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Experience Highlights

This sightseeing cruise will take you around Boston Harbor, a natural park with more than 30 islands. The itinerary, which lasts around 60 minutes, will allow you to see abandoned forts, the USS Constitution, sand dunes, the historic lighthouse on Little Brewster Islet and much more.

To fully enjoy the activity, live explanations of the history of the city and its islands are also included, with special emphasis on the Tea Party and Revolutionary War episodes.

  • Enjoy a boat ride of approximately one hour.
  • Admire nature and military and civic buildings
  • Learn about the history of Boston and the United States.

What’s included

  • 60-minute cruise
  • Historical explanations on board
  • Food

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Step by Step

This approximately one-hour cruise takes you around Boston Harbor (Boston Harbor Islands State Park) and passes close to its many islands. During the tour, you'll hear anecdotes about the city's history and the crucial role played by these small strips of land. The boat sails within a short distance of the following attractions/points of interest:

  • Thompson Island - Habitat for herons and egrets as well as a venue for private events overlooking the metropolis.
  • Bumpkin Island - Before the arrival of European settlers, it was inhabited by the natives, who used it to dry fish. Today it's famous for its trails and rocky beaches.
  • Peddocks Island - Famous for being home to many animals - particularly deer and turkeys - and to Fort Andrews, a late 19th century military building, recognisable by its red brick and slate roof.
  • Lovells Island - A popular destination for camping enthusiasts,Lovells Island is noted for its woodlands, mudflats and sand dunes.
  • Gallops Island - An island that has been used for many purposes: quarantine site, grazing area, execution site and much more. It is currently closed to the public.
  • Spectacle Island - A strip of land with a turbulent history. It was home to a smallpox quarantine hospital, hotels closed for illegal gambling and a landfill. Today it is a popular destination for relaxation.
  • HarborWalk - The city's waterfront promenade. It is about 70 km long and is dotted with viewpoints, beaches, bars and restaurants. It is the result of a major urban regeneration project.

The anecdotes you'll hear on board relate as much to the American War of Independence as to purely maritime events, such as landings and shipwrecks. The flagship of the tour is the USS Constitution, a military frigate launched at the end of the 18th century and still in use today. In the past it was involved in several battles in the Mediterranean, while today it is moored in Boston harbour.


· 729 Reviews
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    A great experience for first time visitors to Boston. Very informative and just the right length
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    I enjoyed learning fun facts about Boston and was surprised at how much Boston influenced movies and literature.
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    The narrator was amazing, the views were breathtaking and it was such a beautiful day and the ocean was sparkling.
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    The guide on the ship was very entertaining. I enjoyed what he said about the landmarks in Boston Harbor. I would definitely recommend taking this tour.
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