Maui in 5 Days

Maui is a small island, but with an enormous charm. Discover and fall in love with Maui with this 5-day itinerary to get to know it in depth.

Verónica Álvarez

Verónica Álvarez

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Maui in 5 Days

Maui | ©Ann Tu

The plethora of things to see and do on Maui makes the island a very attractive destination for a relaxing vacation. The tropical climate and diverse geography, ranging from beautiful beaches to barren volcanic peaks to lush jungles, entices visitors.

It is an ideal destination for honeymooners, as there are many things to do during your honeymoon in Maui. If you have five days to tour the island, I suggest you follow the itinerary in this article so you can see all that Maui has to offer, without rushing.

Day 1: Underwater adventure, kayaking and dinner aboard a cruise ship

Kayak Day| ©Steve Renaker
Kayak Day| ©Steve Renaker

The day should start early with an incredible underwater adventure. Then you will continue near the sea, where you will take a kayak ride to observe the marine fauna of the islands.

At sunset, I suggest you board a cruise ship for dinner, rest from the day's activities and relax.

Immerse yourself in an underwater adventure aboard the Atlantis submarine

Have you ever sailed on a submarine? On your trip to Maui you will have the chance to ride in one. The Atlantis submarine tour experience in Maui is unforgettable.

The Atlantis submarine tours begin when a boat takes you to this vehicle to dive into the waters of Maui. During the trip you will be able to observe the marine fauna in a unique way.

This activity usually fascinates the little ones, always taking into account that they do not have a bad time in enclosed spaces. For this reason, it is one of the best activities to do with children in Maui.

There are two possible departure points: Atlantis Submarines Maui, 658 Wharf St suite 11, Lahaina, or Maui Adventure Cruises, 675 Wharf St Slip 11, Lahaina.

After finishing this fascinating and peculiar activity, you will continue to the coastal area to experience one of Maui's best activities, snorkeling.

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Price: around 290 euros per person.

Book your trip on the Atlantis Submarine on Maui

Kayak tour and snorkel activities

After the submarine experience, the itinerary continues with another maritime activity: paddling a kayak in the crystal clear waters of Maui.

Kayak tours in Maui are one of the favorite activities for visitors, because in addition to the paddling experience they usually include snorkeling activities in which you can see the marine fauna up close.

You will be able to sail with green turtles, dolphins and octopuses, among other species. If you travel between December and March, you may also encounter humpback whales. The presence of whales is one of the main attractions of Maui in winter.

After paddling your kayak and snorkeling among the most dazzling marine wildlife in the warm waters of Maui, you're bound to be tired. To relax at the end of the day, there is nothing better than a dinner cruise on board.

  • Duration: about 3 hours.
  • Price: from 100 euros per person.

Book your kayak tour of Maui

Dinner cruise on board

After a busy day of nautical activities, the best thing to do is to rest and relax. An optimal way to do this is to enjoy a delicious dinner and party on board a cruise, while watching the sunset at sea.

If you dare, you will be able to spend a wonderful evening aboard a ship, while enjoying a 3-course dinner with cocktails included, watching the immensity of the sky from the sea.

If you want, you can also dance at the party that is organized on board. Maui boat tours are an option to consider if you want to see the islands from another perspective.

  • Duration: about 2 hours and a half.
  • Price: from 152 euros per person including dinner.

Book your dinnercruise in Maui

Day 2: Day tour along the road to Hana, visiting its beautiful waterfalls and typical show

Maui Waterfall| ©Peggy Ising
Maui Waterfall| ©Peggy Ising

The second day should also start early, as you will depart for Hana on a full-day excursion that will take you along Hawaii's most famous road, stopping along the way to see the most important sites in the region.

At night, my advice is to take in a typical Hawaiian show while sipping a drink.

Road to Hana

There are many things to see while traveling the Road to Hana. It is really a true adventure through narrow and winding roads, with more than 600 curves and 72 km long.

Along this road, you will be able to see the best waterfalls of Maui and bathe in its crystal clear waters. The journey is complicated for those who do not know the way, so it is quite convenient to hire a tour with a specialized guide to take you.

After touring one of the most emblematic roads in the United States, you can begin to learn more about the culture of the island, through a typical show.

  • Duration: between 10 and 11 hours.
  • Price: from 210 euros per person.

Book your excursion to Hana

Attend a traditional show at a Luau with dinner

When you return from your trip to Hana, stop by the hotel to shower and change for a traditional Hawaiian show and dinner while watching typical Polynesian dances and learning about their culture.

The best Luau shows in Maui include the traditional flower necklace, exotic dances and the typical food and drinks of the region.

One of the most complete Polynesian dance shows in Maui is organized daily at the Sheraton Hotel. This option also includes a dinner that showcases the best of the island's gastronomy.

  • Duration: about 3 hours.
  • Price: from 173 euros per person including dinner.

Book your dinner show on Maui

Day 3: Visit Maui Ocean Center, helicopter ride and Kaanapali Beach

Maui Ocean Center| ©Jonathan Konrath
Maui Ocean Center| ©Jonathan Konrath

On your third day in Maui I recommend you to visit the Maui Ocean Center, considered one of the 10 best aquariums in the world.

