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Enjoy a meal at the typical Hard Rock Cafe in Rome and choose from several menus: the Gold Menu, with which you can try the most traditional hamburger of the establishment, and the Diamond Menu, with which you can choose between burgers, barbecue combo, salmon or chicken, plus a dessert.

There is also the option of a Children's Menu for children under the age of 10, which you can order in the restaurant without prior reservation. All menus include a drink .

  • Enjoy a burger, dessert and drinks at the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome.
  • You won't have to wait in line, you can just arrive and sit down to eat.
  • The Rock 'n' Roll atmosphere is jaw-dropping with Bono and John Lennon costumes.

What’s included

  • Two menus to choose from at Hard Rock Cafe
  • Reserved table and queue-free entry

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Step by Step

With this reservation you can enjoy some of the best products of the Hard Rock Cafe in Rome. Depending on the option chosen, the menu includes a burger and drink or the possibility to choose 2 different dishes, plus dessert and a drink to choose between coffee, tea or soft drinks.

This plan is perfect for a day when you spend the morning or afternoon walking around Rome's many monuments, and want to enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner without having to find a seat in a restaurant.

You can enjoy their signature burgers, smoked barbecue or even salmon or chicken depending on the menu you choose. All this, without having to wait in the long queue as you can go straight in and sit down to eat as soon as you arrive thanks to this reservation.

In addition, it is also a restaurant suitable for the little ones as it offers a children's menu option for children under 10 years old. You can order it at the restaurant without having to make a reservation now.

Another strong point of the Hard Rock Cafe is its decoration. Specifically, in the Cafe de Roma you can find authentic Rock 'n' Roll jewels. Inside the premises you will find great rock star elements. For example, a school yearbook of Jim Morrison or a patent leather suit used by Bono . In addition, there is also a green trench coat worn by John Lennon on display.


· 1320 Reviews
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    We arrived very tired from sightseeing and the food could not have been better, everything was very tasty.
  • R
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    My girl and I really liked eating at this place, good treatment and very tasty food.
  • M
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    I was looking forward to eating at one of the famous Hard Rock Café and the experience was very good, the atmosphere is like being in a music museum.
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    I really liked the aesthetics of the restaurant, it's like a big music museum and the food is very good.
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