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10 Things to Do in Santorini in September

September is an ideal month to visit Santorini thanks to its pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists. You will be able to enjoy festivals and amazing activities.

Andressa García

Andressa García

11 min read

10 Things to Do in Santorini in September

Panoramica in Santorini | David Lofink

Besides enjoying the beautiful beaches of the island, there are many other activities you can do in Santorini during the month of September. One of the must-do things to do on the island during this month is to visit the picturesque villages that are located at the top of the caldera. From here you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of the island and explore the small streets and stores that offer a wide variety of local products.

Another popular activity in Santorini in September is to visit the stunning vineyards in the area, considering that the island is famous for its local wines. In fact, one of the best things to see and do in Santorini during this month is to take a guided tour of the wineries to learn more about wine production and taste some of the best local products.

1. Go and enjoy the Panagia Mirtidiotissa

Palea Kameni island| ©Gaz n Nic
Palea Kameni island| ©Gaz n Nic

The feast of Virgin Mary of the Myrtle tree, also known as Panagia Mirtidiotissa, is a very important event for the people of Kamari in Santorini. This celebration takes place on September 24 and is considered one of the most important festivals of the place. During the festivity, the locals gather in the center of the village to honor the Virgin Mary and commemorate the transfer of her holly image to the streets of the island.

This, without a doubt, is a very significant event for the community, and will be a great opportunity for you to meet with the locals and get to know their faith and beliefs in depth. Also during this festivity, you will have the opportunity to taste a delicious dinner where meat with potatoes and lots of wine predominate, as the Greeks are used to celebrate.

During the event you will realize that these elements are essential in the Greek culinary tradition and that they reflect the importance of food and drink in the local culture. You will also get to see and even participate in the exchange of gifts and souvenirs made by the locals in Kamari, intended to mark the occasion. This is an amazing activity to include in your island itinerary, right after you have toured Santorini.

Details of interest

  • Price: you won't have to pay anything to enjoy these events, but you will have to buy some gifts to take back to the community and share.
  • Schedule: the celebrations take place throughout the day on September 24, although sometimes these celebrations extend up to a week.
  • Location: this tradition takes place in the village of Kamari.

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2. Listen to traditional music at the International Music Festival

Playing music| ©Kostas Mavridis
Playing music| ©Kostas Mavridis

The Santorini Music Festival in September is a multi-day event that attracts artists and music fans from all over the world. During the festival, you will see performers of musical genres on stage, ranging from classical music to jazz, Greek folk music and many others heard around the world. Concert venues include both open-air venues with breathtaking views of the island, as well as historic churches and theaters.

In addition to live performances, you can also participate in workshops and music classes, which is a great opportunity to learn and appreciate this art even more. By the way, besides attending this kind of events, another good way to appreciate the local music is to sign up for activities such as a boat cruise around the island of Santorini at sunset, where you will be offered traditional food and live music.

The atmosphere of the Santorini Music Festival in September will enchant you, with music floating through the air in the picturesque villages of the island, as well as tourists and locals enjoying the performances. In addition, this event gives you the opportunity to experience Greek culture through music while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Santorini.

Details of interest

  • Price: you will have to pay around 30 euros per person to enjoy these events.
  • Schedule: performance schedules may vary according to the billboard, year after year. Although you can usually enjoy the shows at night.
  • Location: concerts and shows can vary from place to place, sometimes outdoors and sometimes indoors.

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3. See independent films at the Santorini Film Festival

Enjoying the cinema| ©Jake Hills
Enjoying the cinema| ©Jake Hills

The Santorini Film Festival is an annual event held on the island during the month of September. At the festival you can see a selection of independent and auteur films from around the world, including feature films, short films and documentaries. If you are a lover of the cinematic arts and also like to appreciate the work of independent filmmakers, I definitely recommend you to attend this activity.

The objective of the festival is to promote independent film and support emerging and established filmmakers, as well as to provide an opportunity for viewers to enjoy unique and original films.

But not only can you go to see interesting films, you can also get film education and training, thanks to the organization of workshops, round tables and master classes taught by film industry professionals, which take place during the time this event lasts.

