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Get these tickets to the NEMO Science Museum and learn all sorts of things through interactive experiments. With spaces designed for both children and adults, you'll discover new things aboutengineering, physics, biology and chemistry in a fun way that will make learning easier.

  • With these tickets you can access the NEMO science museum in Amsterdam.
  • You will have all kinds of interactive experiences like touching Tesla balls or blowing a bubble so big that you can get inside it.
  • Children and adults alike will learn about engineering, physics, biology and chemistry.

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  • Entrance to the NEMO Science Museum Amsterdam

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Learn about all kinds of science with these tickets to the NEMO Museum in Amsterdam. Once you enter the museum, these tickets will allow you to stay inside for as long as you like. This will allow you to devote your attention to leisurely experiencing the museum's interactive activities.

This museum is perfect for both children and adults as everything is explained in a simple way and with a real experiment. This way, the concepts will be much more firmly established and it will be a fun experience for anyone who attends.

All areas of science are covered including engineering, physics, biology and chemistry. From how renewable energy works to what happens inside us when we kiss. You will discover in a practical way and with your own hands things you didn't know before.

Some of the things you will be able to experience are whispering to someone 5 metres away, or making a bubble so big that you can get inside it. The youngest children will be able to enter a laboratory where they will be able to do their own experiments under supervision.


· 3059 Reviews
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    We loved it.
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    An ideal museum to spend some time with the family. The tour was more than enjoyable, although we expected a little more from the place. Recommended to go once.
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    A beautiful place to hang out.
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    A beautiful museum with lots of interactive content in between. Although I expected to find something totally different, I have to admit that I ended up liking it a lot. Highly recommended.
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