10 Things to Do in Santorini in April

You will love visiting Santorini in April if you want to know the island with few tourists, this month is low season and besides low prices, you will find a fresh atmosphere.

Andressa García

Andressa García

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10 Things to Do in Santorini in April

Santorini | Pat Guiney

Even in low season in Santorini, you can do many activities on the island, taking into account that during this month important festivities are celebrated such as the Orthodox Easter, the resurrection of Lazarus and the feast of St. George.

Each of these activities will give you the opportunity to live a unique cultural experience, which will also help you to know even more about the way of life of the inhabitants of the island, their thoughts and beliefs. I assure you that in April, when the high season starts to enter, you will be able to enjoy some of the best things to see and do in Santorini.

1. Enjoy the activities for the Feast of St. George

St. George's Day| ©Massimo Calcagno
St. George's Day| ©Massimo Calcagno

The Feast of St. George is a very significant celebration in Santorini, as well as in many parts of the world, which takes place every April 23rd.

This feast pays tribute to the figure of a brave Roman soldier named St. George, who was martyred and beheaded in 303 after he converted to Christianity and refused to worship pagan gods. Over time, St. George was venerated as a saint and his feast day was established worldwide in honor of his struggle and bravery.

In Santorini, the Feast of St. George is celebrated with various activities in which you can participate, such as religious processions in his honor or festivals full of traditional music and dances. In general it is quite a popular tradition in the city, in which you will definitely want to participate or at least attend as a spectator. It is also a good time to meet and share with the locals, while getting to know their traditions and festivities. And the procession in specific, is a good time to take a tour of Santorini.

Details of interest

  • Price: you don't have to pay any cost to enjoy these traditional festivities in Santorini.
  • Schedule: the processions and other activities take place during the mornings. The festivities usually last for about a week.
  • Location: Fira and Oia are the towns chosen to venerate the saint.

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2. Experience the excitement of Holy Week in Santorini

Holy Week in Santorini| ©BigBlueTaurus
Holy Week in Santorini| ©BigBlueTaurus

The month of April is of great importance for Greek culture due to the celebration of Holy Week. During this week, Greeks honor their traditions with fervor, especially on Good Friday, which is a very significant celebration in the most traditional towns and villages and Santorini does not escape from these celebrations, so you can find events or religious ceremonies dedicated to this holiday.

One of the activities that will definitely catch your attention are the religious processions that fill the streets of the villages, right after the most important churches of the island let their bells ring. In fact, if you are traveling in April and want to do something else besides signing up for a Santorini cruise tour, I recommend you to participate in these Easter events.

Easter Sunday is the most sacred and significant day on the island because Greeks have the custom of roasting whole lambs and sharing them with family and friends while drinking wine and singing folk songs, so it's a good time to share with the locals.

Also, during this sacred day you'll want to participate in the tradition involving red eggs, which is another common Greek practice. Red-tinted eggs are cracked against each other, and it is believed that the person with the last remaining uncracked egg will have good luck throughout the year.

Details of interest

  • Price: participating in these events is free, so you won't have to pay anything for it.
  • Schedule: the processions and masses are during the morning, while the gastronomic traditions are experienced in the afternoons.
  • Location: all the villages of Santorini join the tradition.

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3. Take part in the World Heritage Day activities

Archaeological complex of Akrotiri| ©clareplater
Archaeological complex of Akrotiri| ©clareplater

World Heritage Day in Greece is celebrated on the third Sunday of April and consists of a series of cultural events organized by UNESCO to promote the importance of world heritage preservation and awareness of cultural diversity around the world.

During this day, you can find different educational activities, visits to historical and cultural sites, and special events to attend throughout Greece. This celebration is certainly an opportunity for you to learn about the rich history and culture of Greece.

Of course this celebration also extends to Santorini, where the opportunity is also taken to honor the national culture and heritage. One of the places I recommend you to visit during this day especially, or even if you travel to Santorini in winter or any other time of the year, is the archaeological complex of Akrotiri, which is an ancient city very close to the current capital of Santorini, Fira, and which was covered with ash during a voracious volcanic eruption.

Details of interest

  • Price: you will not have to pay anything to enjoy these events, they are free.
  • Schedule: this celebration takes place every year, on the third Sunday of April.
  • Location: these activities take place all over the island, although there are specific sites that I recommend you to go to, such as the archaeological complex of Akrotiri.

