11 Things to Do in Boston in Spring

With the arrival of spring, the city of Boston renews its colors. New outdoor activities stand out at this time of the year, come and meet them.

Verónica Álvarez

Verónica Álvarez

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11 Things to Do in Boston in Spring

Boston, Spring. | ©Tito Costa

Spring is a great season to visit the city of Boston and the surrounding area. After the harsh New England winter, as the weather begins to improve, the city begins to host numerous activities. You can enjoy film festivals, farmers markets, food events, there's everything to see and do during the spring in Boston.

Outdoor walks, hikes and sporting events bring new life to the city. During the spring there are many things to add to the usual list of things to see and do in Boston.

1. Boston Spring Whale and Dolphin Sightings in Boston

Whales in Boston| ©Deleep George
Whales in Boston| ©Deleep George

You can have the whale watching experience of a lifetime during the spring in Boston. Aboard a boat, you will head out to sea for a wonderful experience. The Stellwagen Marine Sanctuary is a rich feeding ground for whales, dolphins, birds and other marine life.

In this sanctuary, you will have the opportunity to see these magnificent animals in optimal safety conditions. There are specimens that can only be seen in this sanctuary, so if you are fond of marine biology, you can not miss it.

You will have the chance to see several different species of large whales, such as humpback, fin and right whales, which are in critical danger of extinction.

In addition, you will have the chance to learn all about them from the New England Aquarium's naturalists, who are always on board to share knowledge, answer all your questions and explain the incredible behaviors of these truly magnificent mammals.

This is an excellent activity to do with children in Boston. You can learn more about this wonderful animal sanctuary at Stellwagen Marine Sanctuary. Remember to bring some warm clothes, it's always a little colder out at sea.

2. Celebrate Gay Pride Month in Boston

Pride Parade in Boston| ©Leslee_atFlickr
Pride Parade in Boston| ©Leslee_atFlickr

It doesn't matter your sexual orientation when it comes to celebrating Gay Pride Month in Boston. The city knows how to celebrate this month and there are plenty of activities for everyone to enjoy.

During this month several special events will bring LGBTQ people together to commemorate more than 50 years of Pride in Boston and to celebrate the always colorful and multifaceted expressions of LGBTQ culture.

You are invited to celebrate Gay Pride month in Boston. You will be able to enjoy and participate in various festivals and events that will bring people together in safe spaces and promote inclusion, equality and respect.

There are dozens of events during Gay Pride Month in Boston, for all tastes, ages, singles, families. Choose the one you like the most and participate!

3. Dine out at one of Boston's exclusive restaurants during the "Dine Out Boston" food festival

Eating Lobster Roll| ©Chun Her
Eating Lobster Roll| ©Chun Her

If you're a foodie, you won't want to miss this unique opportunity to sample the cuisine of Boston' s best restaurants at discounted prices.

During the spring, there is an annual Dine Out festival that usually lasts two weeks in March.

Throughout these two weeks, diners can choose from a wide variety of participating restaurants offering dinner and/or lunch menus at promotional prices.

The idea behind this event is that tourists, as well as Boston residents, can experience the extensive gastronomic offerings at greatly reduced prices, thus also promoting local commerce.

There are several Boston restaurants that are among the best in the world and have been recognized by the prestigious Michelin Guide.

There are several award-winning chefs that you can meet throughout this festival at much more affordable prices than at other times of the year.

You'll be able to eat everything from pizza and pasta to sushi, as this special event runs the gamut of Boston and international cuisine. There are options for every palate and wallet - don't miss out!!!

During this festival you can take advantage of one of Boston' s food tours to enjoy "Dine out Boston" even more.

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4. Discover the different kinds of pizzas at the Boston Pizza Festival

Eating Pizza| ©Fatima Akram
Eating Pizza| ©Fatima Akram

During theBoston Pizza Festival, vendors from all over the city come to Boston.
You can feast on gluten-free, vegan, Neapolitan, Sicilian, New York style, Chicago style, etc. pizzas. The event takes place in Boston's City Hall Plaza for two days. It's outdoors and also offers live music performances.

Exhibitors/vendors sell their own products and attendees will have the unique opportunity to sample pizzas from all over. In turn, exhibitors/vendors have the chance to enter and win the "Boston Pizza Festival Champion" contest.

  • Where: City Hall Plaza in Boston.
  • Price: from 15 euros per person.

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5. Participate in Patriots Day and Marathon Monday events

Boston Marathon| ©John Beagle
Boston Marathon| ©John Beagle

This is one of Boston' s most iconic and favorite springtime holidays: Patriots' Day, also known as Marathon Monday.

It was officially designated to honor the beginning of the American Revolution and it is always on this date that the incomparable Boston Marathon is held. This sporting event attracts thousands of participants not only from the city itself, but also from the rest of the United States and abroad.

The Boston Marathon is considered one of the best races in the world and is a tradition in the city. During this day you can feel the festive atmosphere and cheer on the runners.

There are a few things to keep in mind, such as restaurants will be crowded and the streets will also be more crowded than usual.

Besides the marathon, of course, there are also many events taking place to celebrate Patriots Day, such as reenactments, lectures and exhibitions. Some of these take place at historic attractions such as the Old State House and the Paul Revere House.

Explore all the Patriots Day activities in Boston and plan which one you would like to participate in.

Keep in mind that the crowds in the city are huge, so if you can book your tickets early it's all the better.

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6. Explore the Boston Flower and Garden Show

At the James P. Kelleher Rose Garden| ©Christine Riggle
At the James P. Kelleher Rose Garden| ©Christine Riggle

As spring arrives in Boston, each year this highly anticipated fair is held and every year it has a new theme.

