10 Things to Do in Copenhagen in July

July is the month of festivals, outdoor walks in Copenhagen and picking fruit in the sunshine. Sounds good, doesn't it?

Ana Caballero

Ana Caballero

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10 Things to Do in Copenhagen in July

Copenhagen in July | ©Mispahn

In July, the days in Copenhagen are sunny, cheerful and ideal for a vacation. Because summer is in full swing it is the perfect month for outdoor plans: cycling around the city, going around the promenade, visiting the castles and palaces, taking a walk along the canals or sunbathing on the beach.

During your vacations in the city you will never get bored. If you want to discover everything you can do in Copenhagen during July I invite you to take a look at this article.

1. Take a canal cruise in Copenhagen

Nyhavn Canal| ©Harold Litwiler
Nyhavn Canal| ©Harold Litwiler

Five minutes from the city center, hides one of the most popular places in Denmark on Instagram, of course I'm talking about Nyhavn, a waterfront area distinguished by houses of different colors, with a quite particular architecture.

This area can be visited on foot or by bike, but undoubtedly the best way to tour it is by taking a cruise, specifically a cruise along the canals of Copenhagen, as the environment can be appreciated at another level.

In the surroundings there are cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy the views while enjoying the perfect July temperatures.

Information of interest

  • Price: from 20€.
  • Duration of the activity: 1 hour approximately.
  • Local guide included: yes
  • What do you see on the cruise tour: Amalienborg Palace, Christiansborg Palace, the Little Mermaid, the Marble Cathedral and the Opera House, among others.

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2. Visit the palaces, castles, gardens and museums

Fredensborg Palace| ©KLMircea
Fredensborg Palace| ©KLMircea

The monarchy is a fundamental part of Danish society, so you can not leave Copenhagen without taking a tour of its main tourist attractions open to the public. In the city you can see from palaces and castles, to museums and gardens that hold very interesting stories.

To save on tourist attractions you can get the Copenhagen Card that guarantees you free admission to various attractions, monuments, activities, restaurants and transportation.

Below, I tell you a little about the best royal sites you should visit.

Fredensborg Palace

Forty-five minutes from Copenhagen is the Selandia Island, where one of the most important palaces in Copenhagen and Denmark is located. It is the Fredensborg Palace, the temporary home of the Queen, which was designed in a Danish baroque style.

The palace opens once a year to the public and its gardens are fascinating greenhouses where you can take pictures to remember. The reason why you should visit the palace in July is because during this month they open the private garden, which the rest of the year is reserved for the royal family.

Amalienborg Palace

At noon, when the July sun is at its highest point, the changing of the guard takes place outside the Amalienborg Palace, the winter residence of the kings of Denmark.

During this month the palace is open from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except Mondays when it is closed), and if you have a student card you can get discounts.

The most interesting thing is that it is four palaces in one, gathered around the octagonal square.

Appreciate Islamic art in a free museum

If you want to explore Copenhagen's museums, you can visit The David Collection for free. It is the most important corner of Islamic art in Europe and visiting it can be an ideal plan to protect you from the sun, but without losing the fun.

There are other castles, palaces, museums and gardens that you can enjoy, such as the National Museum of Denmark where you can discover how an authentic Viking ship worked, enjoy the greenhouses of the botanical gardens or visit the baroque palace in the Frederiksberg district.

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3. See the city from the Rundetårn viewpoint

View from Rundetårn| ©diamond geezer
View from Rundetårn| ©diamond geezer

In July the clear skies offer the best views of Copenhagen and from the Rundetårn lookout you can see the whole city.

This tower was built in the 17th century and during the summer months there are many open-air exhibitions in the Old Library. If you want to climb to the top you have to pay approximately 3 €.

Once you finish your visit, you can take advantage of the location and take a tour of Copenhagen to get to know the city, but this time at street level.

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4. Take a bike ride and watch the baby swans.

People around Copenhagen by Bike| ©Febiyan
People around Copenhagen by Bike| ©Febiyan

July can be considered the month of bicycles, as you will come across many people on a bike tour in Copenhagen, and the good weather can be used in many ways.

If you dare to do so and make stops at the lakes of Copenhagen, you will probably see a spectacle of nature. These are the first gray feathers of the Danish baby swans or baby swans, you will even find some that are beginning to become adults.

In addition, there are bike paths in every city in Denmark and Copenhagen is no exception. This is the best way to get to know the areas and monuments.

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5. Pick strawberries and taste local dishes

Danish Hot Dog| ©City Foodsters
Danish Hot Dog| ©City Foodsters

Fruit picking is a seasonal activity that comes to an end in July, so if you want to experience it you should prioritize it for your first days in the city.

The workers are there from early in the morning until 5:00 p.m., when the working day ends, and you can help them while having fun for a while or simply take a tour to see the process.

Another plan you can't miss is to take a gastronomic tour to learn about the Nordic cuisine, ideal for tasting the michelin cheese, organic chocolate and other culinary wonders of Denmark.

