Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter Anne Frank Tour

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Experience Highlights

Delve into Amsterdam' s Jewish quarter on a walking tour through the eyes of Anne Frank, accompanied by a professional guide. For approximately two hours, walk through Jodenbuurt and the Jordaan neighbourhood as you immerse yourself in the history and anecdotes of a time as harsh and tragic as the Second World War.

The tour will be done in groups of about 15 travellers, which will optimise the experience. On this tour you will learn about how the Nazi invasion affected Amsterdam, the Jewish history of Amsterdam and, in particular, of Anne Frank, one of the most famous victims of the Holocaust.

  • Tour Amsterdam 's Jewish quarter and the story of Anne Frank in the Dutch capital during the Second World War.
  • The professional guide will provide you with interesting information about the city under German rule and the importance of the Anne Frank House.
  • Jodenbuurt and Jordaan are the two districts you will explore in depth.

What’s included

  • Local guide
  • Tour of Amsterdam's Jewish Quarter
  • Explanation of the life of Anne Frank
  • Entrance to the Anne Frank House

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Step by Step

Go back to the dark days of World War II on an approximately two-hour walking tour through Amsterdam's Jewish quarter. On this experience you will learn about the story of Anne Frank and how the Nazi invasion affected the Netherlands from a professional local guide.

The Jodenbuurt, the Anne Frank House, the Jordaan or the Amsterdam Jewish Historical Museum are some of the places you will pass by while your guide will immerse you in anecdotes and events about the Holocaust and the Jewish history of the city. This tour will be conducted in small groups of around 15 travellers, so you will enjoy more personalised attention.

Jodenbuurt is the Jewish quarter of Amsterdam where you will learn about the hard life of the Jewish community during the Nazi occupation and have the opportunity to pass by points of interest such as the Portuguese Synagogue, the Jewish Historical Museum, the Auschwitz Memorial. This district is full of emblematic buildings dedicated to honouring Jews, remnants of the war and secret hiding places offered by the Dutch Resistance.

The story of Anne Frank is the most interesting and has had the greatest impact to this day. It is one of the most characteristic examples of Nazi rule and the horrors it caused. The Frank family, German and Jewish, was one of the many families who suffered persecution by the Germans and decided to go into exile in Amsterdam. They hid in a residence located in the Jordaan district, which today is the well-known Anne Frank House, converted into a museum.

You will learn about the events experienced by Anne, thanks to her diary, while she was hiding from the Nazis and whose story has shocked the whole world so much.


· 14050 Reviews
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    The tour is fantastic and moving, it really puts you into those years and their history. With our guide we were able to understand a lot of the events.
  • A
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    The visit was very interesting culturally and historically; we had a lot of fun. There was time to see many places and details that we would never have noticed if it wasn't for our guide.
  • C
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    Our guide was a bit complicated when it came to answering our questions, we were a large group, but he did a good job and the tour was quite good.
  • F
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    Very entertaining tour, a good overview of the history of the Jews of Amsterdam in World War II. The guide 10/10. He was excellent
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