10 Things to Do in Los Cabos in July

Los Cabos offers pleasant weather all year round, but it is in July, during the hottest month of the summer, when some of the main festivals and events of this Baja California Sur destination take place.

Matías Rodríguez

Matías Rodríguez

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10 Things to Do in Los Cabos in July

Vista alta de Los Cabos|©Josh Withers

If something distinguishes Los Cabos from other Mexican destinations is that it has a pleasant climate during all months of the year. Whatever the season in which you plan to organize your trip, you will find attractions and activities that will amaze you in Baja California. However, it is during the summer and mainly in July, which is the hottest month, when some of the main events take place and the beaches offer their best version.

Among the best things to do in Los Cabos in July are attending the live concerts at Mandala, visiting San Jose del Cabo to experience the traditional festivities, attending the Electric Paradise Festival, witnessing the Gastronomy and Wine Festival, which is one of the region's emblems, and participating in the patron saint festivities of Cabo San Lucas.

1. Attend the Live Concerts at Mandala Los Cabos

people in nightclub|©Mark Angelo Sampan
people in nightclub|©Mark Angelo Sampan

Attending live concerts at Mandala Los Cabos during the month of July is an unparalleled experience for music and nightlife lovers. Located in the heart of Los Cabos, this iconic club offers a vibrant mix of music, party atmosphere and world-class entertainment, which opens its summer season in July.

Every weekend, Mandala Los Cabos presents a varied program of live concerts featuring local and international artists spanning genres such as pop, rock, electronic music and more. Whether you prefer to dance to the latest hits or enjoy the energetic tunes of a live band, Mandala Los Cabos has something for everyone.

The atmosphere at Mandala is electrifying. The venue features a spacious dance floor and a high-quality sound system that immerses you completely in the music. In addition, the club's modern and sophisticated design, along with impressive lighting, creates a unique atmosphere that transports you to another level of fun and excitement, which is why it is often included in tours of Los Cabos.

In addition to music, Mandala Los Cabos offers a wide selection of exquisite drinks and cocktails to enjoy while you indulge in the rhythm of the night. From cocktail classics to innovative creations, Mandala's bar caters to every palate and guarantees an unparalleled experience on every visit.

2. Tour San José del Cabo with little tourist traffic

San Jose del Cabo|©Jessica Splain
San Jose del Cabo|©Jessica Splain

San José del Cabo is one of the main sites of Los Cabos, but it is usually very crowded during most of the year, except for the strongest time of the summer, since tourism is usually concentrated in San Lucas and the surrounding beaches, so July is the perfect time to tour this site and enjoy its charms with little influx of tourists.

After the patron saint festivities in March, San José recovers its tranquility and becomes an ideal destination for those looking for a more relaxed and authentic atmosphere, with cobblestone streets, beautiful colonial houses and a charming central square. You can enjoy the traditional architecture and visit the local church, which rises majestically in the heart of the city.

One of the must-see attractions in San José del Cabo is the Estero de San José del Cabo. This natural oasis is home to birds and marine species, and offers an ideal environment to enjoy nature. San Jose can be reached by public transportation or with a shuttle from the Los Cabos airport.

3. Participate in the Guelaguetza Festivities

Guelaguetza Festivities|©expoferia2007
Guelaguetza Festivities|©expoferia2007

Participating in the Guelaguetza festivities in Los Cabos during the month of July is an ideal opportunity to get to know one of the most traditional celebrations of the American continent, which originated in Oaxaca but whose festivities reach all corners of Mexico, since it is an emblematic festival that celebrates the diversity and folklore of the indigenous communities.

During these festivities you can witness colorful parades, traditional dances and folkloric presentations that represent the different ethnic groups and Mexican cultural groups. The traditional costumes, live music and joy that permeate the atmosphere will transport you to a world full of tradition and cultural roots.

In addition to the artistic presentations, the Guelaguetza Festivities also offer a wide variety of traditional dishes and drinks that you can enjoy.

From delicious tamales and mole to refreshing aguas frescas, you will have the opportunity to taste the authentic local gastronomy and delight in its unique flavors during these week-long festivities in July.

4. Take a cruise with snorkeling experience on the Los Cabos reef.

Sunset snorkeling|©Rubén Ramos Blanco
Sunset snorkeling|©Rubén Ramos Blanco

If you want to make the most of the Los Cabos summer, you can't miss a cruise tour of the Sea of Cortez, which not only usually includes a guided tour of the main sites in the Gulf of California, such as the Cape San Lucas Arch, but also a snorkeling experience that will allow you to discover the Cape's reefs.

