11 Things to Do in Buenos Aires at Night

Buenos Aires is one of those cities that never sleeps. Discover it when the sun goes down and the lights fill it with a special magic and charm.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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11 Things to Do in Buenos Aires at Night

Buenos Aires at night | ©Nestor Galina

If you want to really discover Buenos Aires you can't miss visiting it at night, when the incandescent lights are turned on and it reaches its maximum bustle. Enjoy the shows, crowded streets and varied gastronomy available once the sun goes down, and get to know the Argentine capital from a completely different point of view.

And, to do so, do not miss a play at the Teatro Colón, contemplate the panoramic view of the capital from the terrace of the mythical Palacio Barolo, walk along Corrientes street or have a cocktail in a speakeasy. These are some of the main things to do in the Argentine capital.

1. Enjoy a tango show

Tango show| ©deepfoto
Tango show| ©deepfoto

Experiencing a tango show in Buenos Aires is a unique cultural experience not to be missed if you visit the city. Tango is a traditional Argentine dance and the capital of Buenos Aires is known as the birthplace of this genre. There are several places in the city where you can enjoy live tango shows, from small bars and restaurants to theaters and dance halls such as:

During the show, professional dancers move to the rhythm of the music in a sensual and elegant dance that reflects the passion and romanticism of the genre. Enjoying a tango show in Buenos Aires is an unforgettable experience that immerses you in the culture and history of the city**, an ideal opportunity to experience the dance and music** that are part of Argentina's cultural heritage. In addition, many places propose additional activities such as:

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2. Design your night tour in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires by night| ©Secretaría de Cultura
Buenos Aires by night| ©Secretaría de Cultura

Another excellent option to get into the Argentine capital when the sun goes down is to book a private tour in Buenos Aires, since you have the option to choose to do it from dusk and design the route according to your preferences.

In this private activity you will go with an expert guide who will adapt to your taste and those of your group and, in this way, you can choose the main monuments you want to know. In my opinion, you cannot miss Plaza de Mayo, the Caminito de la Boca, the San Telmo Market. But you can also include some more curious points of interest such as the Paseo del Fileteado, the Zanjón de Granados or the Recoleta Cemetery.

In addition, the guide can give you tips on how to experience the atmosphere of the Argentine capital to the fullest or give you some tips on the main dishes of the local gastronomy very useful for the rest of your trip.

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3. Walk along Corrientes Street

Corrientes Avenue| ©pabs242
Corrientes Avenue| ©pabs242

Walking along Corrientes Avenue at night in Buenos Aires is an exciting and lively experience. This street is one of the most famous in the city and you won't miss it if you book a guided tour in Buenos Aires. Don't hesitate, you won't be able to say you really know Buenos Aires until you get lost in its layout.

Corrientes Avenue is known for its vibrant nightlife and for being the heart of Buenos Aires theater, but also for hosting its theaters, many of which are considered among the most important in Argentina. In addition, you can find bars, traditional pizzerias and even bookstores open until the wee hours of the morning. Corrientes Avenue is the perfect place to:

  • Experiencing the Porteño nightlife.
  • Discover the energy of the city at every corner.
  • Enjoy a play.
  • Dine at an elegant restaurant.
  • Or just let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere.

In addition, it will also call your attention for its open view to the Obelisk, which is the most representative monument of the city and a must stop of the best tours of Buenos Aires.

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4. Take a night tour of the Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery| ©Andres Larrazabal
Recoleta Cemetery| ©Andres Larrazabal

Recoleta is one of the most emblematic places in Buenos Aires. It is full of history, mystery and is also home to many impressive tombs and mausoleums belonging to some of the most important families in Argentine history. It has numerous trees and flowers, which make it a quiet place during the day, but at night the atmosphere is very different.

