10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires in February

The city of Buenos Aires dresses up for carnival in February, so it is a good time to visit its neighborhoods and enjoy the city.

Lorena Morales

Lorena Morales

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10 Things to Do in Buenos Aires in February

Buenos Aires | ©Sadie Teper

February is a very pleasant month to visit Buenos Aires, as it is not as hot as January and there are many summer events taking place in the city. Especially, February is the month of Carnival in Buenos Aires, so all its neighborhoods adopt the festive tone.

On the other hand, besides the great amount of things to see and do in Buenos Aires for its intense cultural life, the weather is very propitious for you to visit the surrounding towns of gaucho tradition.

1. Visit La Boca and get to know the biggest murga of the Carnival

In La Boca| ©sandeepachetan.com
In La Boca| ©sandeepachetan.com

During the Carnival, a hundred murgas move around Buenos Aires, the biggest and most recognized being Los Amantes de La Boca, a murga with more than 500 members that has been awarded 6 times as the best murga in Buenos Aires.

It stands out for its yellow and blue colors, which are those of the Boca Juniors soccer team, one of the most important clubs in the city. The murga is formed by people of all ages, even children.

Los Amantes de La Boca murga organizes the Official Corso of La Boca since 1998 and has participated in important events such as the Youth Olympic Games in 2018. No doubt going to see this corso on stage is one of the most fun plans to enjoy the summer in Buenos Aires.

La Boca neighborhood

If you go to see the corso performance, you can take the opportunity to tour the La Boca neighborhood. Among its main attractions are the famous Boca Juniors stadium, known as La Bombonera, and the Caminito Museum Street, a colorful street where you can see a great display of street art.

Book a visit to the museums of River Plate and Boca Juniors is one of the most popular tours in Buenos Aires, as they manage to convey the great passion of Buenos Aires soccer. They also usually include a tour of the main attractions of the neighborhood, so you can see what is most representative.

Book a tour of River Plate and Boca Juniors museums

2. Experience the Carnival in the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires

Porteño Carnival| ©Estrella Herrera
Porteño Carnival| ©Estrella Herrera

One of the best times to visit Buenos Aires is the month of February, since the carnival festivities begin at the beginning of the month and usually last for about 2 weeks. During almost the whole month you will be able to enjoy the corsos parades with their murgas, dances and batucadas, from 7 pm until 2 am.

In different neighborhoods of the city you will find more than 100 murgas distributed in the main avenues. The parades are a great display of costumes, disguises and carriages with bright colors and cheerful designs. It is a celebration where the whole family can have fun.

No matter where you are staying, there is sure to be a corso porteño nearby to enjoy. Among the most popular neighborhoods to experience carnival are Mataderos, Boedo, San Telmo, Caballitos and Barracas, but there are options in almost every neighborhood. I suggest you visit the Buenos Aires Government website to find out where the main murgas are during your stay.

3. Enjoy the best plays at the Colón Theater

Colón Theater| ©Leo Tomarchio
Colón Theater| ©Leo Tomarchio

Every year, the Teatro Colón presents its season of plays for the whole year, which usually starts in February or March in Buenos Aires. In its extensive program you will find operas, ballets, children's plays, concerts of renowned contemporary performers and orchestras with the best artists of Argentina and the world.

In addition, you can book a guided tour of the Teatro Colon, as it is considered one of the 5 best opera houses in the world due to its incredible acoustics, particular architecture and interesting history. It is highly recommended that you take a guided tour to not miss any detail of one of the best buildings in Buenos Aires.

If you want to see any of their shows, it is important that you book your ticket to the Teatro Colon in Buenos Aires in advance, as they usually sell out immediately at the beginning of the season. In addition, they offer discount vouchers for those who book in advance.

More information

  • Location: Cerrito 628, CABA.
  • Visiting hours: Monday to Friday from 10 am to 4.45 pm and Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 11 am to 4.45 pm.
  • Price of the entrance to the shows: about 20 EUR.
  • Value of the GUIDED TOUR: about 37 EUR.