During these activities you will be able to see parrot fish, angelfish, sea fans and many other species of this sea that is known as The Aquarium of the World, for the wide richness of its marine fauna and also for its crystal clear waters that facilitate water sports and snorkeling.

Most of these excursions, in addition, usually include open bar options, lunch on board and live music during the trip back to shore, so you can not only discover the local nature but also have fun in one of the best snorkeling experiences in Los Cabos.

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5. Exploit Baja Brewing Company's Theme Nights

The view from Baja Brewing|©Jenni Konrad
The view from Baja Brewing|©Jenni Konrad

Enjoying Baja Brewing Company's Theme Nights in Los Cabos during the month of July is a unique experience for lovers of craft beer and late night fun. Baja Brewing Company, located in the heart of Los Cabos, offers a wide variety of unique beers and exciting themed events to delight visitors.

Each theme night at Baja Brewing Company features a festive atmosphere and special entertainment related to a specific theme. From costume parties to trivia nights to contests, there is something for everyone in a summer season that kicks off in July.

These themed nights will give you the opportunity to immerse yourself in local culture and enjoy unforgettable moments in the company of friends and acquaintances.

In addition to the fun, Baja Brewing Company prides itself on its excellent selection of craft beers. From clear and refreshing beers to bolder and more daring options, beer lovers will find a wide range of flavors to satisfy their palates.

6. Attend the Baja California Food & Wine Festival

people toasting with wine glasses|© Kelsey Knight
people toasting with wine glasses|© Kelsey Knight

Attending the Baja California Food and Wine Festival in Los Cabos during the month of July is a delight for lovers of good food and exquisite wines. This festival is a celebration of the extraordinary gastronomy and renowned wines of the Baja California region, recognized as one of Mexico's premier wine regions.

During the festival, you will have the opportunity to sample a wide variety of gourmet dishes prepared by outstanding chefs, who highlight fresh local ingredients and highlight the culinary richness of the region. From fresh seafood to high quality meats, every bite will be a festival of flavors that will delight your palate.

In addition to the food, the Baja California Food & Wine Festival offers a selection of world-class wines from the region's renowned wineries. You can enjoy tastings, pairings and wine workshops led by experts, which will allow you to learn about and appreciate the diversity and quality of Baja California wines.

The atmosphere of the festival is equally captivating. The events are held in beautiful outdoor settings, with spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez and the stunning landscape of Los Cabos.

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7. Discover the Los Cabos Festival of the Arts

Art walk. San Jose del Cabo,|©Terry MacVey
Art walk. San Jose del Cabo,|©Terry MacVey

If you want to get to know the different art samples of the Gulf of California, then you can't miss the Los Cabos Arts Festival, which is organized every year during the second week of July and is an enriching experience that will immerse you in the vibrant world of art and culture.

During this festival, Los Cabos becomes a stage full of artistic expressions, where local and international artists present their works in a variety of disciplines, such as painting, sculpture, photography and music.

The Los Cabos Festival of the Arts offers a wide range of activities to enjoy. You can explore art exhibitions in galleries and cultural spaces, attend concerts and live recitals, and participate in workshops and lectures given by renowned artists. This event is a platform for cultural exchange and appreciation of art in all its forms.

In addition to the opportunity to enjoy unique works of art, the festival creates a festive and lively atmosphere throughout the city. Streets and plazas fill with color and life, with outdoor activities, street performances and food and craft stalls, making it the ideal opportunity for one of the best excursions in Los Cabos.

8. Live the celebrations to the Virgen del Carmen

Virgen del Carmen Festivities|©David Trujillo
Virgen del Carmen Festivities|©David Trujillo

Living the celebrations of the Virgen del Carmen in Los Cabos during the month of July is a culturally and spiritually enriching experience. These festivities honor the Virgen del Carmen, patron saint of sailors and fishermen, and take place in different coastal communities of the region, generally coinciding in the calendar with the Guelaguetza celebrations.

During the festivities you can witness maritime processions in which fishermen and their boats adorned with flowers and flags, accompany the image of the Virgen del Carmen at sea. It is a spectacle that reflects the deep devotion of the Baja California Sur community to their patron saint and the importance of the sea in the lives of the local inhabitants.

