10 Things to Do in Ibiza in November

November is an autumn month, so you are likely to get fewer tourists than usual on the island. However, there is plenty to do in November in Ibiza.

Andressa García

Andressa García

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10 Things to Do in Ibiza in November

Punta Galera, Ibiza | ©Alberto Godino

The penultimate month of the year is the best season to visit the island's street markets, especially if you want to see the works of art that artisans can make. Although Ibiza in November does not open its doors to night parties, it does open its doors to traditions and tranquility.

Also November is a good time to get to know some of the most beautiful traditions that Ibiza has to show, among them patron saint festivals of its most active villages, and humor festivals. That's why I will show you some of the best things to see and do in Ibiza at this time.

1. Visit the coves without tourists

Cala d'Hort| ©Nicolas Vigier
Cala d'Hort| ©Nicolas Vigier

Among the most special attractions of the Balearic Islands are the Calas, which are usually full of tourists in high season or in summer. In low season, you might think that you can't visit the coves, but the truth is that this is one of the best things to do in winter in Ibiza, because the influx of tourists is lower.

As it is autumn, the weather is not cold enough to not enjoy the beach, and also as there are few people in the coves, you can enjoy more of the scenery and bathing in the cool waters of the coast.

One of the coves that I recommend you to visit during this autumn season is Cala d'Hort, and more than the cove itself, I recommend you to visit the viewpoint of this cove. In addition, from this viewpoint you can appreciate on a clear day, the island Es Vedra, whose surroundings have many incredible activities to do and also a reputation of mysterious for the strange events that occur in this place.

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2. Sunset in Sant Antoni with secured sites

Sunset in Sant Antoni| ©calafellvalo
Sunset in Sant Antoni| ©calafellvalo

Sunset in Sant Antoni is one of the best activities you can do at sunset. And although it is something you can enjoy all year round thanks to the great weather in Ibiza, I recommend you to do it especially during the month of November.

There are several very beautiful and special places to watch the sunset in San Antonio. Most of them are located on the seashore. But regardless of the place you choose to see this spectacle of nature, the first advantage you will have in November is that you will not find large numbers of people.

This is an excellent plan for couples visiting the island in November, so if this is your intention, you already know that you will be able to enjoy an incredible beach weather and a postcard view, without having many people around bothering you. On the other hand, and another of the advantages I like to enjoy this tour in November, is that the weather is always in your favor.

In November it is still autumn so the weather is not too cold to wear many layers of clothes, nor too warm to be sweating all day. Some of the places I like to highlight to see the sunset are: Sa Penya Esbarrada in the area of Plà de Corona, Punta Galera, Ses Variades and Cap Blanc.

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3. Trencada de pinyons

Trencada de pinyons| ©VICENT MARÍ
Trencada de pinyons| ©VICENT MARÍ

This is a tradition practically forgotten in Ibiza but that for a few years has become fashionable again. The locals want to recover this tradition and one of the best ways to do it is to show it to the tourists. Trencada de pinyons basically means "breaking of pine nuts" in Catalan.

This is a tradition that is highlighted towards the feast of All Saints in Ibiza, and in fact, it has to do in part with what would be the tradition of Halloween in this town, let's say it is the Ibizan Halloween. Formerly the pine nuts were split to make the traditional panellets, but nowadays this is only done by the bakeries.

As for the festivity itself, this "trencada de pinyons" is organized year after year to recover this lost tradition. The moment is enlivened with music and also offers a schedule of musical events and concerts of different artists that you will surely want to see on stage.

The events dedicated to the Trencada take place from October 31 and last until at least November 2 of each year. To find out about ticket prices for concerts and other musical events, I recommend you pay attention to the information on the organization of the celebrations.

4. Festivities in honor of the patron saint of San Carlos

Squid Fair| ©Aghe74
Squid Fair| ©Aghe74

Exactly one month usually last the festivities of San Carlos in Ibiza, and although the celebration of the patron saint of San Carlos de Peralta begins the second week of October, the big day on which this saint is celebrated is November 4. It usually lasts until the second week of November.

There are no activities every day, but I recommend you to go to Ibiza in November to enjoy this patron saint festival because it is in this month when you can enjoy most of the attractions of this festival.

The squid fair is one of the many attractions of the fairs. Boilers and kitchens are lit to season and bring to the plates this delicious fruit of the sea, following different preparations. So it is a good opportunity to taste a little of the local gastronomy.

But there is also a full program of activities to celebrate the festivities, including traditional games and photography contests in which you can participate. If you go with children to these festivities you can also find a great variety of entertainment for them, such as the different children's gymkhanas and magic acts.

5. Santa Gertrudis Festivities

Santa Gertrudis Festivities| ©Ibizatravel
Santa Gertrudis Festivities| ©Ibizatravel

Sports activities, concerts and events for children are some of the attractions that you can find in Ibiza during the festivities of Santa Gertrudis. And if you are visiting the city, it is an excellent opportunity to learn a little more about the traditions and folklore of this region.

Spain in general is a country of many traditions, so if you visit Ibiza during the month of November you will be able to realize the great amount of parties and traditional celebrations that are usually done. And of course, in addition to the typical activities to highlight the idiosyncrasy of Ibiza, there are other musical activities for everyone to enjoy.

To find out which are the musical groups, or at least the type of shows that will be offered at the festival of Santa Gertrudis, I recommend you visit the website of the event, to also learn other details related to the festivities.

These festivities offer entertainment for all audiences, because in addition to music and typical gastronomy, you will be able to attend quality sporting events such as equestrian activities and motocross championships. And children can not be left out of this celebration, so if you go with them to the fair, they can enjoy children's parties, games and magic acts.