4. Visit Perissa beach

Perissa Beach| ©Bevan Davis
Perissa Beach| ©Bevan Davis

If you travel to Santorini in the month of April, you can't miss the opportunity to visit Perissa beach, a stunning black sand beach that is considered one of the most popular places to visit in Santorini.

Although the tourist season is not yet at its peak in this month, Perissa still receives a lot of young visitors who come to enjoy its festive atmosphere, so if you are looking for party and good atmosphere, this is the place you should visit.

In the surroundings of the beach you will find a lot of bars and restaurants, which makes it the perfect place to enjoy a day in the sun and the beach. But in addition to the atmosphere, Perissa offers a wide variety of entertainment options such as water sports or the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas. This beach is one of the best options you have if you travel to Santorini in May or April, thanks to its pleasant temperature and fewer tourists.

Details of interest

  • Price: going to Perissa on your own will not have a specific price. In case you want to go on a guided tour, you will have to pay around 50 euros per person.
  • Hours: you can visit Perissa at any time you want.
  • Location: the Black Beach is located in the village of Perissa.

5. Attend the celebration of the birth of the singer Maria Callas

Local concert| ©Andrés Merizalde
Local concert| ©Andrés Merizalde

April 28 commemorates the birth of Maria Callas, one of the most prodigious opera voices of the 20th century, and both in Greece and Santorini, her legacy is celebrated.

During this celebration, you will have the opportunity to rediscover her personality on stage and her invaluable contribution to the renewal of opera. Before and after his time, there was a big difference in the world of music, so the Greeks are convinced that today it is important to show the new generation the importance of his legacy and his musical style.

In honor of the preservation of her legacy, in Santorini a series of concerts are held year after year for locals and visitors in the theater of the city of Fira, to highlight the work of this Opera singer, whose personality not only stood out for her exceptional voice, but also for her dedication and commitment to music.

Details of interest

  • Price: prices may vary according to the activities in which you want to participate. Most of the time you will have to pay around 20 to 30 euros per ticket to enjoy each event such as concerts and opera plays.
  • Schedule: the performances to honor the life of this opera singer, usually last the whole week. And about the schedule of these events, you have to know that you can go to see the opera during the afternoon and evening.
  • Location: the performances to pay tribute to the opera singer usually take place at the Santorini theater in Fira.

6. Visit Firostefani, a village to find budget accommodation

Firostefani| ©Jan Smets
Firostefani| ©Jan Smets

If you travel to Santorini in April, when the high season is approaching, I recommend you to visit Firostefani, one of the most famous villages of Santorini.

This small village is located right next to Fira and is known for hosting more affordable accommodations , which makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for budget accommodation on the island. In addition, Firostefani is world renowned for its iconic Greek Orthodox church, with the caldera in the background, a breathtaking view that you can enjoy all day long.

If you stay in any of the hotels located in the village, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most spectacular views of the entire island. In addition, you will be able to visit the famous church of this town. About the temperatures, you have to know that in April, these still do not reach their highest peak, so you will be able to enjoy the pleasant weather all day long.

Interesting details

  • Price: to visit Firostefani on your own, you don't have to pay anything, if you go on a guided tour of Fira and Firostefani, you will have to pay at least 30 euros per ticket.
  • Hours: you can visit Firostefani at any time you want, although I recommend you to do it in the morning so you can have a complete tour of the village.
  • Location: Firostefani is located a few meters from Fira.

7. Go for a walk through the charming streets of Megalochori

Megalochori| ©Andrey Sulitskiy
Megalochori| ©Andrey Sulitskiy

Megalochori, a small village located just a 2-kilometer drive from Pyrgos, is a perfect place to visit in April if you're embarking on a tour of Santorini's inland tourist spots. Although it is a lesser known village than other tourist destinations on the island, Megalochori is an undiscovered gem, with charming white houses and narrow cobblestone streets surrounded by vineyards.

At the entrance of the village you can find a free parking lot where you can leave your car to continue on foot, touring the main tourist attractions of the town, among which are the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the Folklore Museum and the main square of the town.

In April, the weather in Megalochori is pleasant and you can enjoy a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere than in the more touristy months. April is also a good time to enjoy the vineyards surrounding the town while enjoying wine tastings during your visit.

