11 Things to Do in Seville in April

April is the best time to visit the Andalusian capital. In the middle of spring Seville dresses up to start its impressive Holy Week and everything that follows.

Ana C.R.

Ana C.R.

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11 Things to Do in Seville in April

View of the Cathedral of Seville | ©Ronny Siegel

Seville literally explodes with the arrival of April. If we ask any Sevillian what is the moment of the year they would never miss, this is it.

Every year, at the beginning of April, the city of Seville begins with the preparations for one of the most important religious festivities of Holy Week on the planet. There are few places in the world where you can see such an emotional display in every sense of the word.

Sevillians throw themselves body and soul into each and every one of the activities organized by the city. We can assure you that if you are lucky enough to be in Seville during these days, you will take with you an indelible memory that will stay with you for life.

1. Enjoy the April Fair

The April Fair| ©Nick Kenrick
The April Fair| ©Nick Kenrick

The April Fair in Seville takes place approximately two weeks after Easter.

As with the religious festivities of Easter, many of the Andalusian cities celebrate their own April Fair, even nowadays it has spread to other Spanish capitals such as Barcelona, Madrid or Valencia. However, the April Fair in Seville is still recognized by all as the fair par excellence.

"The fair of fairs" some call it, and the truth is that they are right. It is difficult to find another place that gathers so much art, color and joy per square meter

Seville and its April Fair seduces even the most "pintao", you only need to enter the Royal enclosure, in the area of Remedios, and let yourself go with the flow of the "crowd", to realize the unique atmosphere of festivity that permeates.

Music, folklore and gastronomy everywhere. Everything you need to have a really good time, that's "La Feria".

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Taste the fried fish in "La Noche del Pescaito Frito"

There is no doubt that fried fish is the gastronomic star of the April Fair. This delicacy of the Andalusian culture is so important for the Sevillians that it even has its own night, and it is not just any night.

La Noche del Pescaito Frito is the beginning of the Feria de Abril in Seville. This dinner, prior to the great moment of "El Alumbrao", takes place in the neighborhood of Los Remedios while waiting for midnight, when thousands and thousands of light bulbs illuminate the front of the fairgrounds where the highly anticipated fair will take place.

Stroll along La Calle del Infierno (Hell Street)

The stalls located between Los Remedios and La Tablada, begin to set the city in motion for everything that has to come later.

From several days before the start of the Feria de Abril, the traditionally called Calle de Infierno (because of the infernal noise produced by the attractions located there), begins its frenetic activity.

The iconic charm of its attractions is the main attraction for the young and not so young. It is not about the great infrastructures of last generation that we can find in the thematic parks, no. They are the hilarious "caches of fun" that we can find in the theme parks. They are the hilarious "cacharritos", those lifelong attractions that you will surely remember; the Viking ship, the witch train, the bulls, the Ferris wheel, the mouse and many others.

Usually, every year, the circus is also located in this area, so if you have the opportunity, do not miss the chance to relive the illusion offered by this memorable show.

2. Visit the bullring of La Real Maestranza

Bullring of La Real Maestranza.| ©Mauro Astolfi
Bullring of La Real Maestranza.| ©Mauro Astolfi

La Maestranza starts the bullfighting season right in April. Whether you are a big fan of bullfighting or just want to browse, this is the best time to attend one of the most controversial shows that can be witnessed today.

At this time the billboard of the bullring in Seville offers its best and most exclusive offer, but there is also room for more affordable bullfights in which it is not difficult to get tickets.

The Real Maestranza is considered one of the most important bullrings on the planet, and not for less, any bullfighting figure dreams of debuting in this enclave, located on the banks of the Guadalquivir, which is living history of Spain and the world.

You can check the availability of your ticket here

3. Go to any of the processions of the Brotherhoods and Guilds

Holy Week in Seville| ©César Catalán
Holy Week in Seville| ©César Catalán

Any of the processions that you can choose to accompany, or simply watch pass by, leave no one indifferent. The devotion with which the impressive religious images are paraded through the streets is unparalleled.

Regardless of your degree of religiosity, start Holy Week in the purest Andalusian style. Try to feel part of one of those experiences that will make your hair stand on end.

La Borriquita, Jesús Despojado, La Paz, La Cena, La Hiniesta, San Roque, La Estrella, La Amargura, El Amor, are some of the brotherhoods and fraternities with which the famous Holy Week processions of Seville begin, but the truth is that throughout the week an endless number of this type of religious groups, major or minor, and each with its own peculiarities; religious image, clothing, music, step or march.

Click here to know when and where each procession takes place

4. Do not miss the opportunity to witness an authentic Tablao Flamenco

Flamenco Show| ©Elliott Brown
Flamenco Show| ©Elliott Brown

The city of Seville in April would not be the same without flamenco. It is the authentic soundtrack that accompanies all the festivities that we have been breaking down so far.

