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For your next trip to Atlanta, you can save up to 44% with tourist card Atlanta CityPASS®. With this electronic pass, which you can carry on your mobile device, you'll have access to up to 5 Atlanta landmarks.

The validity period is 9 consecutive days from the first day you visit an attraction. And you have one year from the date of purchase to start using this e-pass. You do not need to choose the attractions when you purchase the pass, but please note that some attractions may require advance reservations.

Three fixed attractions will be included and then you will be able to choose two of the three options offered by this pass to visit: The Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the College Football Hall of Fame and the National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta.

  • With the card Atlanta CityPASS® you can save up to 44% on admission to five Atlanta attractions. That's why it's cheaper to buy this pass than to buy it separately.
  • Three attractions are included in the e-pass, which you can carry on your mobile phone: the Georgia Aquarium, Zoo Atlanta and the World of Coca-Cola Museum.
  • It is valid for 9 consecutive days from the first time you use it at the first attraction and expires one year from the date of purchase.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Georgia Aquarium
  • Entrance to the World of Coca-Cola
  • Entrance to Zoo Atlanta
  • Your choice of admission to 2 of the following attractions Fernbank Museum of Natural History, Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame, National Centre for Civil and Human Rights

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Step by Step

Now you can save up to 44% with the tourist card Atlanta CityPASS® during your stay in Atlanta, Georgia. Five attractions are included and tickets are cheaper with this e-pass than when purchased separately.

The validity period is nine consecutive days from the first day you use the pass at an attraction. If you don't use it, it expires one year after purchase.

Of the five attractions on the pass, three are already included and are as follows:

  • Georgia Aquarium: preferential entry with this pass where you get access to all the galleries and dolphin shows at this great aquarium.
  • World of Coca-Cola Museum: in this museum you will also have preferential entrance and the opportunity to see exhibits of this drink, as well as to taste several during the tour.
  • Zoo Atlanta: this is a general admission ticket to see the animals that the Atlanta Zoo houses.

On the other hand, there are three other attractions, of which you have to choose two to complete your Atlanta e-pass. You will be able to choose two of them:

  • Fernbank Museum of Natural History: general admission, which includes a giant screen movie, as well as all special exhibits and free parking.
  • College Football Hall of Fame: general admission to interactive exhibits and the indoor playing field.
  • National Center for Civil and Human Rights in Atlanta: this is general admission to see exhibits on the history of human rights in the United States.

You will be able to decide which attractions to visit after purchase, but it is recommended that you look ahead of time as some attractions require advance booking.


· 2109 Reviews
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    Great value, for little money you save an important amount. If you are going to visit several attractions you can't forget to buy the CityPass.
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    The CityPass is a great purchase to make on vacation, wherever you are. Too bad they don't include more attractions.
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    A great option to save a little during the vacations.
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    The citypass is a must for any place. It gives you quick and easy access to almost any attraction and saves you a little money.
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