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10 Things to do in Phuket with Kids

The island of Phuket offers a wide range of entertainment for children and adults, here are the best family activities!

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

10 min read

10 Things to do in Phuket with Kids

Children at Phuket Aquarium | Mike Rowe

Taking the little ones to visit Phuket is a great idea to create family memories. The island has recreational attractions for all ages. I just recommend you to get travel insurance, as children tend to get sick more easily away from home.

Among the best things to do in Phuket with children are visits to the water parks. The best season for such adventures is from November to April. You'll also see sights that will leave you in awe, such as aquariums, unforgettable beaches, theme parks, museums and more.

1. Enjoy a getaway to James Bond Island

James Bond Island| ©Robert Padovani
James Bond Island| ©Robert Padovani

James Bond Island probably sounds familiar to you, as this is where the 25 films of the blockbuster saga, titled with the same name, were filmed. In fact, a fun fact is that years ago the island was called Koh Tapu but after the ninth movie, it changed its name.

If you are traveling with kids who enjoy action movies or spy adventures, they will probably have a quality time. They will have the opportunity to tour the filming locations of this saga. You can integrate this visit into the things to do in November, as the weather conditions are ideal for setting sail to the island.

Book an excursion to James Bond Island

2. Visit the island's water parks

Splash Jungle| ©Ho Eddie
Splash Jungle| ©Ho Eddie

Phuket's water parks are out of the ordinary. Children will not only be able to play in the water and cool off, they will also have the opportunity to slide down amazing slides. For adults there are live shows and entertainment according to the season.

It is one of the best things to do in Phuket in August, as the hot summer weather makes the parks more appealing. Children will surely look forward to a vacation in the sun.

Due to the good weather, there are a variety of options depending on your budget and preferences. There are even parks where they can take care of the children for you, in case you want to enjoy a romantic getaway.

The child care system offered by the parks is completely safe. However, I recommend you consider it as a last option, since children will have a better time if they share this adventure as a family.

Blue Tree Water Park

The Blue Tree Water Park is a space with family attractions for all ages. In the pools activities are organized by schedule, for example you can play basketball in the water, practice tennis, sign up for a ninja show, take contemporary dance classes or surf on some wave pools.

It is the only water park in Phuket where they offer a child care system, specifically for children between two and seven years. But Blue Tree is not just pools and slides, there is also a lagoon, a forest park and an unwinding village.

Splash Jungle Water Park

Splash Jungle is a water park inspired by different cultures of the world, hence its diversity of spaces. It has a hydrotherapeutic pool, ideal for you to relax.

You will not have to worry, as there is a children's pool, with a few meters deep. Additionally, it has a first aid station, restaurant, as well as beaches and artificial rivers.

Andamanda Water Park

Feel like a kid again at Andamanda Water Park, it is very special as it encompasses Thai mythology. The decoration of the park is based on plaster creatures that protect the enclosure.

Children will have fun discovering the slides and sliding at different speeds. Don't worry! They are all completely safe, as access depends on age. In its facilities there is a market and restaurants where you can eat, there is also a souvenir bazaar.

A comparison of the different water parks in Phuket

  • Blue Tree Water Park
  • From 32 € per person
  • More than 15 attractions and activities
  • Recommended season: dry season or summer, which runs from November to April.
  • The best: childcare system
  • Splash Jungle water park
  • From 26 € per person
  • About 15 types of slides
  • Recommended season: November to April
  • The best: its impressive slides
  • Andamanda Water Park
  • From 35 euros
  • Around 30 attractions and activities
  • Recommended season: November to April
  • The best: you can take advantage of seasonal fruit exhibitions.

3. Learn at the Elephant Sanctuary

Elephant Sanctuary| ©Jamie Monk
Elephant Sanctuary| ©Jamie Monk

Elephants are a very important part of Thai culture, plus in recent years they have become popular on the Internet. However, many places use them as exhibition products or for tourist shows. The Elephant Sanctuary fights against exploitative practices, to provide them with a safe home in a suitable habitat.