Booking a tour of Recoleta Cemetery is an unforgettable experience. The tombs and mausoleums are illuminated by dim lights that create a mysterious and supernatural atmosphere, so you can immerse yourself in the legends of Buenos Aires. In addition, you can visit some of the most famous tombs in the cemetery such as that of Eva Peron, the famous Argentine politician and actress.

Although the cemetery may seem like an ominous place, the tour guides are prepared to make the experience safe and exciting. They will also ask you as a visitor to respect the solemnity of the place and to ensure that no damage is done to the tombs and mausoleums. Are you ready to face this spooky experience?

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5. Visit the Obelisk

Obelisk of Buenos Aires| ©total 13
Obelisk of Buenos Aires| ©total 13

The Obelisk is an iconic monument located in the center of Buenos Aires and can be seen from various points of the city. During the night it can be a very interesting experience, as you will see it illuminated by the incandescent lights of the popular Corrientes Avenue, and also by its own artificial lights, which change color according to the time of the year and the events it represents, creating a magical postcard of Buenos Aires.

Visiting the Obelisk at night allows you to enjoy the city in a quieter atmosphere. The crowds of tourists and residents that visit the area during the day diminish and it will be easier to appreciate the beauty of the monument and its surroundings. You will also be able to take some of the best photographs of your trip.

To do this, you can book your ticket for the Buenos Aires tourist bus and get there comfortably. There is a great offer such as hop on-hop off tourist buses. In addition, near the Obelisco, you can also find several restaurants and cafes that offer open views towards the monument. You will be able to get there by public transportation on the

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6. Attend a play at the Colón Theater

Inside the Colon Theater| ©Rogerio Camboim S A
Inside the Colon Theater| ©Rogerio Camboim S A

The Colon Theater is one of the most important in the world, known for its exceptional acoustics and impressive architecture. There you can enjoy opera, ballet, contemporary dance and acoustic musicals.

The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere of the theater will envelop you as soon as you cross the entrance door and the bright lights illuminate the majestic facade of the building. And, once inside, you will be amazed by its classical architecture and exquisite décor, so the show will start long before the performance begins.

In general, visiting the Teatro Colón is an unmissable experience. The plays presented are of high quality, so it is well worth the investment. And after the show, you can have a drink at the theater bar or stroll around the nearby area, which is crowned by the popular Corrientes Street and the Obelisk, which marks the kilometer 0 of Buenos Aires. And if you want to know all its nooks and crannies, be sure to book a guided tour of the Teatro Colón the next morning.

Book a guided tour of the Colón Theater

7. Contemplate the panoramic views of Buenos Aires from the Barolo Palace.

View from the Barolo Palace| ©Luiz Antonio Dourado
View from the Barolo Palace| ©Luiz Antonio Dourado

The Barolo Palace is a majestic building located in the historic center of Buenos Aires, which is famous for its rich history, for its strong relationship with the city and because it offers one of the most beautiful views from its terrace, which is crowned by an open sky bar.

This palace was built in the early twentieth century and is a masterpiece of neo-Gothic architecture. It is considered one of the finest buildings in Buenos Aires. From its dome, which reaches a height of more than 100 meters, you can appreciate a 360 degree view of the horizon and observe some of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires and the most emblematic monuments of the city such as:

  • The Obelisk.
  • The 9 de Julio Avenue.
  • The Colón Theater.
  • The National Congress.
  • The neighborhood of San Telmo.
  • The neighborhood of Palermo.
  • The neighborhood of La Boca.
  • The Recoleta neighborhood.

Keep in mind that the view from the Barolo Palace is particularly interesting at sunset, when the sun sets and the city begins to illuminate with the lights of the night, so I recommend that you book the last guided tour of the day for the Barolo Palace. An experience not to be missed, especially if you plan to visit Buenos Aires in summer, when the weather is pleasant and the sky is usually clear.