Details of interest

  • Price: to visit Megalochori on your own, you won't have to pay anything, but if you do it in the middle of a guided tour, you will have to pay just over 50 euros per person.
  • Time: I recommend arriving in Megalochori during the early morning hours, so you can enjoy all the options that this town offers during the day.
  • Location: the town of Megalochori is located very close to Fira, so you can go by car and take a few minutes to get there.

8. Enjoy the events for the Resurrection of Lazarus

Santorini and arch| ©Jose Manuel Casado
Santorini and arch| ©Jose Manuel Casado

In several villages of Santorini, a very special custom called "Lazarus" is celebrated on Saturday, April 8. It is a celebration symbolizing the Resurrection of Lazarus and is carried out by building a diamond-shaped arch decorated with alismaria and flowers.

The tradition of "Lazaro" has been kept alive in Santorini for many years, and every year it attracts numerous locals and visitors, who come together to celebrate the Resurrection and to enjoy the beauty of the arches. It is a unique custom in Santorini that shows the rich culture and traditions of the island, so it is one of those events that you can't miss if you visit the island during this month.

During the traditional event, you will see how the locals dance around the decorated arches and share food and drinks, creating a festive and pleasant atmosphere. You will definitely enjoy being present during the celebrations because it is a unique moment to appreciate the local culture and traditions of Santorini.

Details of interest

  • Price: to participate in these tours, you will not have to pay anything.
  • Schedule: Lazarus Day celebrations usually take place from early morning on April 8 until the end of the day. Although some celebrations can last all week.
  • Location: this tour takes place in some villages of Santorini such as Fira, Oia, Megalochori, among others.

9. Enjoy the Rebetiko or Zeibekiko dance

Rebetiko| ©Yannis Adoniou's
Rebetiko| ©Yannis Adoniou's

During the month of April is an ideal time to experience the dance of Rebetiko and Zeibekiko which is already a tradition in Santorini. It is the celebration of this musical genre that originated in the 1920s and became popular in the 1930s and 1940s. Rebetiko is closely related to the way of life of lower class urban Greeks and is often associated with taverns and meeting places.

Zeibekiko, on the other hand, is a dance that is associated with Rebetiko and is performed as a solo improvisation. This dance has been used as a way to express sadness and melancholy, being also able to be festive and joyful depending on the situation.

But beyond that, during the month of April you will have the opportunity to know and enjoy this dance in Santorini, as different shows alluding to this dance are organized. Thanks to this tradition, you will be able to know and experience first hand the passion of the Greek people in their music and culture. In the course of the whole month, a lot of nightclubs and taverns in Santorini join in this festivity that seeks to give a good place to the Rebetiko music and the Zeibekiko dance.

Details of interest

  • Price: the entrances to the taverns are generally free, but you will have to pay for the consumption you have inside the taverns and during the time you are enjoying this tradition.
  • Hours: these dance celebrations are held throughout the month and usually take place in the evenings.
  • Location: bars and taverns all over the island join in the festivities for this dance.

10. Join the celebrations for San Eleuterio

Typical food| ©Rooey202
Typical food| ©Rooey202

In Greece, April 18 is an important date as it celebrates the feast of St. Eleutherius, considered one of the most important saints of the country. This day is a national holiday and Greeks honor the saint for his work in the church. St. Eleutherius was a bishop of the city of Rome in the 2nd century and his courage and dedication to the church are remembered to this day.

On this day, many churches around the country hold celebrations in honor of St. Eleutherius, where liturgical solemnities are held and a procession is made through the streets, and Santorini does not escape from this reality, so you may find it a good plan, to go and see the colorful procession that is made in the main streets of Fira, in honor of the saint.

But besides the processions, you can also participate in the family reunion, since it is common for families to gather to enjoy a traditional meal and spend time together. This can be a great opportunity for you not only to get to know the customs and traditions of the island, but also to get to know how its inhabitants think and live.

Details of interest

  • Price: you will not have to pay anything to enjoy these celebrations.
  • Schedule: generally the processions take place during the afternoon and late at night on April 18.
  • Location: the celebrations for St. Eleutherius take place mostly in Fira. With less solemnity in other towns of Santorini.