In this space, children can learn and foster respect for animals. Most elephants are rescued from fairs, circuses and tourist exhibits. This sanctuary is their final home, here you can walk at a safe distance and observe the daily activities of these friendly animals.

The elephants enjoy a pond, open fields, hillsides and other outdoor spaces. You should not bathe the animals without asking and it is forbidden to ride on their backs.

To provide an ethical experience, the sanctuary allows only those elephants that need to be bathed. At all times you should observe them from a distance, until they decide to approach you.

Buy tickets for the elephant sanctuary

4. Explore Phuket Aquarium

Phuket Aquarium| ©Jamie Monk
Phuket Aquarium| ©Jamie Monk

The city's aquarium is one of the best things to do in Phuket, especially if you go with your family. It is an interactive space where professionals feed the animals in front of visitors, inviting them to learn about marine life.

The Phuket Aquarium has fish, reptiles, sharks and other species that will leave children very surprised. The hours to enjoy the available exhibits are Monday through Sunday from 10:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.

Some of the exhibits include swimming with rescued turtles or sharks while learning about the conservation of these species.

Buy tickets for Aquaria Phuket

5. Visit the Bird Park

Bird Park| ©Jamie Monk
Bird Park| ©Jamie Monk

The Bird Park is a cultural spectacle you can't skip, especially if you are visiting Phuket with children. It is considered an ideal zoological park to take the kids to explore.

Without a doubt, the whole family will be able to marvel at more than 1,000 birds representing at least 100 species from the region. There are giant ostriches, eagles, peacocks and more. To get there you can use the Wat Chalong temple as a reference point.

The park also offers a Jurassic activity for children, which will take them back to the time of birds of prey.

6. Take a zip line over the forest.

Waiting for the zip line| ©
Waiting for the zip line| ©[email protected]

You can't miss this adrenaline-filled experience, which will take you to practice an extreme sport in a safe way. The zip line jumping takes place at Hanuman World, a park located in the forest of Phuket.

This activity is available for people between four and eighty years old, there are guided tours that take you to know a Thai jungle. In addition, the more adventurous children will experience what it feels like to fly like a monkey through the treetops.

This is an excellent option, as children will burn off energy and create new family memories.

7. Don't miss the Museum of Illusions 3D

3D Museum| ©Jamie Monk
3D Museum| ©Jamie Monk

The Museum of 3D Illusions is an attraction for all ages, where you will find trompe l'oeil style murals. This type of decoration uses a technique to trick the eye using optical effects.

Children will have a memorable experience, as the building is filled with three-dimensional illusions. The entrance fee is approximately €10 per person. It is located on PhangNga Street and operates daily until 7:00 p.m.

It is an excellent choice if you are looking for things to do in Phuket at night and want to include the kids.

8. Have fun at FantaSea Amusement Park

Phuket FantaSea| ©Jamie Monk
Phuket FantaSea| ©Jamie Monk

Most kids enjoy roller coasters, so I suggest you take them to check out the FantaSea Amusement Park. It's a fun experience, which takes place a few meters from Kamala Beach.

After a beach swim, kids can enjoy colorful shows, such as rituals, dances and performances of Thai culture.

Here the little ones can learn the history of the prince of Kamala, while having a look at the statue built in his honor. During Carnival the park organizes themed events, so there are many tourists roaming around the area.

Specifically you can take advantage of the activities to do in Phuket in November, in this month takes place the Carnival Magic where about 20,000 people are expected each year.

9. Take the opportunity to practice mini-golf at DinoPark

Mini golf in Phuket| ©Easy Day Thailand
Mini golf in Phuket| ©Easy Day Thailand

DinoPark is a versatile park where children will have a great time. It is inspired by Jurassic dinosaurs and offers a mini golf course, with a scenography based on prehistoric times. You will see vegetation everywhere, as well as training and shows with special effects. The most interesting attraction is the simulation of a volcanic eruption, hidden in one of the holes of the mini golf course.

I suggest you prepare your camera for the best family memories.

