinerary who will be in Vienna for two days or three days in Vienna.

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3. Classical music concert and dinner at the Kursalon Hübner

In the Kursalon Hübner| ©Diego Delso
In the Kursalon Hübner| ©Diego Delso

Another way to enjoy the dinner events and classical music concerts held in Vienna is to attend the classical music events held at the Kursalon Hübner.

Besides being one of the main attractions of the capital, this building hosts an average of 500 concerts per year and welcomes an average of 200 thousand visitors, many of them tourists who love classical music or similar events.

Take into consideration that dinner and classical music events at the Kursalon sell out quickly, so it is convenient to bookin advance as soon as you confirm the date of your trip.

Completed in 1867, the Kursalon is one of Vienna's most elegant and prestigious concert halls. The building has a beautiful Italian neo-Renaissance façade and its four halls host numerous events including classical concerts, gala dinners, balls, weddings, and classical ballet performances.

About dinner: Inside the Kulason is one of the best restaurants in town; participants are generally offered a three-course dinner with several menus to choose from including traditional Austrian food; and almost always a beverage such as wine to accompany it. However, keep in mind that some aspects may vary depending on the company with which you hire the experience.

About the concert: It is necessary that you confirm the program in advance to know the works that will be performed on the date of your trip. At specific times of the year, such as spring in Vienna or Christmas, concerts and performances may be more thematic. In regular season you can expect to find a varied program that includes the masterpieces of Mozart and Strauss, opera singers as well as top-notch ballet dancers.

useful information

  • Price: This type of experience is usually available from €100 per participant. The VIP preferred ticket category may have a higher price as well as more facilities.
  • Duration: You will need to reserve about 4 hours of your itinerary for this experience which takes place during the night, usually around 6 pm.

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4. Classical music concert and dinner at the Wiener Musikverein

Inside the Wiener Musikverein| ©Fss.fer
Inside the Wiener Musikverein| ©Fss.fer

Musikverein is the name given to one of the city's most famous concert halls and the home of the Vienna Philharmonic and is also one of the most impressive concert halls in the world.

With a total of 6 beautifully decorated halls, it hosts numerous events throughout the year, including opera, ballet, classical concerts and much more. Consequently, an evening of dinner and classical music at the Musikverein may be the perfect plan to end your excursion in this beautiful city.

The building, in neoclassical architectural style, was designed by architect Theophil Hansen and opened in 1870. Its famous Great Hall, also known as the Golden Hall, is a famous chamber music hall that served as the impetus for classical music to flourish in Vienna; the famous Vienna New Year's concert is held here every Christmas.

About dining: The Musikverein does not have restaurants in the complex, however due to its prime location you will find numerous top-notch restaurants in the surrounding area. Depending on the tour operator you choose for your excursion, dinner may be scheduled at any of these luxurious establishments; the most common being the restaurant of the memorable Bristol Hotel.

About the concert: The performance program can be modified depending on the time of the year, however one of the most famous and requested performances at the Musikverein is the concert dedicated exclusively to Mozart performed by the Vienna Mozart Orchestra, where the musicians wear costumes and wigs allegorical to the 18th century, truly spectacular!

useful information

  • Price: The price to pay for this experience is over 100€ per participant. VIP tickets for the concert hall will always cost a little more than general tickets.
  • Duration: You should reserve a minimum of 4 hours for this experience; the concert lasts approximately 1.5 hours and the dinner an average of 2 hours in total.

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5. Tips for attending a classical music concert

At the classical music concert| ©Viator
At the classical music concert| ©Viator

If this is your first time attending the opera or a classical music concert, consider the following tips to make your evening even more memorable.

More expensive is not always better

Although many might think otherwise when it comes to music venues, more expensive seating does not necessarily mean a better experience. Concert halls are intelligently designed spaces where acoustics are carefully considered, so the sound will be good wherever you sit. If you can't afford it, don't buy the most expensive tickets.

Arrive early

Much of the fun of attending a classical music concert in Vienna is the chance to soak up the atmosphere of the place. The concert halls and palaces in this city are really beautiful so it is totally worth arriving at least an hour before and getting to know the place. If the concert is held at Schoenbrunn Palace, a tour of the palace gardens is a must.

Keep quiet

One of the most important rules of etiquette during the concert is to sit, listen and enjoy in silence. If you have to speak during the performance, make sure it is in a whisper that does not disturb the other people in the hall.


There is a tradition to avoid clapping during performances but sometimes that rule is broken. If you are not sure when it is correct to applaud you can simply imitate the example of those around you.


When attending a classical music concert keep in mind that finding the right clothes for the event is part of the ritual and part of the fun. Take these tips as a general guideline.

For the ladies: the time of the concert can greatly influence the clothes you will wear; a morning concert admits more relaxed clothes and even wearing pants; on the other hand for a concert in the evening a dress or skirt is usually the most recommended. Ankle-length or below the knee for younger women.

For gentlemen: gentlemen have it a little easier, for a daytime concert is usually enough pants with a button-down shirt, although jackets and ties are completely optional, avoid wearing sneakers. For the evening a blazer to match the pants is a must and if you like the idea of a tuxedo with a tie and bow tie is also a good plan.

Frequently asked questions

  • What type of food is served in these experiences?

    You can enjoy a 4-course dinner of authentic Austrian cuisine with seasonal products at the Johann Restaurant in Kursalon Vienna.

  • How long are the concerts?

    2 hours, in which you can enjoy classical masterpieces by Mozart and Strauss, accompanied by dancers and opera singers.

  • Can I customize these experiences in any way?

    There is a VIP option available where you can sit in the front row, be served a glass of sparkling wine, get the concert program and a CD of Johann Strauss' works.