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Tickets to the Palazzo Doria Pamphili will open the doors to a private collection of great value. Its origin is linked to Giambattista Pamphilj, who went down in history as Pope Innocent X. He and his successors enriched a collection of more than 400 works. The Doria Pamphili Palace is also worth a visit for its Baroque architecture and splendid frescoes.

  • Look closely at the works of Caravaggio, Titian, Raphael and other great artists.
  • Step inside a stately residence in the centre of Rome.
  • Get up close and personal with a 25-minute multimedia video on Ancient Rome.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Pamphili Gallery
  • 25-minute multimedia video on Ancient Rome
  • Expert guide
  • Audio guide

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Step by Step

Tickets for the Palazzo Doria Pamphili give you access to one of the most famous private galleries in the Eternal City. It was inaugurated by Pope Innocent X and houses works by Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Caravaggio, Bernini, Titian, Vasari and other great artists of the past. It is located in the heart of Rome, just a few minutes' walk from Piazza Venezia and the Trevi Fountain.

Before visiting the museum, you can watch a 25-minute video about Ancient Rome for more context and to enjoy the full experience.

The gallery is housed in the Palazzo Doria-Pamphili, an elegant stately residence in the heart of the historic centre. Its four rooms - Galleria degli Specchi, Sala Aldobrandini, Galleria Doria and Sala dei Primitivi - house more than 400 works. The following list includes the most famous:

  • "Innocent X", Velázquez - The flagship of the collection. It depicts Pope Innocent X in a very realistic manner. The secret of its success is the great expressive power of the painting, which manages to capture the pontiff's rugged appearance.
  • "Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples", Pieter Bruegel the Elder - The Flemish painter visited Italy between 1551 and 1553, staying in Rome, Naples and Messina. During his stay in the city of Vesuvius, he was impressed by the panorama and painted a probably invented naval battle. The view from above was a great novelty
  • "Salome", Titian - The bloody biblical episode of Salome is perfectly depicted by the Italian artist who painted it in his youth. Accompanied by her servant girl, the protagonist holds the tray with the Baptist's head resting on it.
  • "The Temptation of Saint Anthony", Bernardo Parentino - Depicts episodes from the life of the saint, the most striking of which is probably the canvas where he is tormented by demons.
  • "Resting on the Flight into Egypt", Caravaggio - Depicts a biblical scene in an unconventional manner. The characters are not idealised and deviate from the official iconography. In the past, Mary and the child were always depicted on a donkey and Joseph on foot.

A visit to the Doria Pamphili Gallery is particularly recommended for art lovers and for those who wish to discover a destination that is certainly not unknown but "forgotten" by mass tourism.


· 2477 Reviews
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    If you go to Rome you have to stop by Doria Pamphilj Gallery, I would say it is almost mandatory. I had read about this place but it is much better in person. The collections are sublime as well as the architecture and design of the place, not to be missed!
  • M
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    Great gallery.
  • A
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    ideal for art lovers, I recommend it!
  • M
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    Great place, nothing to say. I may have been a little confused with some of the paintings but the place is very descriptive. I really liked the Velazquez collection.
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