In addition to the maritime processions, the celebrations include masses, folkloric dances, live music and parades. You can immerse yourself in the local culture, appreciate the religious traditions and enjoy the hospitality and joy of the community.

Traditional gastronomy also plays an important role, with delicious dishes such as fresh fish, seafood and handmade tortillas, which are shared during these festivities.

9. Enjoy the dry weather for adventure excursions in the Baja California desert

View of the desert in Los Cabos|©SouthAngel:)
View of the desert in Los Cabos|©SouthAngel:)

July is the perfect time to enjoy exciting adventure tours in Los Cabos. This time of year is characterized by dry and sunny weather, providing ideal conditions for exploring the natural beauty of the region. One of the most exciting experiences you can enjoy is a visit to the desert.

The Los Cabos desert is a fascinating place full of breathtaking landscapes and a great variety of unique flora and fauna. During your excursion, you will be able to delve into this vast ecosystem. From off-road vehicle tours to camel rides, there are many options for exploring the desert before the first rains of Los Cabos begin in August.

Imagine riding through golden sand dunes, spotting giant cacti and discovering unique rock formations. You can also take in theincredible panoramic views of the ocean and mountains that surround the region. Not to mention that during July nights, you can marvel at the starry sky without interference, creating a magical and surreal atmosphere.

10. Try the local gastronomy during the best time of the year to eat seafood

Food on a plate|© Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández
Food on a plate|© Daniel Lloyd Blunk-Fernández

December is the best month to try the exquisite seafood gastronomy in Los Cabos. This time of year offers a perfect combination of warm weather and freshness in the produce, as sea conditions are optimal, guaranteeing an abundant catch and quality selection. Local restaurants and stalls are stocked with fresh shrimp, lobster, fish and other seafood.

From ceviches and shrimp cocktails to delicious fish tacos, the options are endless. Authentic flavors and the fusion of fresh and local ingredients highlight the excellence and variety of dishes that can be found in some of the best excursions in Los Cabos.

In addition, December also coincides with the Christmas holidays, which adds a special feature to the dining experience. Restaurants decorate their spaces and offer Christmas menus that include typical dishes such as cod and romeritos, along with the fresh seafood that is the hallmark of Los Cabos.

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Los Cabos temperatures in July

Panoramic view of Los Cabos|©Mike Druckenbrod
Panoramic view of Los Cabos|©Mike Druckenbrod

Temperatures in Los Cabos in July are warm and pleasant, creating a perfect climate for enjoying the beaches and outdoor activities. During this month, the average temperature ranges from 25° to 32°, making it ideal for relaxing in the sun and taking a dip in the ocean.

In addition to the high temperatures, July is also known for being one of the driest months in Los Cabos, with little chance of rain. This means that days are usually sunny and clear, allowing you to enjoy activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and boat trips to see the Cabo San Lucas Arch and other major attractions without worrying about rainfall.

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Los Cabos tourist arrivals in July

Sun rise at Las Ventanas al Paraiso|©Richard Johnson
Sun rise at Las Ventanas al Paraiso|©Richard Johnson

The tourist flow in Los Cabos in July is high due to the favorable weather conditions and the various activities and events that take place during this month. Many tourists choose to visit Los Cabos during July to enjoy the sun, beaches and outdoor activities this destination has to offer.

Please note that due to the popularity of this site in July, it is advisable to plan ahead and book accommodations and activities in advance to ensure you get the best options and prices. In addition, some sites, such as the city's museums and the Los Cabos Desert, tend to have a higher influx of visitors during the summer.

Prices in Los Cabos in July

Restaurants in Los Cabos|©Richard Johnson
Restaurants in Los Cabos|©Richard Johnson

Prices in Los Cabos in July can vary depending on tourist demand and available supply. Due to the fact that July is considered high season in this destination, it is common that prices for lodging, restaurants and tourist activities are a little higher compared to other months of the year.

Keep in mind that competition among tourist establishments in Los Cabos allows you to find options for different budgets. If you are looking for more economical options, I recommend that you do a thorough search and compare prices in advance, or choose to visit Los Cabos in November or during the fall months.

What to pack to visit Los Cabos in July?

Suitcase at the door|© ConvertKit
Suitcase at the door|© ConvertKit

July is the hottest month of the summer in Los Cabos so I recommend that you include the following in your suitcase:

  • Swimsuit
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Sun hat
  • Light t-shirts
  • Lightweight pants
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Light coat
  • Beach shoes