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Avoid the long queues and travel back in time through an interactive and sensory experience at the Museum of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). With these tickets you will learn what daily life was like in the former socialist Germany through images, sensory rooms, interactive simulations and historical stories.

The GDR Museum has temporary and permanent exhibitions that engage visitors of all ages. During your visit without queuing or waiting, you can put yourself in the shoes (and in the shoes) of the people of the GDR, experiencing and using your senses for a fun learning experience.

  • You can enter on the day and at the time of your choice, without queuing and at your own pace!
  • Learn about life in the GDR in an interactive way.
  • You will drive an authentic Trabant P601 car.
  • Experience a unique, all-ages experience with the main features of the former socialist Germany.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Museum of the German Democratic Republic in Berlin
  • Interactive visit at your own pace

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The Museum of the German Democratic Republic, located on the banks of the River Spree, is a fascinating representation of everyday life behind the "Iron Curtain" in Berlin during the Cold War. Once inside, you can become a Berliner living on the communist side, an informer for the Stasi intelligence agency, as well as a member of a traditional family of the time.

Visitors to the GDR museum not only learn, read and watch, but also touch and listen. The aim is to experience through all the senses- if you are interested in an object in the museum, you can touch it! The museum also offers the opportunity to talk to contemporary witnesses, so you can hear the story first hand and ask any questions you may have.

The museum is accessible to everyone, regardless of age. Moreover, the museum itself recommends going as a family, bringing together more than one generation so that you can share a unique, intergenerational experience. At the same time, the exhibition offers numerous opportunities for playful interaction, ensuring that children and teenagers learn through play.

In this particular museum, there is a permanent exhibition consisting of three thematic areas: "Public Life", "State and Ideology" and "Life in a Tower Dwelling". In addition, the museum presents temporary exhibitions that rotate every few months. These temporary exhibitions serve the purpose of showing something different to the visitor each time they go, as well as continuing to educate and tell the different stories and realities of socialist Germany.

Finally, this incredible museum allows you to ride in the most manufactured and used car in the GDR during the Cold War: a Trabant P601. This way, with a state-of-the-art simulator, you will be able to drive through the residential areas of socialist Berlin, witnessing everyday situations.


· 669 Reviews
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    Excellent museum, I would have liked to stay longer to finish clearing some doubts I had. The experience was incredible, I learned a lot thanks to this little visit.
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    A very educational visit, I recommend visiting at least once.
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    A very dynamic and educational museum, the staff treated us excellent and the exhibits we saw were amazing.
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    I was very surprised by this museum, I did not imagine that the exhibits would be so well presented, you can see the great work behind to carry out a place like this.
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