Book a guided tour of the Barolo Palace

8. Discover the nightlife of Palermo Soho

Palermo by night| ©Massimo Frasson
Palermo by night| ©Massimo Frasson

Palermo Soho is one of the most vibrant and fashionable areas of Buenos Aires, especially during the night. Its bars and nightclubs are often creatively decorated and offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails available to choose from. The restaurants are also an excellent choice for dinner, offering a wide range of Argentine and international dishes in an elegant atmosphere.

In addition, Palermo Soho also has many nightclubs offering a wide variety of music, from electronic to rock and pop. Many of these clubs are very popular among young people, especially those looking for a night of partying and dancing.

One of the most interesting things about nightlife in Palermo Soho is the range of offerings. In fact, you can also book a graffiti tour in Buenos Aires. And, of course, you can find quiet and elegant bars, as well as discos, dance clubs and live music venues.

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9. Take a stroll through Puerto Madero

Puerto Madero| ©Hernán Piñera
Puerto Madero| ©Hernán Piñera

Strolling around Puerto Madero is one of the best things to see and do in Buenos Aires. It is one of the most distinguished neighborhoods of the Argentine capital and walking through its streets and docks at night is a magical experience you can't miss if you visit the city. This place is known for its modern architecture, its impressive bridges and its vibrant nightlife.

During your night walk through Puerto Madero you will be able to:

  • See the lights of the buildings reflecting in the water of the harbor and creating a must-see atmosphere.
  • Enjoy the view of the ships and yachts anchored in the harbor, the well-lit walkways and green areas surrounding the neighborhood.
  • Find several trendy restaurants and bars offering a variety of dining options and sophisticated cocktails.
  • Come across designer stores that invite you to browse while enjoying the nightlife, which you will find particularly busy if you plan to visit Buenos Aires in January or during the summer months.

Puerto Madero is a key location if you book a Buenos Aires bike tour and is also home to several tourist attractions, such as the Puente de la Mujer and the Sarmiento frigate, which you can visit at night. If you are looking for a more active night out, Puerto Madero is also home to several bars and nightclubs that are open late into the night.

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10. Get into the culinary culture with a gastronomic tour with wine tasting.

Gastronomic tour with wine tasting| ©Metropolitan Touring
Gastronomic tour with wine tasting| ©Metropolitan Touring

If you are a lover of good food and wine, taking a gastronomic tour with wine tasting during the night in Buenos Aires is an experience not to be missed. The Argentine capital is known for its rich gastronomic culture and wine tradition, which makes it an ideal destination to enjoy a gastronomic tour in the city with wine tasting or even if you are looking for a more active proposal, you can book an Argentine empanada cooking class in Buenos Aires.

On the tours you can visit some of the best restaurants in Buenos Aires, each with its own style and specialties. In addition to sampling the local food, you will also have the opportunity to taste some of the best wines in the country. Winemakers will guide you through the different grape varieties, winemaking processes and the proper tasting of each grape variety.

In addition to the delicious food and wine, the tour will also give you the opportunity to explore some of the busiest areas of Buenos Aires at night. You will walk through the illuminated streets, admiring the architecture and beauty of the city while learning about its rich history and culture.

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11. Have a cocktail at a speakeasy bar.

Cocktail| ©ambernambrose
Cocktail| ©ambernambrose

Having a cocktail at a speakeasy or speakeasy in Buenos Aires is an exciting experience that will transport you back to the prohibition era of the 1920s in the United States. Speakeasies were secret bars that operated underground during Prohibition and Buenos Aires has its own well-publicized version of these speakeasies that often require a secret password, adding to the sense of adventure and mystery.

Once inside the speakeasy you will find yourself in an intimate, sophisticated and elegant environment, evoking the atmosphere of the past, with decorations and furnishings that seem to have been taken straight out of the 1920's. The cocktails served are signature, with quality drinks and exclusive and creative presentations. Just keep in mind that you may have to book in advance.

The atmosphere in these speakeasies is generally quiet, which makes it a perfect place to enjoy an intimate evening with friends or as a couple. In addition, these bars tend to have low lighting and soft music, creating a relaxing and inviting setting.