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Take a look under the skin and learn more about the human body at the excellent Body Worlds exhibition at Alexanderplatz, Berlin. This important museum features more than 200 plastinated bodies that will help you understand the main features, organs and diseases of the human body.

In this unique museum, people of all ages are fascinated to see, hear and understand what goes on in our bodies. Also, as the exhibition is highly dynamic and constantly updated, you will be able to learn about the latest scientific findings regarding the body and the human being in general.

  • Learn all about the human body
  • Access the exhibition without queuing up or waiting in line
  • You will reflect on the conditioning factors of our existence.
  • Discover through your senses the main organs and diseases of human beings.

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  • Entrance to the Body Worlds Museum in Berlin
  • Audioguide from your mobile

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Body Worlds is the first museum of its kind, exhibiting unique plastinates, with the aim of teaching the general public about the human body.

How do they achieve this? Through a visual and auditory journey into our inner selves, exploring what lies beneath the skin that protects and covers us. In this exhibition in the heart of Berlin's tourist centre you can discover the main and most recent scientific and medical findings about the human body, its functions and diseases.

In addition, the museum aims to offer different perspectives that will lead you to reflect on the determinants of human existence. The aspects proposed by the museum that will guide your visit are: happiness, excesses and moderations, pressures and reliefs, gluttony vs. moderation and, finally, opportunities and destiny. These themes also aim to spark questions among visitors and keep their attention until the end.

At the same time, if you have a smartphone, you will be able to access an audio guide that will complement all the information provided on the tour, accompanying you with questions and key messages throughout the exhibition.

The pedagogy behind Body Worlds lies in seeing what we cannot normally see. To do this, whole bodies, body parts and real and diverse organs are used, which are treated using the technique of plastinating, so that the features of the tissues, organs, joints and every detail that helps to understand how we function are preserved and appreciated. In this sense, different bodies and organs are used to compare and show the passage of certain diseases, addictions and lifestyles.


· 338 Reviews
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    A museum worth seeing.
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    The exhibits there are incredible, a pity you can't stay longer to analyze each one of them.
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    It was an incredible visit, to repeat more than once.
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    Anatomy of the human body explained in an excellent way. I loved my visit to this museum, hopefully I can come back in the future.
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