Book a guided visit to the Teatro Colón

4. Embark to the Tigre Delta

Tigre Delta| ©Barbieri2
Tigre Delta| ©Barbieri2

In February, when it is summer in Buenos Aires, a very good idea is to get out of the city and spend a day in contact with nature. That's why I recommend a day trip to the Tigre Delta, a true paradise with about 300 km of rivers, wetlands, streams, islands, inlets and a huge biodiversity.

To get there you can book an excursion to the Tigre Delta from Buenos Aires or go to the city of Tigre, which is about 30 km from the capital. From there you can take a trip on a tourist boat or take one of the cab boats that cross the river continuously, or even go kayaking.

During these excursions you can get to know the incredible flora and fauna of the Tigre Delta, one of the most biodiverse places in the world. It is an ideal place to see birds such as woodpeckers, hummingbirds and herons. In addition, you will learn how the communities that live on the islands live.

The city of Tigre

You also have interesting options in the city of Tigre, such as taking a walk along the Luján River, visiting some museums or going to the Mercado de Frutos, where you can taste typical food or buy handicrafts.

And if you prefer other types of activities, in Tigre you will find the Parque de la Costa, an amusement park with lots of games, and the Parque Aéreo Euca Tigre, where you will find about 100 high altitude games that both adults and children will love.

How to get to Tigre

From CABA you can go to Tigre by train on the Mitre Ramal Tigre line, which is taken at Retiro train station, from 5 to 11 am.

You can also take the Tren de la Costa, if you want to take advantage of a more interesting tour, but first you must take the train of the Ramal Mitre and make the combination.

Another option is to take an urban bus, but it takes a little longer to get there, or book an excursion to the Tigre delta and have it all included.

Book an excursion to the Tigre delta

5. Celebrate Valentine's Day in Buenos Aires

Romantic Dinner| ©Enterprise Hotel
Romantic Dinner| ©Enterprise Hotel

Valentine's Day is celebrated every February 14th in different parts of the world and of course also in Buenos Aires. On this day, most bars and restaurants offer special menus for two, there are discounts in stores for those who want to make a gift and many cinemas, nightclubs and theaters offer proposals with that theme.

Buenos Aires has very nice bars and restaurants where you can enjoy a perfect romantic dinner if you travel with your partner. Just keep in mind that you should book in advance, as the best restaurants fill up quickly. A highly recommended restaurant is the Enero Costanera which has an exclusive view of the river and a very nice jungle atmosphere with palm trees.

Another nice restaurant is Invernadero de la Biblioteca Nacional in Recoleta, which is located in a green environment surrounded by literature. Visiting this restaurant is one of the best things to do in Recoleta Buenos Aires.

Beyond restaurants

Another ideal option for Valentine's Day is to take a tango class in Buenos Aires with your partner. One of the best places to take lessons and see tango shows in Buenos Aires is the San Telmo neighborhood, but there are also options in many neighborhoods of the city.

You can also leave the lessons aside and book a tango show at Café de los Angelitos so that others can dance while you and your date enjoy the show.

Book a tango show at the Café de los Angelitos

6. Breathe fresh air in a porteño ranch

Gauchos in San Antonio de Areco| ©Carlos J M Martinez
Gauchos in San Antonio de Areco| ©Carlos J M Martinez

February is not as hot as January in Buenos Aires, but it is still summer and the high temperatures invite you to spend a day in the countryside, where the weather is more pleasant. Besides, it is an opportunity to get to know the typical villages around Buenos Aires, which have devoted themselves to preserve their gaucho traditions.

One of the most visited towns for this kind of tours are San Antonio de Areco, San Antonio de Giles and Chascomús, which are located two hours by bus from the capital city. If you choose to hire a gaucho tour from Buenos Aires, it is likely to include a visit to more than one town, because some are very close to each other.

In these towns, in addition to strolling through its quiet streets that let you see the clear horizon of the Argentine Pampas, you can visit ranches, pulperías, craft markets, chapels, museums and also eat typical food such as asado al asador (barbecue). In particular, I recommend you to book a gaucho excursion to San Antonio de Areco.

