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10 Things to Do in Boston at Night

Get to know the nocturnal face of the beautiful city of Boston. A place that still keeps many samples of British culture, along with the obvious memories of the history of the birth of the United States.

Carmen Navarro

Carmen Navarro

8 min read

10 Things to Do in Boston at Night

Boston at night | ©Moe Homayounieh

Boston is a wonderful city that has a lot to tell. Culturally, you can appreciate the harmony between the customs that have survived from the time when it was a colony of England, and the present of the United States.

As for the nightlife, there is much to see and do in Boston. As a city that is home to two of the most renowned universities in the United States, Harvard and MIT, the student population makes the evening hours a real party.

1. Going to a Boston Red Sox game

Boston Red Sox|©freshwater2006
Boston Red Sox|©freshwater2006

Are you a baseball fan or just interested in the incredible atmosphere of this event? Well, a must-do activity on your list of things to do in Boston at night is to go to a game.

When in this city, I recommend that you attend one of the games played by the professional team there, the Boston Red Sox (also known in Spanish as the Red Sox). It is considered one of the best teams in the MLB (Major League Baseball).

We could say that baseball is the most important sport in the United States (along with basketball and soccer), and the citizens live it to the fullest. That's why experiencing a game in person is a unique experience where you can soak up an important part of American culture. Friends, families and fans gather on the field to enjoy this event, so don't miss it. If, unfortunately, you can't get tickets, I advise you to go on a guided tour of Fenway Park, one of the most important baseball stadiums in the world.

Go to a Boston Red Sox Baseball Game

2. Sunset sailboat ride

Sunset on a boat in Boston| ©Jeremy Baucom
Sunset on a boat in Boston| ©Jeremy Baucom

Enjoy an experience with an old-fashioned flair aboard an authentic sailing ship. From the deck, let the sunset and its magical colors conquer you while you relax with this unique experience, away from the busy, pulsating life of the city.

The ride is ideal for taking great pictures, with vivid colors, intense gold. It is perfect to enjoy with the family, especially the little ones. For this reason I recommend it as one of the best activities for children in Boston.

This activity is also a great opportunity to learn about the history of Boston, thanks to the comments and stories of the captain, who gladly answers the questions asked by the passengers. Among the activities you can:

  • Sing the salomas, the typical sailors' songs, together with the crew.
  • Hoist the sails.
  • Take the helm and be the captain for a while.

Book a sunset cruise in Boston

3. Learn about Boston's ghosts and dark stories

During the Tour| ©Andrew Quinney
During the Tour| ©Andrew Quinney

One of Boston's charms is its haunted tours. Most of these last about an hour and a half, during which you will tour the city accompanied by a guide who will tell you the spookiest stories of the city.

These guides make this experience really fun, while you learn about Boston's history in a different and peculiar way. Stops include places like King's Chapel Burial Ground, Granary Burying Ground, Borden House, Custom House, Boston Athenaeum, Omni Parker House Hotel and many more.

You will learn about the spookiest crimes and happenings, told by the very ghosts that haunt the dark streets of the city. Boston ghost tours are an activity you simply can't miss.

Book a ghost tour in Boston

4. Get to know the historic bars on a unique tour

Faneuil Hall by night| ©Philip Kearney
Faneuil Hall by night| ©Philip Kearney

Get up close and personal with the places where the American Revolutionary War took its first steps. These taverns were established centuries ago and still serve visitors and residents with the same joyful spirit today.

As you toast to the health of this wonderful city and its mysteries and culture, your guide will take you by the hand on a journey through time to tell you how Boston's revolutionary spirit was awakened in those places, and you'll even see the oldest tavern in the United States!

The tour starts at Faneuil Hall, walking through cobblestone streets with a charming old-time feel and into 4 historic Boston bars. At each stop you should not miss tasting the beers recommended by the guides, so you can taste the unique flavor of these beverages.

Take a tour of Boston's historic taverns

5. Visit the most important breweries in Boston

Boston Brewery| ©AntyDiluvian
Boston Brewery| ©AntyDiluvian

One of the particular characteristics of the city of Boston is that they brew their own beers, in addition to whiskey and cider. These activities are a fundamental part of their culture and are, to top it off, one of their greatest attractions. There are organized activities in which you can try them, but I recommend the evening schedule, which also includes a delicious simple dinner. It is the best time to enjoy the city and its nightlife, and that cheerful atmosphere that characterizes it.

They have a duration of 5 hours and make a tour of the distilleries, cider houses and historical and modern breweries. At each stop you'll learn a little more about this tradition, especially about Samuel Adams and Boston's most iconic beer, named after him. And you'll toast merrily, just like the old Bostonians did!