If you like gardening, you can't miss this event. You'll enjoy a variety of activities and experiences, from impressive plant displays to planting demonstrations. You can also attend professional lectures and learn how to develop your own growing skills.

New to the new editions of the "Boston Flower and Garden Show" is that you will be able to learn how to adopt sustainable gardening practices and also learn about indoor plants that clean the air.

Check out all the activities on the calendar of events for the Boston Flower and Garden Show and participate, you won't regret it.

It is usually held in March, but dates and ticket prices vary each year. If you are interested in this type of activity you should consult the official website of the event for more details.

7. Relax at Festival By the Lake

Lakeside Festival| ©Werner Kunz
Lakeside Festival| ©Werner Kunz

The "Festival by the Lake" is an annual event at Wakefield Commons, next to Lake Quannapowitt, just 10 miles north of Boston.

During the event you will enjoy the work of artisans and artists, live music and great food. This Festival has been held for over twenty-five years and is organized by WCNA as a means of raising funds for its many community projects.

Children will also enjoy the Festival' s special activities: face painting, games and many attractions.

Your little ones will also be inspired by the street art created on-site by the Wakefield High School Art Department. This is truly a festival you should put on your list of things to do with kids in Boston.

8. Visit one of Boston's many springtime farmers' markets

Farmers Market| ©dori
Farmers Market| ©dori

One of the best ways to celebrate the beginning of spring is through nature-related activities. With the arrival of warmer weather also comes the time for tasty produce of the new season.

I suggest you visit one of the many farmers' markets in and around Boston to delight in the freshest produce that spring has to offer.

By participating in these markets, you will be supporting local farmers by purchasing seasonal produce such as artichokes, strawberries and rhubarb.

More than 26 Boston farmers' markets are held during the spring. I suggest you explore the following Boston Farmers Markets website for dates, locations and hours of operation.

9. Cruise the calm waters of the Charles River

Charles River Cruise| ©Brooks Payne
Charles River Cruise| ©Brooks Payne

Thanks to Boston's privileged location next to the beautiful Charles River, the city is the ideal place to spend a day kayaking or canoeing on the river. The best time of year to do this is during the spring, because the weather is much nicer than in other seasons.

You can rent a boat from Charles River Canoe & Kayak and spend a few hours paddling leisurely down the river and its estuaries. You can also book boat tours around Boston, so you can sail at your leisure.

If you have no paddling experience, you can take a boating class at Community Boating, Inc. If you are not seduced by the idea of paddling, you can take a relaxing swim in the river, the water is clean and suitable for bathing.

The ideal thing to do is to get to know the sailing classes offered by one of the most important schools in Boston and book the activity you like the most.

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10. Take the opportunity to tour the city of Boston in the pleasant spring weather

Ducks, Boston Sightseeing Bus| ©Massachusetts Office
Ducks, Boston Sightseeing Bus| ©Massachusetts Office

It's spring and now that the weather has improved, it's a great opportunity to explore the dynamic city of Boston. I recommend touring the city on one of Boston's charming streetcars or tour buses, which will take you around the main sights and neighborhoods of the city of Boston.

The best option is those that offer Hop-on Hop-off service for greater flexibility in organizing your tours.

Another advantage of doing this activity in the spring is that, with this pleasant weather, you will also be able to get off and explore the city on your own, several times.

Among the main points of interest you will see along this tour are the New England Aquarium and the Old North Church.

These passes are usually 24 or 48 hours long and are, from my point of view, the best way to get an overview of the city and then be able to select and delve deeper into those places that interest you the most.

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Spring Weather in the City of Boston

Streets of Boston| ©Robert Kendall
Streets of Boston| ©Robert Kendall

Spring weather in Boston is quite pleasant. Temperatures are starting to rise and with the warmer weather, Bostonians, and visitors to the city, have the chance to see and do a lot more outdoors.

Daily highs range from 5 °C to 22 °C and rarely drop below -1 °C or exceed 29 °C. On the other hand, minimum temperatures can range from 13 °C and rarely fall below -9 °C.

However, the temperature can be changeable and the weather is very humid, so don't forget to bring a jacket and rain gear, as it tends to rain a bit at this time of the year in that region.

Tips for your spring visit to Boston

Spring in Boston| ©James
Spring in Boston| ©James

The city of Boston has many ornamental trees in its streets, squares and parks. During the spring, they tend to release a lot of pollen, which affects those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

If you are allergic or particularly sensitive to pollen, I suggest you take the medications your doctor prescribes for allergies. It is also a good idea to wear sunglasses to keep the pollen out of your eyes. There is so much to see and do in Boston, you don't want an allergy to ruin your plans.

Overnight in Boston the temperature drops a lot, so it's always a good idea to bring a warm jacket with you when you go out and you know you're going to be late getting back to your hotel.

Are there discount cards for visits to Boston? Is it worth buying a card?

Go Boston Pass| ©Klook
Go Boston Pass| ©Klook

All major cities with a lot of tourists have discount cards and passes for the main attractions of the city, Boston is no exception. The Go Boston Card and the Boston City Pass offer great benefits.

In addition to giving you free admission to many of the city' s top attractions, it also gives you the opportunity to skip the lines at some of the city's most congested points of interest.

The truth is that buying this card is well worth it, because you also get significant discounts on the most expensive attractions and discounts in restaurants, transportation and many stores.

Prices are around 60 euros per person, but there are promotions for families, groups and also discounts according to the age of the buyer.

You can opt for a card that lasts from 1 to 7 days, according to the time you are going to spend in the city. It is best to make a travel itinerary and depending on the places you intend to visit and the days reserved for your visits, decide for how many days you should buy the Go Boston card.

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