Details of interest

  • Price: you will pay an approximate entrance fee of about 30 to 40 euros per person, to enjoy these film events.
  • Schedule: generally these activities take place in the evenings, when the film shows take place.
  • Location: the shows are offered in theaters and open-air cinemas all over Fira, which is the capital of Santorini.

4. Tasting local wines at the Harvest Festival in Santorini

Tasting wine| ©Ksenia R
Tasting wine| ©Ksenia R

The Harvest Festival in Santorini is a very important event for the culture and economy of the island, which will also help you to learn more about the local traditions. Every year, during the month of September, locals dress up in traditional costumes to harvest grapes in the vineyards. Grape harvesting is a crucial activity in the production of wine, which is one of the most important industries in Santorini.

After the harvest, a grape blessing ceremony is held in the local church to thank the gods for the harvest. The islanders then congregate in the main square to celebrate with traditional Greek music, food and drink, and it is just at this time that you can enjoy the local wine, taste typical Greek dishes such as feta, olives and tzatziki, while immersing yourself in the island's culture.

Details of interest

  • Price: to see and participate in the grape harvest festival, you will not have to pay anything, but I do recommend that you set aside some money for all the tastings of local wines and typical food.
  • Schedule: generally these events are held from early in the morning until late at night. Dates may vary from year to year, but it is always during the month of September.
  • Location: the harvests are made in the vineyards all over the island, and then the grape harvests take place in the main squares of the different villages of Santorini.

5. Get to know the local culture and history at the European Heritage Days

Archaeological complex of Akrotiri| ©clareplater
Archaeological complex of Akrotiri| ©clareplater

The last weekend of September is an important date in the cultural calendar of Greece, because it is when the European Heritage Days take place. During these days, you will have the opportunity to explore and discover the rich cultural heritages of the country for free. The best thing about this event is that you can count on free admission to all the ancient sites and public museums of Greece, and of course of Santorini.

With these features, no doubt that one of the sites you will love to visit for free will be the archaeological site of Akrotiri. But in addition to ancient sites and public museums, you can also find other places of interest open to the public during European Heritage Days, including historical monuments that are normally closed to the public throughout the year.

Throughout these free visits to the historical and archaeological sites of Santorini, experts and guides are present to offer you all the explanations and information you want to know about the site you are visiting, which makes this experience even more enriching.

Details of interest

  • Price: this event is free of charge, because these are free activities offered to locals in general.
  • Schedule: the visits can be done all day long.
  • Location: you can visit different archaeological sites in the city, including the archaeological site of Akrotiri.

6. Enjoy an unforgettable night experience

Santorini by night| ©Valerio_D busy
Santorini by night| ©Valerio_D busy

Beyond being one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, Santorini offers its visitors an unforgettable night experience during the month of September, that's why this is one of the activities you have to do on the island. Venues such as the Koo Club and Enigma Club are some of the most popular places to enjoy the nightlife in this Greek island.

One of the features you will love most about the nightlife in Santorini is the lively atmosphere, the music and the lighting, which make these places the perfect places to enjoy an exciting night on the island. At the Koo Club you have the freedom to dance to the rhythm of the most popular music in the world.

On the other hand, in Enigma Club you can enjoy electronic music, which is undoubtedly the main star of the show. One of the things that will catch your attention in this place is its interior design with elegant and minimalist touches, in general a perfect atmosphere to offer you an exciting night with high quality music.

September is the ideal time to party in the city because it is the last month of summer and the amount of tourists has dropped a little but not so much as to empty the clubs.

Details of interest

  • Price: partying for one night can cost between 80 and 100 euros per person, depending on how much you are willing to spend.
  • Hours: the parties and the nightlife start in Santorini after 21:00.
  • Location: you can find bars and tavernas all over the island, but where you will find the liveliest atmosphere is in Fira, the capital.

7. Take a hike through the stunning natural landscapes of the island

Hiking in Santorini| ©Steve Jurvetson
Hiking in Santorini| ©Steve Jurvetson

With cooler temperatures and the crowded season behind us, September is the perfect time to enjoy all that Santorini has to offer, and one of them is to sign up for a hike through the island's stunning natural landscapes. During the tour you will have the opportunity to explore the picturesque cobblestone paths of the villages and gaze at the breathtaking cliffs of Santorini's caldera.