Book a gaucho excursion to San Antonio de Areco

7. Enjoy the multiple proposals of Buenos Aires Playa

Buenos Aires Beach| ©Leontina Elsa Grattoni
Buenos Aires Beach| ©Leontina Elsa Grattoni

Buenos Aires Playa is an event that takes place during the whole month of February and is usually attended by thousands of porteños. The event proposes a wide variety of activities, such as writing workshops, local dances and rhythms, circus shows, surfing classes and one of the best cooking classes in Buenos Aires.

These activities usually take place in popular places such as the Parque de los Niños in the Nuñez neighborhood, the Indoamericano park in the Villa Soldati neighborhood and in squares all over the city. Magic shows, live music and readings also add to this proposal for all ages.

Likewise, sandy beaches are installed in different parts of the city and solariums with chairs, tables, sun loungers, umbrellas, water games, showers, water, inflatable games for children, soccer fields, beach volleyball and much more are starting to operate.

8. Discover the most modern world in Tecnópolis

Tecnópolis| ©Tecnopolis Argentina
Tecnópolis| ©Tecnopolis Argentina

One of the best attractions in the city is the Tecnópolis theme park, an ideal place to visit if you are traveling to Buenos Aires with children. In February there are exclusive events related to carnivals and summer vacations, and the whole site is dressed up with parties, shows, murgas and corsos.

The most outstanding activities at Tecnópolis are the Aerolíneas Argentinas simulator, the Land of Dinos, the homage to María Elena Walsh, the bug show, the Animar/Mocap animation studio, Ajedrecear and the Pakapaka Summer Club.

The site is also home to the Tecnópolis Wetland, an artificial wetland where you can take a guided tour to learn about the native flora and fauna.

More information

  • Address: Gral. Paz Av. and B1603 Buenos Aires, Province of Buenos Aires.
  • Hours: Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from 4pm to 10pm. Closed from Monday to Thursday.
  • entrance fee: free of charge.

9. Celebrate the anti Valentine's Day for singles in Baires

Palermo by Night| ©Massimo Frasson
Palermo by Night| ©Massimo Frasson

In many countries, February 13 has been installed as the day of the singles, as the anti Valentine's Day, since singles also wanted to show that singleness is a good thing. On this day it is about valuing one's own love and Buenos Aires also joins this celebration by encouraging friends to go out.

In many bars and restaurants you will find exclusive promotions and discounts to join this celebration (as the porteños say), which in Buenos Aires extends until the wee hours of the morning. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best things to do in Buenos Aires at night if you are traveling with friends.

Where to celebrate anti Valentine's Day

In Buenos Aires, each neighborhood has a different personality and the proposals are different. For example, one of the best things to do in Palermo is to go to the places known as Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood, where you will find bars, pubs and discos of different styles, very popular among young people.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something more bohemian you can go to San Telmo, where there are rock bars, milongas, some discos and you can see tango shows. Corrientes Avenue is also a good option, as there are bars and bookstores open until late.

If you want outdoor activities, you can go to eat something at the food trucks on the Costanera. And if you want to go to the top nightclubs, you will find them in Puerto Madero.

10. Celebrate Chinese New Year in Buenos Aires

Chinatown| ©Pilar F
Chinatown| ©Pilar F

In the Chinatown of Buenos Aires special events are organized to celebrate the Lunar Chinese New Year, which usually takes place in February or January in Buenos Aires and in many cities around the world.

The Chinatown is located in Belgrano neighborhood and among the most interesting activities of this celebration are the traditional Chinese dances, especially the dances with lions and the Dragon dance, with which they usually give good omens to the local businesses and visitors.

In addition, you will see parades with super elaborate traditional costumes and you can enjoy different shows performed by Chinese artists. There are also martial arts exhibitions and gastronomic tours in Buenos Aires to taste the Chinese cuisine in this neighborhood and the special dishes prepared on this occasion.