6. La Cursa de Sa Sobrassada

Cursa Sa de Sobrassada| ©J.A. Riera
Cursa Sa de Sobrassada| ©J.A. Riera

Continuing with the activities that take place during the festivities of Santa Gertrudis, one of the most popular is the Cursa de Sa Sobrassada. This is one of the events in which I recommend you do not fail to participate, or at least go to see. It is a half marathon where anyone who wants to can participate.

It is a family race that is divided into different categories, one for men, one for women, one mixed and one for children and youth. In the case of the categories for adults, you can register by paying a price that is generally around 5 euros, approximately.

When it comes to the race for children and young people, they can participate for free. Usually this event takes place around the second week of November and is part of the festivities of Santa Gertrudis, but it is one of those activities that, if you like sports, I recommend you to participate in your visit to Ibiza in November.

Also, if you like Mediterranean and Ibicencan gastronomy specifically, you will surely love to run to taste a delicious sobrasada that is traditionally given to those who win this competition. I'm sure you'll love running for a culinary purpose.

7. Mal del Cap Short Film Festival

Mal del Cap Short Film Festival| ©Matt Ans
Mal del Cap Short Film Festival| ©Matt Ans

It started out as a simple short film festival at the beginning of its history, but nowadays this is one of the most prolific art festivals you can attend in Ibiza. It opens to the public during the last week of October and runs until the second week of November.

During the time of the Mal del Cap short film festival you can attend as many times as you want to enjoy different shows, not only the presentation of short films, but you can also enjoy plays, musical numbers and even concerts featuring local artists of great talent.

Sometimes books and other written works are also presented. If you are an art lover in general, you will love this festival, because it also offers a more alternative type of art such as podcasts. You will love to participate in the talks that are prepared to talk about art and learn more about art movements.

But this festival not only seeks to please the hardened lovers of art, music and literature; but also conquers the rest of the public with its comedy shows, where I assure you that you will laugh a lot, and you will be grateful for having gone to this festival.

8. Ibiza Humor Festival

Can Ventosa Cultural Center| ©Miguel A
Can Ventosa Cultural Center| ©Miguel A

In the second week of November the Ibiza Humor Festival opens to the public, where different humor artists offer their best presentations to delight the audience. If you like this kind of humor shows, this is one of the most fun activities that I propose to do in Ibiza in November.

Although in this month the island is desolate because of the autumn and beginning of winter, there are many fun activities that you can enjoy and this is one of them. Generally the shows are for adults, so it is not an activity that I recommend you to do in Ibiza with children.

There are comedy shows for all tastes and it is a show that almost always lasts between 3 and 4 days. It is organized by the Town Hall, so if you want to have information about tickets, the days the festival will be active and, of course, the different artists and acts that will be performing, I recommend you to visit the official website of this entity.

As for ticket prices, they usually cost between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the type of show and the number of artists on stage. And about the place to present each work, this may change from year to year, but mostly the meeting place to enjoy this event is the Cultural Center of Can Ventosa.

9. Hippie Market Las Dalias without agglomerations

Las Dalias flea market| ©David Garcia
Las Dalias flea market| ©David Garcia

The Las Dalias flea market is open every Saturday throughout the year, however, November is a good time to visit this place thanks to the fact that the influx of tourists drops considerably during the autumn-winter period starting around October.

With few people on the street, the Las Dalias flea market becomes a must for any tourist. Once in this place you will be able to buy any kind of handicraft and taste multiple traditional foods of the Ibizan region. In addition, if you go towards the last two weekends of November, you may find a few other things related to Christmas that is about to arrive for that date.

Going without crowds will allow you to know each of the craft stalls and enjoy the originality of each of them. In November it is only open on Saturdays, so during those days you have from 10:00 to 19:00 hours to enjoy the attractions of this place.

I do not recommend this as a good plan to bring children because there are no activities available especially dedicated to the enjoyment of them, but it is a good place to stroll quietly with the rest of the family, with friends or with your partner, especially if you are a foodie who likes to know new dishes and different flavors.

10. Cycling or hiking in cooler weather

Hiking in Ibiza| ©Goianobe
Hiking in Ibiza| ©Goianobe

Hiking is an amazing activity to do anytime and anywhere, especially if the weather and landscapes allow it, that's why Ibiza's cool weather in November is perfect for a hiking or cycling tour. Again the weather is on your side in this activity.


Whether you want to hike on your own or do a guided tour, this is one of the best options you have for the month of November. If you go on a guided tour, the hiking route will be determined by the team of guides you go with. But if you go on your own to go hiking in Ibiza, I recommend some of the most special routes to get to know the whole island.

One of the best hiking routes is from Sant Josep to Sa Talaia, the highest point of Ibiza. Although it is about reaching the highest point of Ibiza, this is one of the easiest routes to do and yet it is one of the best because of the amount of landscapes you can enjoy along the way.

Another one that is ideal for beginners is the route around the river of Santa Eulalia, it is only 3 kilometers long and it is a fresh route, with a lot of nature to see around. Other routes are: the one that goes from San Antonio to Cala Salada and the Cala Aubarca route.

Cycle touring

On the other hand, you can also choose to get on a bicycle and ride around Ibiza town and its surroundings on a bike. Just like hiking, you can do this kind of routes on your own or you can do a guided cyclotourism route. The first one will be free, although if you don't have your own bike, you have to rent one.

In the second case, there are many bike tours in Ibiza, which offer a complete tour, with a guide to accompany you and bike rental is also included. In this case you can pay approximately between 30 and 60 euros per person, depending on the type of route and the type of tour you choose to do.

As for the routes, if you choose a guided tour, the route is usually proposed by the tour guide, while if you go on your own, you can choose from multiple cycling routes to enjoy the island. Among the most popular routes are Port Des Torrent, Sant Rafael, Santa Gertrudis and Sa Capelleta.

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