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Experience Highlights

This two-hour private tour of Ibiza will allow you to discover the most emblematic sites of the island, accompanied by a professional guide who will tell you the history of each place. You will stroll along the coves, bastions, coasts and bays bathed by the turquoise Mediterranean Sea. You'll visit places such as the Dalt Vila Walls, Ibiza Castle, the Cathedral and the Museum of Contemporary Art, among many others.

  • Tour Ibiza on foot with a professional guide and learn about the history told in the places where the events took place.
  • Enjoy an immersive journey where you will walk through the natural and architectural wonders of the island on a private and exclusive tour.
  • Visit iconic tourist must-sees, such as the Dalt Vila Walls and the Cathedral.

What’s included

  • Private tour of Ibiza
  • Walking tour of Dalt Vila
  • Professional guide with historical expertise
  • Private experience, exclusive to you and your group

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Step by Step

Experience an unforgettable adventure as you take this private walking tour of Ibiza, exclusively for you and your group, where you'll get an up-close look at the coastal, natural and architectural landscape of the city.

During your walking tour, which lasts approximately two hours, you will have the opportunity to discover the legendary events that marked Ibiza.

A professional guide , an expert in history, will narrate the most important landmarks of the island, taking you through its coves, bastions, bays, coasts and the historic centre Dalt Vila, where you will see places such as:

  • Portal de Seus Tales: this is the gateway to the walled enclosure of Dalt Vila, located in the highest part of the historic quarter, which you will access via a drawbridge.
  • Bastions of Dalt Vila: of the heptagon-shaped walled enclosure, of which each point has a bastion, you will see the bastions of Sant Bernat, San Jaume, Sant Pere and Sant Llúcia.
  • Museum of Contemporary Art: you will be able to see works by local artists who were the stars of the island's artistic heyday in the 1960s.
  • Ibiza Cathedral: this spectacular Baroque-style church, renovated in the 18th century, worships Santa María la Mayor.
  • Ibiza Castle: this 16th and 18th-century structure has the Torre del Homenaje (Homage Tower) and the Governor's House inside. From the outside, you will get an impressive panoramic view.

Your private guide will take you on a generational stroll through episodes such as the epics of the pirates of Ibiza, the Roman Punic Wars, the Arab conquest, the domination of Catalonia and the Franco dictatorship, right up to the modern times that today build it culturally.


· 372 Reviews
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    Ibiza is a Mediterranean magnificence. From the people that surround it, the team that attends us, the beautiful beaches and climate make it a very pleasant place.
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    We are a big family so private tours are part of our daily routine when we travel! It has been worth every euro paid.
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    The guide was very knowledgeable in all things Spanish, definitely passionate about history and a person with very good vibes.
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    I recommend taking some cash with you as you will fall in love with the little clothing and souvenir shops. There is a lot of nice stuff.
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