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Delve into the mysteries and legends of Savannah on this ghost tour. In this approximately two-hour activity, accompanied by an expert guide, you'll hear some of the spookiest tales and stories surrounding the city. You'll also be provided with headphones so you won't miss any of the stories.

This tour will be conducted in groups of around 22 people, which means more personalised attention. You will pass through haunted places such as the Colonial Park Cemetery or Sorrel Weed House while you are told about terrifying events such as murders, executions, paranormal events and much more.

  • Dare to discover the terrifying legends of Savannah on this approximately 2-hour ghost tour.
  • The legends and tales told by your guide will cover sensitive topics such as murder, plagues and curses. Headphones will be provided to make sure you don't miss a thing.
  • Colonial Park Cemetery and Sorrel Weed House are some of the places you will visit where some of these events have occurred.

What’s included

  • Savannah Ghost Tour
  • Local guide
  • Headphones

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Step by Step

Only the bravest will want to take part in this interesting ghost tour of Savannah. Despite its well-kept parks and colonial history, locals highlight the legends and horrors that have befallen the city. Also of note are the haunted locations you'll pass through, such as the Sorrel Weed House and Colonial Park Cemetery.

Be prepared to hear tales of murders, hangings, illnesses, apparitions and other paranormal events narrated by an expert guide. The tour will last approximately two hours and you will be provided with a headset. For more personalised attention, there will be about 22 participants on this tour.

Savannah is one of the oldest cities on the east coast of the United States and, apart from its beautiful colonial-style houses and shops, there is a wealth of haunted houses, legends that bring it to life and, consequently, many curious visitors who visit the city for this reason.

Lovers of the dark, the mysterious and the macabre will enjoy this tour of places such as Chippewa Square, the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, Madison Square, Wright Square, Oglethorpe Square and, of course, Sorrel Weed House and Colonial Park Cemetery.

Among the horror stories you'll hear are:

  • Ghosts in Colonial Cemetery: There have been reported sightings of spectres among the 1,000 gravestones that make up this ossuary. One of these spirits, René Rondolier, is famous for allegedly hanging and murdering women. According to legend, he himself was hanged in this cemetery.
  • The Mercer Williams House: Possibly the most famous house in Savannah and the ghost who supposedly inhabits the house is Jim Williams, an antiques dealer. Many people have claimed to have felt and seen Williams' presence during visits to the house.


· 825 Reviews
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    An excellent alternative to get to know a little more of the city. We had already walked through some places and we would never have imagined everything that happened there.
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    Magnificent treatment. Everything was very professional and well planned.
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    The use of headphones was spectacular. We heard everything perfectly and it made us concentrate even more on what the guide was telling us. They worked perfectly and were very comfortable.
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    Savannah is full of horror stories, suspense and excitement! If you're in town you won't regret this experience.
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