Atlanta Escape Room: Grand Zeppelin

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Enjoy Atlanta's largest themed escape room aboard a zeppelin. Over the course of approximately one hour, you will have the mission to save humanity from the air. In groups of about 15 people, each person will have a defined role in order to complete the Grand Zeppelin activity.

In this game you will travel in a zeppelin through the skies of Europe in the year 1914, with the beginning of the First World War. You will have to work with the co-pilot of the fictional aircraft, who will be an actor in the company, in order to thwart a saboteur who seeks to bring catastrophe to mankind.

  • You will only have one hour in the game to save humanity from a saboteur who wants to wipe out the face of the earth.
  • This is the largest escape room in Atlanta and can accommodate up to 15 people.
  • The experience consists of several missions in which each person in the group will have a defined role during the game.

What’s included

  • One hour escape room experience
  • Different missions to complete the game

Step by Step

In this escape room, the largest in Atlanta, you will have the chance during the game to save humanity from a zeppelin. In groups of up to 15 people, you will have to carry out missions over the course of an hour to complete your mission.

The theme of this escape room, called Grand Zeppelin, is about flying through the skies of Europe at the beginning of World War I, in 1914, in a zeppelin. During this journey, a saboteur will try to wipe out humanity, so your mission will be to use all your ingenuity to save the planet.

Each person in the group will have a role and there will be different missions that will affect the development of the game. Therefore, it is very important to work as a team and also individually.

Different puzzles will appear that will have to be solved in order to go from one stage to the next until the end.

In addition, if you are looking for a different experience, there is also the opportunity to do it with thematic groups. The room offers birthday celebrations and even an engagement party while you try to save humanity from the zeppelin.


· 502 Reviews
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    We had the best host and would definitely recommend this escape room to anyone who enjoys a fun and challenging puzzle.
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    I had the opportunity to go here with a group of friends while I was in town on a trip. It was absolutely fantastic and I would love to go again the next time I am in Atlanta.
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    This was a fantastic family adventure! Even our four year old daughter had a blast!
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    I have been to multiple escape rooms, but this was my first time in one with a guide, our co-pilot did an amazing job.
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