At the end of your tour of the aquarium, you will board a helicopter to see Maui from the sky. After the adrenaline rush of flying over the island, you can relax on one of Maui's best beaches.

Maui Ocean Center

The Maui Aquarium, one of the best in the world, houses exhibits of Hawaii's native marine fauna, which you can safely observe up close while experts in the field explain everything you need to know about these wonderful marine animals.

Its popularity makes it visited by many tourists and locals and its visit is considered one of the best things to do in Maui. Therefore, I advise you to try to buy tickets in advance to avoid problems and queues.

This visit is ideal to do with children and also on rainy days as a complement to the other activities to do on rainy days in Maui.

At the end of your visit to the Maui Ocean Center, you will go to the departure point coordinated with the company that organizes the helicopter rides you have booked to continue your itinerary and see Maui from the sky.

  • Duration: the ticket is valid for the whole day so you can tour the aquarium at your own pace.
  • Price: from 44 euros per person.

Buy your tickets for the Maui Ocean Center

Be amazed by seeing Maui from the sky

In these days of travel in Maui you will have the opportunity to see the island from land, sea and air. At the end of your visit to the Maui Ocean Center you will move on to your next adventure, a helicopter ride over the island that will take your breath away with its beauty.

My advice is to hire one of the helicopter tours of Maui so you can see the beauty of the island from a totally different angle, appreciating its rich geography and beautiful scenery.

These tours usually have a high price but they are worth every euro, they are really incredible.

  • Duration: about 45 minutes.
  • Price: from 344 euros.

Book your helicopter ride

Relax on Kaanapali Beach

This is one of the best beaches on the island, ideal for all types of travelers, as you can do several activities (kayaking, snorkeling, for example), but if you prefer you can also just lie down resting and enjoying the sea and the sun.

Spending a few hours at the beach is an activity that children love. In addition to visiting the beautiful beaches you can do some of the activities offered there for children of any age.

  • Duration: the time you want to dedicate to it.
  • Price: it is free.

Day 4: Day trip to Oahu, visiting Pearl Harbor the Bowfin submarine, museums and memorials

USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial| ©Ansel Adams
USS Missouri and USS Arizona Memorial| ©Ansel Adams

The fourth day of the itinerary is reserved for the history of World War II. Specifically, a visit to the neighboring island of Oahu, where Pearl Harbor and several museums about the war are located.

Pearl Harbor tours from Maui include airfare to the island of Oahu and most tours of this type also include admission to the various museums and memorials. On your trip to Pearl Harbor you will see the USS Arizona Memorial, the Pearl Harbor Aviation Museum, where you can use the flight simulators and the Bowfin submarine.

What I will visit on this tour

During your visit to Oahu you will tour the various exhibits and permanent exhibits in the harbor area. You will also be able to visit the USS Arizona Memorial, which commemorates and marks the resting place of the sailors and Marines killed on that ship during the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.

Another place not to be missed during your visit is the World War II Aircraft Museum, which houses an important collection of historic aircraft.

This tour also includes a visit to the legendary submarine Bowfin and the aircraft carrier Missouri. All in all, this is an activity not to be missed for history buffs.

All these attractions have professional guides who will explain all the details of technical and historical interest.

  • Duration: between 11 and 14 hours approximately.
  • Price: from 628 euros per person with airfare and entrance fees included.

Book a Pearl Harbor tour from Maui

Day 5: Day trip to Haleakala, Iao Valley and tour of central Maui

Iao Valley| ©Joe Parks
Iao Valley| ©Joe Parks

During the last day of your stay in Maui, you will visit the central region of the island, more arid and colder than other areas.

On this tour you will climb to the top of a volcano, tour the Iao Valley and, finally, the historic town of Wailuku.

Haleakala Park and volcanic crater

Normally, if you have booked a guided tour, you will be picked up at the door of your hotel and taken in an air-conditioned vehicle to Haleakala.

During your visit to Haleakala National Park you will visit the crater of Haleakala Volcano at an altitude of over 3,000 meters with plenty of time to walk around it and marvel at this demonstration of nature's power.

At sunrise, you will hear the local people singing songs of homage to the sun, making the experience of visiting the crater even more enchanting.

Iao Valley and Iao Needle

In the Iao Valley, located in the vast central region of Maui, you will visit Needle Peak. Entrance fees to the Iao Valley State Park are also included in the tour price.

This region is considered sacred according to local beliefs and is full of legends and ancient traditions.

  • Duration: 9 hours and a half.
  • Price: from 171 euros per person, including entrance fees.

Book a tour to Haleakala and Iao Valley in Maui

  • Day 1
  • Underwater adventure
  • Kayak tour
  • Dinner cruise
  • Day 2

  • Road to Hana

  • Traditional Luau show

  • Day 3

  • Visit to Maui Ocean Center

  • Helicopter tour

  • Beach

  • Day 4
  • Day trip to Oahu
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Bowfin Submarine
  • World War II Museums and Memorials
  • Day 5
  • Haleakala Park
  • Volcanic Crater
  • Iao Valley
  • Iao Needle