10. See the world from a different perspective at the Upside Down House

Baan Teelanka sign| ©Nigel Lian
Baan Teelanka sign| ©Nigel Lian

The Upside Down House or Baan Teelanka is a fantastic attraction located in the north of Phuket Island. Here children will be able to experience various emotions, in a house where everything is upside down. Starting because the furniture is on the ceiling.

Additionally, you can walk through the hedge maze, the tree house and the escape rooms. There is a photo area, ideal for capturing entertaining memories that will be captured in time.

Other things to see and do in Phuket with kids

Phuket Big Buddha| ©Andaman4fun
Phuket Big Buddha| ©Andaman4fun

Phuket is the largest island in Thailand, it is also one of the most visited. Therefore, it is a great choice for a variety of family activities. A curious fact is that it is connected to the rest of Thailand by a kilometer-long bridge.

The activities hardly end, so I suggest you plan a visit of at least 5 days in Phuket. Also, book each attraction in advance, so you can enjoy this wonderful memorable experience for the kids.

Phuket Big Buddha

Children will surely be thrilled to see the third largest statue in Thailand, be prepared because its particular shape will arouse their curiosity. The Big Buddha of Phuket is a cultural and historical monument that measures more than 145 meters.

It is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the province, so in high season it is at full capacity. Don't worry! It is one of the things to do in Phuket in October, as there are fewer tourists.

You will be able to spot this statue easily, as it is located at the top of Nakkerd hill, its location is ideal for you to take a pleasant memory of the best views of the island.

Michelle's Traveller Tip

This statue represents the Buddhist religion, so it is important to respect the dress code. I recommend you to avoid bare shoulders or legs.

Diving with children

Thousands of people travel to Phuket every month, just to explore the seabed. The island is surrounded by areas with ideal conditions for diving, snorkeling, kayaking and other water sports.

One of the most special is Phi Phi Island where you can dive or explore by submarine, at completely safe depths. Keep in mind that scuba diving is a sport recommended for children, as it helps them to work on flexibility, agility and strength, as well as lung capacity.

Remember that when diving with children you must wait a prudent time to get on a plane, it is recommended not to dive forty-eight hours before or after taking a flight.

This is because during a dive your body absorbs nitrogen, which is eliminated as the hours go by. Therefore, this experience is ideal only if you plan to visit Phuket in 7 days.

Book an excursion to Phi Phi Islands

Where to stay with children in Phuket

Streets of Phuket| ©Phil Whitehouse
Streets of Phuket| ©Phil Whitehouse

A vacation with children should not be taken lightly. Without a doubt, they require planning and seriousness to provide them with a quality trip. Booking accommodations and flights in advance will give you the privilege of accessing the best quality hotels.

In Phuket there are resorts near the sea with excellent entertainment options for children. The most sought-after areas are in the villages near Katong, Kata, Ra Wai and Kalim beaches.

Tips for visiting Phuket with children

Sunscreen| ©Moose Photos
Sunscreen| ©Moose Photos

Avoid night activities

If you are planning things to do in Phuket at night, you should look for alternatives for the little ones. The island has an active nightlife, but I don't recommend taking the kids to certain types of activities.

Most of them are for adults, as they are themed parties where there is alcohol and late-night entertainment on offer. There are childcare services that work at night, but you should choose carefully, as it is about the safety of the little ones.

Update their vaccinations before traveling

Have your children's vaccination cards up to date, and I suggest you take them for a medical check-up before the trip. The recommended vaccinations for the whole family are:

  • Yellow fever.
  • Typhoid fever.
  • Tetanus.
  • Cholera.
  • Rabies.
  • Hepatitis.

Additionally, you can take out a life insurance policy, since it is the best way to prevent and save. This type of coverage not only covers medical emergencies, but also includes baggage loss, repatriation and other indispensable services when traveling to a foreign destination.

Use sunscreen

The island of Phuket stands out for its exotic coves and beaches, which offer ideal recreational activities for children. The locals believe that Thai sand is therapeutic, and to prove it, there are masseurs on the seashore.

For these hours of fun, do not forget to apply sunscreen, especially at noon when the sun reaches its brightest point. In general, between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. the sun in Phuket can be intense and you run the risk of sunstroke.