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With Go Boston Pass you can choose from more than forty attractions. If you feel like getting to know the city in depth, this tourist pass can become your great ally.

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Go Boston Card

Boston | ©Daniela de gol

The sheer amount of things to see and do in Boston can be overwhelming, so if you are one of those who prefer to get to know the city in depth, this proposal will make things easier for you. Just choose whether you want your pass for one, two, three, five or seven days and Go Boston Pass will take care of the rest.

With this flexible card you will have access to more than forty free attractions and tours in and around Boston. Also access to discounts and exclusive offers in stores and restaurants in the city. Here is some information about the best food tours in Boston.

In addition, you can organize your own itinerary with the guide included in the tourist pass. To activate it you just have to choose the attraction you want to start your adventure with and from that moment on the Go Boston Pass will start running.

The best option

Boston Go City All-Inclusive Pass

Secure your pass so you don't miss out on any of the attractions Boston has to offer.

You will have access during the term of your card to more than forty excursions and tours and exclusive offers in stores and restaurants that will save you time and money.

This proposal is the right one if you want to travel without missing anything, but also in a flexible way, since the different options of the Go Boston Pass will allow you to easily adjust it to your travel plan.

In addition, it makes your tour more profitable because you will save money since the pass is substantially cheaper than buying all the excursions separately or hiring one of the city's tourist buses. Yes, the card also includes a two-day ticket to discover the best of Boston from the comfort of a hop on-hop off trolleybus!

Recommended if... You are looking for the cheapest option, your intention is to discover the city in depth and you want to save time, because this pass organizes your tour from an app while offering you discounts at stores and restaurants near your location.

How much does the Go Boston Pass cost?

Money in Euros| ©Pixabay
Money in Euros| ©Pixabay

The price of the Go Boston Pass will depend on the option you choose that best fits your travel plan. The All Inclusive Pass will allow you to travel without missing a thing and choose all the attractions you want within one, two, three, five or seven days. The one-day option starts at 56 euros, while the seven-day option starts at 136 euros.

It is important to note that the Go Boston Pass not only saves money but also time, as many of the best museums in Boston will allow you to enter without having to go to the ticket office. In some cases you will be asked to reserve your ticket before entering.

  • Price Boston Go City All-Inclusive Pass All Inclusive 1 day... From 56 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass All-Inclusive 2 days... From 77 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass All Inclusive 3 days... From 86 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass All Inclusive 5 days... From 115 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass All Inclusive 7 days... From 136 euros

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How does the Go Boston Pass work?

Go Boston Pass| ©Klook
Go Boston Pass| ©Klook

Once you purchase the option you prefer, you will receive in your email all the necessary information and the virtual card that will allow you to enter the attractions and museums and access discounts and exclusive offers.

You can download the card to your cell phone, save it in the Go City application or print it and present it at the entrance of the sites you will visit. You can also download a guide with information on all the options.

Activation is automatic from the moment you use the card on the first excursion, from the moment it is scanned for the first time, the period of time you will have to use the tourist pass you bought starts to run.

  • Please note... Some tours require a previous reservation that can be made by email or from the official Go Boston Pass website. In any case, you will find the list of attractions that require a reservation in advance on the website.
  • Don't forget... With the All Inclusive Pass you can enter each attraction once per day, so if for example you visited a museum and did not get to know it completely you can come back the next day and finish the tour.
  • To get the most out of your pass... First you must choose the option that best suits your trip and with the help of the guide that is included with the card you can build in advance an itinerary linking nearby attractions.

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What does the Go Boston Pass include?

Exterior of the Museum of Science| ©Chris Rycroft
Exterior of the Museum of Science| ©Chris Rycroft

The Go Boston Pass includes access to more than forty attractions and museums, tour bus transportation, and even a sixty-minute cruise on the Fort Point Channel with a local expert guide who will tell all about the Tea Mutiny and Boston's rebellious era. One option I recommend is to complement this tour with a historical tour of the city.

It also includes discounts and special offers at dozens of restaurants and exclusive stores and among the attractions available is a wide range of options for children.

Main attractions and activities included

  • New England Aquarium
  • Museum of Science
  • Fenway Park admission
  • City View Trolley Tour
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Harvard Museum of Natural History
  • Franklin Park Zoo
  • Legoland Discovery Center
  • Buckman Tavern
  • Hy-Line Cruise
  • Boston Children's Museum
  • Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology

Attractions not included

While the list is extensive and varied the Go Boston Pass does not include admission to the Tea Party Museum, which is the most famous and visited patriotic museum in the United States, and a tribute to the Tea Party Mutinythat sparked the country's Independence.

The cost of admission is around 32 euros and I recommend that, despite not being included in the card, you visit this attraction because it offers a very interesting sensory and interactive experience.

Anyway, despite the absence of the Tea Party Museum on the list, it is still very convenient that you buy this tourist pass.

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Should I buy the Go Boston Pass?

Boston Ferry| ©Shadow _ Traveler
Boston Ferry| ©Shadow _ Traveler

The answer to this question will depend on the type of trip you want to make and the voracity you have to see a lot of places in Boston, as well as the budget you have.

