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Enjoy the World of Coca-Cola, the world's largest Coca-Cola exhibition, thanks to this ticket. This is not just any ticket, but will allow you to enter directly, without waiting in line. Inside you can discover the history, famous ads, symbolism and development of the Coca-Cola brand.

This ticket also includes some of the experiences you can find inside the exhibition. You will be able to taste more than 100 of the brand's products in small portions. You will also be able to see the door to the safe where the secret Coca-Cola recipe is kept.

  • Get tickets to World of Coca-Cola, an exhibition packed with the history and experience of the world's most famous drink.
  • Get in without waiting in line with this skip-the-line entry ticket
  • Inside the World of Coca-Cola you can taste over 100 Coca-Cola products, watch films about its history or try to guess its secret formula.

What’s included

  • Entrance to World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta
  • Queue-free access guaranteed
  • Samples to taste more than 100 Coca-Cola products

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Get a ticket to the World of Coca-Cola exhibition in the heart of Atlanta. This exhibition is about more than 130 years of history of the world's most famous beverage, so it's not something you want to miss. The entrance ticket is also special, as it allows you to go inside directly, without having to wait in line.

This ticket, as well as allowing you to see the exhibition, also includes some experiences that will make your visit more fun. One of the places where visitors spend the most time is sampling items. You will be able to taste over 100 Coca-Cola items from around the world, from drinks to sweets.

Included is the viewing of 2 films telling the story of Coca-Cola's secret formula. In fact, you will be able to see the door of the safe where this formula is kept.

Inside the exhibition, you will be able to find posters, signs, their most famous advertisements, as well as Coca-Cola themed furniture. You will have the opportunity to see countless vintage items, perfectly preserved, that will take you back in time.


· 2119 Reviews
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    Impressive place!
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    Logically that the tour is a permanent praise to Coca and how good they are, the other part does not count.
  • A
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    What a great ride! The facilities of the place and everything is amazing. Modern and cozy while appreciating all the history of Coca.
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    It was good, I'm not a soda lover. But to add knowledge to the general culture it is good.
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