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Experience Highlights

Get to know one of the most important parts of Savannah's culture during this tour of its historic homes. You'll learn about the homes that were built over a century ago, and even go inside some of them. The tour lasts approximately 1.5 hours.

You will always be accompanied by a tour guide who, in addition to explaining their architectural features, will also tell you about their history. Specifically, about the families who lived in them and how they have come down to the present day.

  • Get to know Savannah' s historic homes on this walking tour.
  • Part of the city's culture is concentrated in these houses where you can enter one of them, namely the Harper Fowlkes House.
  • Learn about all kinds of anecdotes and stories about Savannah's families from a tour guide.

What’s included

  • Tour of Savannah's Historic Homes
  • Tourist guide
  • Entrance to Harper Fowlkes House

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Step by Step

Tour Savannah's historic district as you get to know the historic homes on this tour. For about an hour and a half, you'll walk through the city's oldest homes. You'll be guided by a tour guide who will tell you all about their history.

From the type of architecture and composition of the buildings to the stories of the families themselves. You won 't miss a single detail of this part of the city's culture. You will learn about Savannah's wealthiest families, their customs, but most importantly, how they have maintained themselves during the various movements that occurred in this place.

All these families lived during the golden age of America, i.e. the late 19th century. Due to the economic expansion during those years, today you can still see traces of their wealth in the houses they built.

In fact, you will not only be able to appreciate them from the inside, as this tour also includes the entrance to one of them. You'll enter Harper Fowlkes House, full of antique but very valuable decorations, in keeping with the lifestyle of the family who lived there.

As well as visiting the interior of Harper Fowlkes House, you'll be able to see many more on the tour as they are all exuberant in style. From huge porticoes to Doric columns, these houses look like private palaces.


· 53 Reviews
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    The guide we had was one of the best I have ever had in my life. He was very detailed in his explanations and was always very attentive. Highly recommended!
  • H
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    I liked that the guide was very open to listen to doubts and suggestions. She not only spoke on her own but also asked us questions and made the whole conversation very dynamic.
  • K
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    Excellent introduction to all that Savannah has to offer.
  • R
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    A tour full of very interesting stories. I recommend it without hesitation.
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