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6. Don't miss the summer festivals

Studenterkørsel| ©Simon Nørlev
Studenterkørsel| ©Simon Nørlev

In Copenhagen there are plenty of things to do in summer. Unlike months like December, July is a quiet month, but that doesn't stop the Danes from taking advantage of the good temperatures to make the most of the city's festivals.

Experience Studenterkørsel's festivities

Every country has its traditions for celebrating graduations, and in Copenhagen and other cities in Denmark, between June and July, they end high school in style with trucks of students drinking beer and dancing.

They make several strategic stops, the first at their parents' house, where they are prepared a snack. They also bathe in city fountains and finally the truck disembarks at an event hall for a big party.

In honor of the end of the school year, there are other events you can attend, which offer beers, live music and shows ideal to soak up the Danish culture.

Attend the Roskilde Festival

July is synonymous with music in Copenhagen, so you can not miss the Roskilde Festival that takes place in Roskilde, a city thirty minutes from the center of Copenhagen with Viking culture where you can also take advantage of your visit to visit the cathedral or the Viking Ship Museum.

At the festival you can enjoy more than 180 bands, food stalls and events alluding to the culture of Denmark.

The entrance fee ranges from approximately 40 to 230 € and the most expensive ones include access to the eight-day festival, camping expenses and transfers. If you pay the economic version you will be able to stay a full day, from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. the next day. Drinks and meals are extra.

Celebrate the Copenhagen Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival attracts joy, color and the streets ring to the rhythm of local artists. This event was first held in 1979 and you can find a variety of spots in the city with concerts where jazz is the main genre.

On the official website they announce the locations chosen for each year, which are usually opera houses, restaurants, squares, parks and outdoor areas.

Some concerts require a ticket, but the vast majority are completely free. At the festival you will meet people from different cultures, it is usually visited by a large number of Swedes, Americans, Germans, British and Norwegians, so you will have the opportunity to live a multicultural experience.

7. Escape to Rebild to celebrate the 4th of July!

4th of July at Rebild| ©Frede Sørensen
4th of July at Rebild| ©Frede Sørensen

If you want to breathe fresh air you can leave the city and head to Rebild, a Danish town four hours away from Copenhagen by car. There you can live an experience that fuses Danish and American culture. Every 4th of July since 1912 the city shows its gratitude to the United States, since they received thousands of Danes during the war.

The events take place in the Rebild National Park in the heather hills and around there are old buildings such as Tophouse, which functions as a cafe and restaurant. You can also visit The Western House, the Log Cabin and the Old Stable.

If you don't want to leave Copenhagen, you can also take advantage of the small local celebrations held by former Danish immigrant communities.

8. Get a tan on Copenhagen's beaches

Amager Beach| ©jon-john
Amager Beach| ©jon-john

In July most people flock to Copenhagen's beaches to take advantage of the sunshine and enjoy the warm water, since the rest of the year the beaches are too cold. I'll tell you which are the best beaches to visit!

But be aware that temperatures range from 16° to 26°, so you should wear cool clothes. If you live in a city with a warm climate and you are not used to temperatures below 20°, I recommend you to bring some warm clothes.

Amager Strand

It is located fifteen minutes from downtown and the most fun is that you can jump from Kastrup Søbad, a wooden platform where many people gather to jump into the sea.

To spend the afternoon you can walk along the shore, eat in nearby restaurants, buy what you need at the kiosks or join the games organized by the locals.

This beach is located in the Amager Beach Maritime Park, nearby you can visit the suburb of Kastrup, Fort Kastrupfort, marinas, the Plyssen Museum and the Public Aquarium of Denmark.

Brondy Strand

Sometimes Amager beach can get very crowded during July, but don't worry! You can still enjoy the sun at Brondy Strand, which is located twenty minutes from the center and is a quieter proposition to share with family or friends.

This paradise is hidden behind dunes and a park, but from here you can watch the sunset by the sea.

In July, moreover, it is less likely to rain, so the sun will keep the beaches warm.

9. Experience Christmas in the middle of July

World Santa Claus Congress| ©lovinkat
World Santa Claus Congress| ©lovinkat

Christmas in July? Hard to believe until you experience it for yourself. This is an event that only takes place in Copenhagen during this fun-filled month. The Danes celebrate the Christmas spirit with the World Santa Claus Congress, where all the Santas, St. Nicks, pixies, elves, Mrs. Claus and other iconic representatives of the holiday gather.

You can see all the Christmas workers in costume and even have your picture taken with them. There are a variety of related events throughout Copenhagen, such as: the parade, the Christmas gala and Santa's Workshop where ideas for organizing the holidays in December are shared.

10. Don't miss the not-to-be-missed July bonfires!

Bonfire in Copenhagen| ©svanes
Bonfire in Copenhagen| ©svanes

Around June 23rd the first bonfires are lit to celebrate the summer solstice in various public spaces, one of the most popular is the Midsummer Bonfire.

Later in July it is possible to enjoy bonfires on beaches and in parks to celebrate the good temperatures. Would you like to live this experience?

But beware, they are not much like the bonfires that are made in places like Spain on the beach where groups of friends gather around small fires. In this case, the bonfires are usually bigger and the crowds come to see them.