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Experience a peculiar and amazing experience with your ticket to the Museum of Illusions in Prague. A visit to this museum guarantees fun for all ages and plenty of amazing photo opportunities. With over 150 interactive exhibits, it is the largest museum of illusions in Prague.

Walking across the ceiling of a room, being shot by a magician with a cannon or having your head appear on a table are just some of the delirious experiences you'll have here. You will also have the opportunity to immortalise the best moments with the funniest photographs.

  • Have a unique experience with a ticket to the Museum of Illusions in Prague.
  • Enjoy more than 150 interactive exhibits, including magic tricks and optical illusions where your head will be separated from your body and you will walk on the ceiling of a room.
  • Takehome a souvenir by taking photos of the many surreal and hilarious moments that will emerge during your stay at the museum.

What’s included

  • Entrance to the Museum of Illusions in Prague

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Enjoy your ticket to a place you'll never forget - the Museum of Illusions, Prague's largest museum of its kind. It's a perfect adventure for any age, where you'll pass through different rooms with more than 150 interactive exhibits where you can photograph funny and surreal moments that you'll love to keep.

Enchanted chairs, magical rooms and other optical illusions such as levitating are some of the elements that make up this peculiar museum. Figures from popular culture are used to represent these original exhibits, such as King Kong, the Mona Lisa and works of art representing famous people like Kafka, Einstein or Charlie Chaplin.

The Museum of Illusions is a neo-Renaissance style building and is the first museum built in the Czech Republic dedicated to optical illusions and artistic tricks. The museum features interactive 3D installations and 2D artistic tricks with which visitors can interact, share funny moments with family and friends and leave a record with a gallery full of photos.

Some of the interactive exhibits you can enjoy at the museum are: try the enchanted chair or the magic room that turns you into a dwarf or a giant, be shot by a magician with a cannon or be made to levitate. You'll also be turned into candy for King Kong, stalked by the Hulk, magically locked in a medieval laboratory by the famous alchemist Edward Kelley or hatched from a dinosaur egg.


· 547 Reviews
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    A must visit if you want to get a unique experience from Prague. The first time I went there I only stayed 3 days, to visit the main parts of the city. This second time, we took the time to investigate the most interesting museums and this was one of them without hesitation.
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    We take fun and unique pictures. They will always remain in our memories.
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    We were given several recommendations for photos and came away delighted. All the staff very good and the art throughout the museum very interesting.
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    If you are a single traveler like me, I recommend you to have a partner who can help you with the photos. That way, you can have the best memories of all. I met a girl who was also a solo traveler and we helped each other with the photos. We laughed a lot and ended up becoming great friends.
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