The best part? You can drink as much as you want without worrying about a thing, as the guides will drive you back. Obviously, you can find these breweries included in the food tours of Boston.

Book a Boston Pub Crawl

6. A great view of the city at night from the Skywalk Observatory

View from the Skywalk Observatory at night| ©Sebastián Pincheira
View from the Skywalk Observatory at night| ©Sebastián Pincheira

The Skywalk Observatory is one of the highest points in the city and the only one that allows a 360° panoramic view, over 200 meters high!

If you can, I recommend going up a little before sunset so you can enjoy the most beautiful colors. If you like photography, this is the best time and place to capture unforgettable images of the city. In addition, you will find explanatory panels in several languages, including Spanish. These can help you identify the buildings, historic sites and discover a little more about its most famous personalities.

Tickets are priced at around $20, but you can get a great discount by purchasing the Boston City Pass.

Buy your Boston City Pass

7. Enjoy a spectacular sunset on the banks of the Charles River

Sunset on the Charles River| ©Isaac Kohane
Sunset on the Charles River| ©Isaac Kohane

This is a favorite spot for those who love natural spaces within the city. It is very common to see many people enjoying the outdoors, playing sports or just taking a relaxing stroll. But all visitors agree that the best time to enjoy the banks of the Charles River is at sunset.

When night falls, the lights take over the landscape and the charm is turned on with them. The view from the esplanade of the Charles River is perhaps one of the best in the city, even if you are not in the heights and you can capture charming images of one of the most beautiful places in Boston.

Be sure to take this walk among the most unforgettable memories of this town that has managed to perfectly harmonize the classic architecture of yesteryear with its modern buildings.

Traveller Tip

The weather is usually cold and quite windy, so it is recommended to bring a good coat.

8. Enjoy a party on the water with a live DJ

Party on a Yacht| ©Wayne Chinnock
Party on a Yacht| ©Wayne Chinnock

The best party in Boston takes place on the water on incredible yachts, one of the most unforgettable experiences on a cruise in the city. The party starts at sunset, when the luxury yacht sets sail from Boston Harbor to kick off a night of live music with DJ's, enjoying the atmosphere on deck and drinks at the bars available.

All you have to do is reserve tickets for you and your group and you're ready to enjoy!

The view from the deck of the yacht is a spectacle and the festive atmosphere lasts all night long. You can dance and enjoy with friends or simply retire to one of the quiet lounges and relax on a comfortable sofa, while you relax with the typical movement of sailing.

9. Get to know the Boston Opera House

Boston Opera House| ©Victor R. Ruiz
Boston Opera House| ©Victor R. Ruiz

If in New York you encounter Broadway, in Boston there is the Opera House. Although the theaters are smaller, the charm of its architecture makes this visit unforgettable. In addition, it offers the advantage of a good sound and vision regardless of the seat.

If you have the opportunity, be sure to enjoy a performance of the Boston Ballet. I assure you that you will never forget it. Either way, the classical style of the building transports you back in time. Tickets can be purchased directly from the Opera House website, where you will also find a list of upcoming events.

A perfect activity to close a good day of historical tours and tours of Boston. But don't forget that there are some codes of conduct for attending this type of event. If it's your first time, you can check them out on the Opera's website.

10. Magic and comedy, a Boston classic

Magic Trick| ©Tima Miroshnichenko
Magic Trick| ©Tima Miroshnichenko

Moving into both the classic and modern airs of Boston culture, you'll find the magic and comedy theaters. These live shows feature the traditional magician's acts, sprinkled with a particular touch of humor, which makes them that much more entertaining.

There are many options, so if you like magic you can choose more than one and recreate yourself with a different experience every night, getting to know one theater at a time.

One of the most incredible is Four Handed Illusion, where the hosts will be in charge of giving a spectacular show, full of illusionism and laughter, prepared for an intimate group. Be sure to enjoy this or any of these shows.

More of Boston's nightlife

Streets of Boston| ©Robert Kendall
Streets of Boston| ©Robert Kendall

With Boston being one of the cities in the United States with the largest student population, it is not surprising that you can find a large selection of nightclubs where the party is on and the music doesn't stop until dawn.

The venues offer cocktails and in some cases, live music and entertaining shows, to make the night even more enjoyable.

Jazz clubs, for example, are among the most renowned, and it's impossible to say you've been to Boston if you don't spend an evening in at least one of these. You can also play bowling and take home a shiny trophy, if you're lucky and manage to beat the local competitors.