There are as many possible trips as there are travelers on earth so the options are endless but I assure you that if your intention is to see most of the main attractions of the city with the Go Boston Pass you will surely save time and money.

This tourist card will be profitable as soon as you have a fairly short stay in the city that requires you to visit the attractions quickly and continuously, and to the extent that you are interested in culture, museums and comfortable transfers, because with the services of the Boston tour buses you will be able to avoid the crowds of public transport.

The option of taking a cruise in Boston is also very tempting to decide for the Go Boston Pass, otherwise you will have to hire it on your own.

On the other hand, it will not be profitable if you are not interested in museums, because the offer in the list is very wide, or if you have a long stay in the city, since you do not have the need to accumulate the visits in a short time, like those who travel to Boston for three days.

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Other Boston sightseeing passes

Boston City Pass| ©Translating Web Design
Boston City Pass| ©Translating Web Design

In addition to the Go Boston Pass, the Boston City Pass is also available. The difference is that the Boston City Pass has a more restricted offer, which includes admission to the New England Aquarium, admission to the Museum of Science and a choice of two tickets between the Franklin Park Zoo, the Harvard Museum of Natural History or a cruise on the Fort Point Channel on a Boston Harbor City Cruises service.

The Boston City Pass has a similar initial operation to the Go Boston Pass. Once purchased, you will receive an email confirmation that will allow you to access the services automatically, although you must do so within six months of purchasing the pass.

Once activated by scanning the first attraction, you will have nine days to complete the four total accesses provided by the virtual card.

The price of this tourist pass starts at 64 euros and although it does not have the popularity of the Go Boston Pass is also widely used by tourists, especially by those who are interested in visiting the main attractions offered by the Boston City Pass and detailed on its official website.

Like the Go Boston Pass, it does not include among its options the Tea Party Museum, nor tours in tourist buses.

Go Boston Pass also has a similar option called Explorer Pass that allows you to purchase a pass for two, three, four or five attractions that must be used within sixty days of purchase.

The difference with the Boston City Pass is that it has a wider offer that offers the same options as the All Inclusive Pass.

  • Boston City Pass price for 9 days: From 64 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass Explorer for 60 days for 2 tours: From 52 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass Explorer for 60 days for 3 excursions: From 69 euros
  • Go Boston Pass Explorer Price for 60 days for 4 excursions: From 89 euros
  • Price Go Boston Pass Explorer for 60 days for 5 excursions: From 99 euros

Tips on how to get the most out of your Go Boston Pass

Getting to know Boston| ©Chris Hawes
Getting to know Boston| ©Chris Hawes

If you finally decided for the Go Boston Pass is because your stay in the city is likely to be a few days, so the organization is crucial to squeeze the most of the potential of the All Inclusive Pass and to enjoy as many attractions as possible, especially in a city that has much to offer.

Along these lines and taking into account the guide provided by the Go City application, I recommend that you organize an itinerary linking the attractions by proximity and that you have the option of traveling from one destination to another in the tourist buses offered by the pass, as they are usually faster and more effective than normal public transport, and also usually have stops at all tourist sites.

Another option, as long as distances permit, is to organize the attractions by theme. That way you can spend one day touring museums, another day exploring the city on the hop on-hop off bus and the Fort Point Canal Cruise, and another day shopping or taking advantage of discounts at stores and restaurants.

Another option I recommend is to visit a site around Boston such as Martha's Vineyard Island.

Learning about the discounts offered by the guidebook can save you a lot of money, not only on excursions but also on daily meals.

Keeping an eye on the schedule will also save you time. Most guided tours require visitors to be present at least fifteen minutes before the tour begins. Arriving on time will ensure that you will not miss the start of the tour and that you will have a fully satisfactory experience.

Please also note the particular conditions of each attraction and remember that even if you have the Go Boston Pass, some tickets require advance reservations.

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If you were interested in the Go Boston Pass you might also be interested in

Visiting Martha's Vineyard| ©Allan Johanson
Visiting Martha's Vineyard| ©Allan Johanson

Within the city, the Go Boston Pass will give you access to almost all the attractions but in the surrounding area you can find some interesting excursions, such as the Martha's Vineyard excursion which includes transfers to and from Boston and a specialized guide.

Martha's Vineyard is mainly a summer colony so this is the best season to visit, but if you are looking for what to do in Boston in spring, this destination also offers nice weather and interesting scenery.

If the cruise included in the Go Boston Pass was not enough for you, you can reinforce the experience by hiring a whale watching cruise , a sailboat or a Duck Boat amphibious vehicle on the Charles River. In any case, the postcard view of Boston from the other side of the water is not to be missed.

Few attractions are not included in the Go Boston Pass but one of them is very important. The Tea Party Museum offers one of the must-see tours of the city, with a historical review of the Tea Party Mutiny that turned Boston into a rebellious city and the cradle of American Independence.

All this in a thematic museum anchored in the eighteenth century that is located just meters from where the events occurred in 1773. My recommendation is that you do not miss this experience.

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