Flamenco is the art that imprints that unique character that Seville and Andalusia in generalenjoys, and that during Holy Week and the April Fair is more and better seen.

As with bullfighting, April is the best time to witness flamenco in Seville. The best artists that make up this ancient art; singers, musicians and dancers, come together in a city that oozes art from each and every one of its pores.

Book any of the shows available in April in Seville

5. Attend the last days of the Seville Early Music Festival

FEMAS Concert| ©Alicia y Cristina Arroyo
FEMAS Concert| ©Alicia y Cristina Arroyo

The Seville Early Music Festival reaches its twilight at the beginning of April, just before Easter. For many it is a relaxed prelude to everything that has to come after.

This Festival is a must for lovers of classical sounds, but if you are one of those who want to explore and not only limit yourself to modern music, this may be the best place to start discovering the sound world of the ancients.

Espacio Turina, San Luis, Real Alcázar, Teatro Alameda, or Teatro de la Maestranza, are some of the usual venues where the different concerts and performances of a festival especially recognized for its quality and good taste take place.

Check the program of the Early Music Festival of Seville here

6. Let's go shopping at the flamenco fashion market

Flamenco fashion market.| ©D-Koala
Flamenco fashion market.| ©D-Koala

Apart from the many traditional markets that you can find in Seville such as; the one in Triana, the one in the Lonja del Barranco, the one in Feria street, the one in Encarnación or the one in

Arenal, at the end of April a market exclusively dedicated to flamenco fashion opens its doors.

Located in La Plaza Nueva, this market of early creation has become since its inception, the reference market of the spectacular and charismatic flamenco fashion.

A type of aesthetic concept that is so peculiar for those who come from outside, as deeply rooted for the native, and that is precisely in the month of April when it gives free rein to its most effusive exuberance.

See more details of the Flamenco Fashion Market of Seville here

7. Have fun with the whole family at Isla Magica

Enjoying Isla Magíca| ©david
Enjoying Isla Magíca| ©david

For more than 25 years now, the Isla Magica theme park in Seville opens its doors in April.

Isla Magica is inspired by the Age of Discoveries and each of its areas will evoke the magic of a specific place; Puerto de Indias (Seville), Puerta de America (Cartagena de Indias), Amazonia (Iguazu Falls), La Guarida de los Piratas, La Fuente de la Juventud (The Fountain of Youth) and El Dorado.

In addition to an endless number of attractions, in this park you can find everything you need to spend a great day with the family, with all kinds of shows, restaurants, stores and surprises that will make the little ones take an unforgettable memory.

Get your ticket here

8. To the theater!

Inside a Theater| ©Monica Silvestre
Inside a Theater| ©Monica Silvestre

Some of the most important theater cycles that you can find in Seville take place in April.

The Children's Theater Cycle or the Casa de la Moneda Baroque Theater Festival are some of the proposals, but the truth is that the city has a wide billboard in this sense.

Seville, as it could not be otherwise, bets strongly for the theater.

Check the offer of theaters and many other proposals here

Contemporary Dance Cycle Vertebración

At the end of April, as every year in Seville, begins the Vertebración Contemporary Dance Cycle.

Organized by the Association of companies and dance professionals, this short festival is an unmissable event for dance lovers. It takes place in a unique setting; The Teatro de la Maestranza in Seville, and enjoys an enviable health compared to other festivals of the same theme that take place in the peninsula. And in April, in Seville, everything works.

Find out the details of this event and other events promoted by the PAD association here

9. Visit the temporary exhibitions in April

Museum Paintings| ©Laura
Museum Paintings| ©Laura

Seville takes advantage of the influx of public in April to make some of the temporary exhibitions that take place in the city coincide with Easter and the April Fair.

So April is a good time to take advantage, you too, and not miss the opportunity to see the best exhibitions; painting, sculpture, fashion, conferences and more.

You can check the dates of all exhibitions here

10. Book a guided tour of the city of Seville in April

Walking around Seville| ©Rafael Lopez Puerto
Walking around Seville| ©Rafael Lopez Puerto

One of the best things you can do as soon as you set foot in Seville, is to let yourself be accompanied by one of the many guided tours that the city offers, especially during the month of April.

No matter how beautiful the city is, it will never be the same to contemplate it without knowing exactly what you are seeing, than to contemplate it letting yourself be enlightened by an expert in the field.

Some of the visits that are a must for any visitor to Seville are the Alcazar, the Cathedral and the Giralda,

Book a guided tour in April to these places and many more


Spring in Seville| ©Paco Carrascosa
Spring in Seville| ©Paco Carrascosa

As we can see, Seville is linked to the month of April. Seville and April have a close relationship, an unbreakable, historical and iconic relationship.

For this reason, if Seville is Andalusia in its pure state, if Seville is art, passion and Holy Week, if Seville is flamenco and festivity, if it is bullfighting, fried fish, spectacle and color, all this is April, in Seville in spring.