Muir Woods Wine Trip from San Francisco

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Experience Highlights

Depart from San Francisco and enjoy this 1 day tour, lasting about 10 hours, through Muir Woods National Park. After touring the beautiful landscape you will visit 3 wineries where you will taste some of the wines they produce. Throughout the tour, you will be accompanied by an expert guide who will tell you about the scenery and the traditions of the place.

This tour includes all the routes with pick up from your hotel if it is within the city limits of San Francisco. So you don't have to worry about food, you can choose to include lunch when you book.

  • Enjoy the huge and beautiful redwoods of Muir Woods with this tour from San Francisco.
  • You will always be accompanied by a tour guide who will also go with you to various wineries including wine tastings.
  • This tour includes all the necessary driving
  • You can choose to include lunch

What’s included

  • Excursion to Muir Woods from San Francisco
  • Entrance to wineries
  • Wine tasting
  • Tourist guide

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Step by Step

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Muir Woods with its redwood forest, one of San Francisco's most impressive natural parks, on this day trip. This natural park also has a wine tradition, so you'll spend a lot of time getting to know this part of the culture.

Together with a tour guide you will visit approximately 3 different wineries. The tour lasts about 10 hours, which is enough time to learn all about wine in this region. At each of the wineries you will have a wine tasting included in the tour.

Getting to Muir Woods Park is not a problem either, as all the routes are included in the tour. With the added bonus that if your hotel is within the boundaries of San Francisco, you'll be picked up directly at the door.

This tour departs every day of the year, regardless of whether it is a holiday or low season. For lunch on the day, you can select the option to include a 3-course lunch at the time of booking.

By the end of this tour you will have experienced the beautiful scenery of the ancient redwood forest found in Muir Woods, as well as all the winemaking that goes on in its cellars.


· 2730 Reviews
  • C
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    Excellent tour, we visited beautiful places and learned a lot about each one of them. The wines didn't seem to me to be anything special, they are very good but nothing more.
  • S
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    Stop repeating over and over again.
  • T
    (0 Reviews)
    Very nice tour, we visited some beautiful places. What I would have loved is if they had included a snack, since the tour is long I think it would have been a nice touch. Otherwise nothing to add, I spent an incredible day with my best friend.
  • M
    (0 Reviews)
    A unique and precious experience.
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