You will also discover the beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea and the characteristic white houses of the whole island, which are repeated over and over again in each village. If you do this kind of hikes you will also get to know the authentic local life on the island, you will be able to talk to small farmers and fishermen doing their daily activities, among other traditional things, so that the hike becomes even more enriching.

Details of interest

  • Price: you will have to pay a little more than 50 euros to enjoy this kind of hikes, if you decide to do them guided. If, on the other hand, you decide to do them on your own, you will not have to pay anything for it.
  • Schedule: I recommend going for a walk early in the morning, so that the midday sun does not bother you.
  • Location: you can walk the different trails of the island, among them, the path that connects Fira with Oia.

8. Practice water sports such as paddle surfing, water skiing and diving

Windsurfing| ©texaus1
Windsurfing| ©texaus1

If you are looking for exciting and refreshing activities during your visit to Santorini in September, I recommend you to test your adrenaline and sign up to live the experience of water sports, because even in this month you can still enjoy the warm weather, before the water temperatures become icy. This activity is also ideal to do in Santorini in November, because in this month the cold of winter has not yet started.

The island offers a great variety of them to practice or simply to enjoy as tourists, among all stand out paddle surfing, water skiing and diving, all perfect to enjoy the Mediterranean Sea.

Paddle surfing is one of the most popular activities on the island and it is ideal for you if you want to experience a fun and aquatic activity at the same time. On the other hand, if you want even more adrenaline, you can choose water skiing, which is an ideal sport to experience a thrilling adventure in the sea.

Interesting details

  • Price: to do any of these sports you will have to pay a little more than 60 euros per person.
  • Schedule: you can practice these sports at any time of the year, although in general I recommend doing it during the early morning hours.
  • Location: these sports are practiced on the most famous beaches of the island, including Red Beach, White Beach and Black Beach in Perissa.

9. Attend outdoor yoga sessions in public places

Yoga in Santorini| ©Kostas Karageorgiou
Yoga in Santorini| ©Kostas Karageorgiou

One of the most interesting activities to experience in Santorini during the month of September is to escape and enjoy the practice of yoga in public places all over the island such as parks or even on the beach, depending on the place chosen by the group. Among the most popular places for outdoor yoga sessions are Perissa beach and the natural landscape of the Santorini Ring, surrounded by cliffs and the blue sea.

Practicing yoga in Santorini in September can also be an opportunity to relax and get in touch with the island's nature. This because you can take advantage of the good weather, the cool breeze and the natural landscape while acquiring and practicing different breathing and meditation techniques. Besides, this is an activity you can do if you are traveling with family or friends, or even if you are traveling with your partner.

Details of interest

  • Price: to participate in these outdoor yoga classes, you will have to pay a little more than 20 euros per person.
  • Schedule: you have to ask your yoga group what time they usually practice, although it is usually during the mornings.
  • Location: Perissa Beach is one of the places where you can participate in different outdoor yoga classes.

10. Take a helicopter for a panoramic view tour

View from the helicopter| ©The Finest Hotels
View from the helicopter| ©The Finest Hotels

One of the most exciting activities you can do during your trip, whether you decide to travel to Santorini in May, when it is spring, or even better in the month of September when autumn begins, will be to sign up for a helicopter tour to appreciate and photograph spectacular panoramic views from the air. You will love this activity if you want to experience a truly unique and impressive adventure.

Among the places you will be able to see from the air are the impressive caldera and the adjacent coast. You will also have the opportunity to admire the picturesque villages of the island, the winding roads, and the white houses that make Santorini such a special place.

But besides that, during this month if you take a helicopter tour you can enjoy the views illuminated in the warmer colors of autumn and get a different and clearer perspective of the Mediterranean Sea, for a broader view of the surrounding natural landscape.

Details of interest

  • Price: you will have to pay 220 euros per person to get on the helicopter.
  • Schedule: I recommend you to take this tour during the mornings to have a better panoramic view.
  • Location: this helicopter tour departs from the capital of Santorini, Fira.