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Make this reservation and enjoy a meal at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta without waiting in line. This way, you can enter the restaurant as soon as you arrive at its doors, where your reserved table and a menu await you.

Specifically, you can enjoy a 2 or 3-course menu, depending on the option you choose. Among the options on offer are the traditional Hard Rock burgers, as well as salmon, sandwiches, salads or even grilled meat . In addition, this menu is complete with a choice of soft drinks, coffee or tea, as well as a dessert on any of the menus.

  • Enjoy queue-free access to the Hard Rock Cafe restaurant at the time ofyour choice.
  • Choose from a menu of 2 or 3 tasty dishes such as barbecued meats, salmon, burgers and much more.
  • Let yourself be carried away by the music and decoration of the restaurant that give it a rock atmosphere.

What’s included

  • Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta reservation
  • 2 or 3-course menu
  • Preferential access
  • Soft drinks, coffee or tea

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Step by Step

By selecting this Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta reservation you will be able to enjoy a tasty meal without wasting any time. When you arrive at the restaurant you will have preferential access, as you will have made your reservation in advance. This way, whatever time you arrive, you will be able to go inside and start enjoying your meal.

The first Hard Rock Cafe opened more than 50 years ago, in 1971. All this time has allowed them to polish their dishes to the maximum in order to offer a quality product. When you arrive at the restaurant you can choose from a menu with 2 or 3 courses. For the little ones there is also the option of selecting a children's menu, as long as they are under 10 years old.

The dishes you can choose from include delicacies such as barbecued meat, salmon, salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and much more. So whatever your tastes, there's sure to be a dish for you.

What's more, the menu doesn't end there, as you can also enjoy drinks, with a choice of soft drinks, coffee or tea, not forgetting that a great menu is not complete without dessert. In this case, regardless of the chosen menu, a dessert selected by the chef is always included.

So, in addition to enjoying a carefree meal without wasting your time, you will also enjoy a great stay. Specifically, the Hard Rock Cafe is dedicated to rock, so all along the walls you'll see iconic rock memorabilia. These include records signed by the great stars, or even real clothes worn by these artists at their concerts.


· 114 Reviews
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    Crowded but good service.
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    I loved the Hard Rock Cafe Atlanta
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    Super large portions, an exaggeration. Go hungry!
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    The haburger was heavy but delicious.
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